scene 1
Devika laughed and said that Shan could not win from me. Shan said it was my game and I would win it for my daughter. You know what I want. Devika said, let’s see. Clichy and Akira are here. Krishi said where is dad? Akira said we would surprise him. A man said he was on the basketball court. Krishi said to himself, I brought you here so that you will see Devika, and you will be fine, we can all live happily.

Shan is playing basketball. Krish came to Devika and landed on the mountain. Shan hugged her. Clichy said dad? Devika runs away. Shan hugs Krish. She couldn’t see Clichy. Does Shan say you here? Shan asked Akira why did you bring her here? Kriech said, let’s ask for your opinion. I also want to play basketball. Shan said I would teach you how to play. Shan and Krishi play basketball together. Devika said that Shan moved me from there, or else I might run into trouble again. Shan said I’m proud of you. You played well. Clichy said his mother would be happy if she were here. Shan said that once she returned, we would play in front of her. When does Kirch say she will be back? I can not wait anymore. Shan said I promised that she would return soon. Shan said Shao took Clichy home. Ask me next time before doing something like this. Chris said that dad would come too? Shan said I have a job. Chris leaves.

When Krishi left, he saw Devika in the mirror. She said mom, where are you? She ran away. What did Shan say happened? She said I’ve met my mother. The skin of Devika. Shan said mother couldn’t be here. Akira said we should go home. Shan says you understand what you think. I know you miss her. Krishi is right. Shan said to go home. Akira takes her home.

Shan stopped Devika and said where are you going? You cannot forget your promise. Devica leaves. devika says i will not forget my promise. I don’t like you. You are such a useless father. How long do you have to lie to your daughter? She will hate you. Tell her the truth. She will recover over time. All children recovered. When I was then her father died. But here I am. everything will get better. Don’t lie to her that you are done? Shan said, who are you to tell me right and wrong? You don’t know what kind of father I am. She has been away from me for six years. I can’t let her suffer. Her health was slumped. You don’t know what hope is. She is mentally weak. A little stress can stop her heart. There is a hole in her heart. A little hope will keep her alive. I need you to keep that hope. You are not even at Asmita’s feet. Only your face looks like her. Devica leaves. Shan said why did you leave me Asmita?

Scene 2
Devika went home and said mom? where are you? She is nowhere. She asked Chachi. Chachi said how do I know where your mother is? She is so dramatic. Cha Cha said that I went out to buy food. De Vika shouted, saying where my mother was. Chachi said I wanted her to stay at home, but she went to the hospital. Devika said that if my mother had an accident, I would kill you. Devica was worried.