#RiAnsh #FanFiction #Ishq Mein Marjawan (Intro)

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A lady in her forties was fuming in anger and shouting on top of her voice

“I don’t know what deed do I’ve done in my past life that I end up falling in love with you  yet we’re not over with the issue of this almost dying one and now this Maheswaris are up with the completing the promise made by your dead father and their already dying elder in their family”

Man in her early fifties in barely audible voice
“It’s just that they’re ready to accept either of our girl as their daughter-in-law”

“I am not getting my daughter married in that poor family do whatever you do anyway I’ve appointment with dermologist”

Still fuming in anger and cursing own father-in-law she left from place.

Phew 😐
(Bit scared no so much scared)

So I am just starting my journey in world of writing with this hope will get support from you all no doubt I am not a professional writer and not well with English too but trying my best to write something which can be loved by you all so please motivate me to continue this journey waiting for love from you all in form of vote or comments or both.

Hope you all will be safe and sound with your family.😇

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