Saath Nibhana Saathiya Fan Fiction: Gaura troubles the Modis

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Gaura was sitting in the Suryavanshi mansion. She was thinking of another plam to ruin the Modis. She didn’t like seeing them happy all the time and she wanted to ruin their happiness. And she finally got a plan.
One day later. Kokila was doing some work around the kitchen when the doorbell rang. She left what she was doing and went to open the door. Kokila was very surprised to see her friend Gaura standing in the doorway.
“Namaste.” Gaura said first.
“Namaste, Gaura.” Kokila replied. “What takes you here?”
Gaura felt that Kokila wasn’t happy to see her.
“Well, my dear friend. First, may I come in?”
“Fine. Come in.” Kokila agreed. She then let Gaura enter into the house and closed the door.
“Now tell me why are you here.” Kokila said coldly.
“Where are the other members of your family?” Gaura asked.
“It doesn’t matter. Tell me what do you want again.”
“Well, listen. I thought a lot on all that happened recently. I know that you hate me for the things I did to you and your family. But, hey, my dear friend. Please, try to understand me. Since Karunesh passed away, I’ve been feeling only sadness, sadness and sadness.. Yes, it;;s true. I wanted to kill you and destroy your family. I believed that this way, I will be happy and my brother’s soul will rest. But I decided to change that. I see how good you are with me, despite everything I made you go through. I decided to put an end to this revenge. I am here to ask you for forgiveness, my dear friend. You are the only person left from my childhood. And maybe you are right that I have to forgive and move on..”
Kokila didn’t expect that. How her friend Gaura had suddenly changed? Was there something wrong again, or this time Gaura was sincere?
“And how do you expect that I will believe you all of a sudden?” Kokila said after some thinking.
“I know. I know that you will not believe me that easily. And because of that, I would like to invite you and your family to come to the temple tomorrow. I want me and you to perform special Puja together. This will be the new start of our friendship. Please, Kokila, accept my kind invitation.”
“Alright. We will come. But be careful, Gaura. If you try to do something again…”
“What are you saying, my friend? I am different this time. From now on, I will be the friend I was in our childhood. I promise you.”
And then, Gaura left.
When Kokila told the rest of the Modi family about Gaura’s sudden invitation, they were suspicious at first. But Kokila managed to convince them that Gaura is sincere this time. But was it really true? Was Gaura really ready to forget the past and move on?
One day later. The Modis were at the temple.
“Namaste.” Gaura said. “I am really happy to see you. I knew you will come.”
“What is it, Gaura Masi?” Gopi said. “What are you planning this time?”
“Nothing, Gopi.” Gaura replied. “I am sincere this time. I don’t want to hurt you. I want to start a new life from today. So, the first thing I will do is to restart the relationship with my friend Kokila. I apologized to her yesterday, but I will do it again now. Kokila. I am sorry for every one thing I made you go through. You have never felt the pain of losing a loved one. And I wish you to never experience it. But unfortunately, I experienced it. So, you can say that my sadness overpowered me. My wish for revenge blinded me and I couldn’t see the beautiful gifts that life had given me. Please, forget everything that happened in the past and allow me to be your friend like before. Like we were in our childhood. I will support you through every hard moment. I will laugh and cry with you. We will share our happiness and sadness. Please, Kokila. Forgive me.”
“What an actress am I!” Gaura thought to herself but quickly went back to reality.
“Tell me, will you forgive me?” Gaura asked again.
“Yes. I will forgive you. I am so happy that you realized that what you do is wrong, Gaura. I am happy that my old friend is back.”
“So now. Let’s dance like we would do it in our childhood, are you agree?”
“Yes, Gaura. Let’s dance.”
One hour later.
“Gaura masi. Where is mum?”” Gopi asked.
“Gopi, come with me. I want to show you something.”
“Is there something wrong?”
“Just come with me. All of you.”
Gaura took them to a near by river.
“What are we doing here, Gaura?” Hetal asked.
“Dear Modi family!” Gaura said and a big smile appeared on her face. “What an actress am I, don’t you think? It was so easy for me to trick you into believing that I have changed and I want to be friends with you. Orh, oh, how naïve you are. All of you. And especially my friend Kokila. I told her a few sweet words and she immediately forgot everything. She forget every one thing that I did to you. She really thought that I have really changed and I want to be friends with her. She thought that I am really ready to forget the past and move on. I tricked her into thinking that I have really forgotten how she took away my most precious thing. And it was so easy for me to convince her to come to the temple. And you? Did you really think that I am ready to forget everything? Did you really decide that I want to be not your enemy but friend? What made you thinking that I will change like that all of a sudden? Did my words really make you think that I have changed? See? This is why I said you are naïve. Because if you knew me well enough, you would know that I am not sincere. You would immediately sense that something is wrong and I am not what I pretend to be. I know. I know I left you speechless. Now please let me tell you why I took you to this river. Look to the water. You will see your dear family member there. She is in the water.”
Gopi and the others of the family looked in the water and what they saw made their blood run cold. Their Kokila was lying there. In the cold water. The water had completely covered her face. Only her het could be seen.
“What? Did you get scared?” Gaura said laughing. “Are you afraid that your dear Kokila will drown?”
“I knew it!” Gopi shouted. “I knew that something is wrong with you, Gaura Suryavanshi! Yesterday, when mum told me about your sudden change, I tried to explain her that it’s all a game. But she ignored my words as always. Again, she thought that you have really changed. But the fault is mine. I had to stop her. I had to convince her that you have planned something again. Now I will go and safe her. And next I will deal with you.”
Gopi was about to jump in the water and safe Kokila. But Gaura stopped her.
“No!” She said. “No, Gopi! If you take even a step forward, you all will die! I am telling you. Iff you try to rescue her, you all will go in the water, too!”
Modi was shocked.
“What are you saying?” Gopi said. “You can’t stop me from going into the [email protected]
“Fine. If you even move a step closer I will throw you in there. You decide.”
“No, Gopi!” Hetal said. “Do not do anything! I will rescue Kokila!”
“What are you saying, aunt?” Gopi said in a worried tone. “I can’t allow you to die!”
“No! I will safe my sister in law!”
Hetal got closer to the water. But Gaura pushed her and she fell into the lake.
“Aunt!” Gopi screamed.
“Do you see now?” Gaura said. “I told you! I told you not to go against my warnings. But you didn’t listen to me and now one of your family members is in the water, together with Kokila. Is there someone brave enough to risk their life again?”
Every other member of the Modi family tried to safe Kokila. And every one of them fell into the water. At the end, only Gopi left untouched.
“Now what, my dear Gopi?” Gaura said, smiling with victory. “You are the only one left of your family. The others are probably dead by now.What will you do now? How will you safe your family? There’s nothing holding me here anymore. I am free to go. I did what I wanted to do. Now I can be happy. Forever.”
And then, Gaura went away.
Gopi was alone, looking at the lake where her family was. She jumped into the water and tried looking for them. But no matter what she was doing, she couldn’t find them.
After two hours of searching, Gopi finally gave up. She left the water. Her clothes were wet. Her hair was wet as well. But she didn’t care. Her family was gone, forever.
And Gaura was happy. She finally succeeded in her plans. Modi family was gone forever. And now she would be happy. Forever.

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