Saath nibhana saathiya fanfiction: Gaura takes her revenge part 7 final

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It was the last day of Navratri. Gaura and her family would go to the temple to participate in the celebrations as usual. But there was something that Gaura didn’t know. Her friend Kokila wanted to take revenge for everything that Gaura did to the Modi family. Kokila would do  the same that Gaura did. She would drown her into the water. Except, this time there would be no one to safe Gaura. Or so Kokila thought.

The moment arrived. The sun had already set when the Modi family and the Suryavanshi family had to do the last rituals of Navratri. And exactly then, Kokila went to Gaura.

“Namaste, Gaura.” Kokila said. “How are you, my  dear friend?”

Gaura looked strangely at Kokila.

“I am fine, Kokila.” She replied. “And how about you?”

“Same here, thank you.” Kokila replied. “You know what? Today I will punish you for all the sins you committed.””


Gaura was shocked to hear that.

“Yes, Gaura.” Kokila continued. “You put our family through so much trouble. Now it’s time for me to get you back.”

“Really? I have put you through so much trouble? And you, Kokila Modi! Did you forget what you did to me and my family years ago?”

“No. Don’t say that again. Now you will say that I killed your brother. Stop it Gaura. Just stop it. I am not going to listen to you anymore. Today, I will do the same to you that you did with me. I will drown you. But there will be a difference here. No one will safe you like Gopi did with me. You will die. Today I will put an end to your misdeeds. I will free my family from you. Forever.”

And then, Kokila began pulling Gaura towards the water. Gaura tried to free herself but to no avail.

“Goodbye forever, Gaura Suryavanshi!” Kokila said and pushed Gaura with so much strength that she fell into the water.

“That was it.” Kokila thought. “It’s finally over. The torture. The pain. Everything that Gaura put us through will now end. Forever. We will be happy again. The happiness that we deserve will return back to us.”

And then, Kokila went back to her family as if nothing has happened.

But soon, the Suryavanshi family noticed the absence of their beloved Gaura. Dharam started getting worried for his mother. Naiyya was also worried for her grandmother. Shravan soon joined them. They decided to look for her. Usually Gaura didn’t behave like that. Something must have happened, they all thought. And if only they knew how right they were.

And in the meantime, Modi family was happy. Kokila was dancing with her family and soon the time for the last ritual would come. But the rest of the Modi family also noticed the absence of Gaura.

“Mum, have you seen Gaura recently?” Gopi asked, showing a bit of concern on her face.

“No, Gopi, I haven’t seen her.” Kokila replied. And Gopi immediately sensed that her mother in law was hiding something from her.

“Well, mum, don’t you think this is strange?” Gopi continued. “Gaura has never disappeared  like that before. I know that we should probably not worry for her, because of all the trouble she put us through but… I am concerned anyway. We all are human beings after all.”

“Don’t worry, Gopi.” Kokila replied. “Gaura will not disturb us anymore. Never.”


Gopi saw that Kokila’s behaviour is really strange.

“Mum, why are you looking towards the water? Are you looking for something, or someone?”

“Gopi, please calm down. I told you that Gaura will not disturb us never again.”

But Dharam randomly heard their conversation. He came to them.

“What do you mean by that?” He asked, looking at Kokila. “Why do you say that my mother will not disturb you never again? What did you do to her, tell me, now!”

“Why do you think that I am responsible for her disappearance?” Kokila replied.

“Because your behaviour is very strange. You are looking towards the water from time to time, as if you are trying to see something. Or someone. Tell me, what you did to my mother?”

“Dharam, please, calm down.” Gopi said. “Mum, please, be honest with me. Do you have something to do with the sudden disappearance of aunt Gaura? Please, tell me the truth. I will do nothing to you and you know that. Please, mum. Will not you tell your Gopi the truth?”

And then, Kokila decided to be honest with Gopi.

“Alright then.” Kokila said. “I am responsible for the disappearance of Gaura.”

Dharam and Gopi were shocked to hear that.

“What?” Gopi said. “What do you mean, mum? What did you do to her?”

“I pushed her and she fell into the water.” Kokila replied. “I put an end to all of our trouble once and for all. She will pay for all her sins.”

Dharam was furious at Kokila for her deed. But Gopi was more scared than worried. She couldn’t accept that. How her mother in law was possible of such things?

“Mum, how could you do this?” Gopi then said. “You have always taught us not to behave like this. And now what? You broke your own rules, mum.”

“Yes, Gopi, I know. But what else could I do? This was the only way that I could stop Gaura. Now we will live peacefully. You will see.”

And while Gopi and Kokila were arguing, Dharam notified Shravan and Naiyya about the misdeeds of Kokila. They all went into the water to look for Gaura. They searched through the whole lake but nothing. They found nothing. Gaura was nowhere to be found. Dharam was very upset. He didn’t want to lose his mother. He now remembered the words of his mother how Modi family could only do evil things to people. Naiyya and Shravan were also sad. They were afraid that their grandmother had probably died in the cold water. But was Gaura really dead?

One hour later. Modi and Suryavanshi were standing to the lake where Kokila had pushed Gaura. Suryavanshi was devastated. They didn’t want to accept the heartbreaking truth that their beloved family member was gone forever. Dharam didn’t want to live without his mother. His children didn’t want to live without their grandmother. Dharam knew how much Gaura wanted to take revenge for her ruined childhood. And now she lost her chances for revenge forever. Or so he thought.

And as they were sitting there all in silence, suddenly the waters shook. The weather changed from sunny to rainy. A heavy rain began falling from the sky. Thunders began falling on the ground. And as the two families were wondering what was going on, suddenly they saw Gaura coming out of the water. She was holding a trishul in her hand.

Everyone froze upon seeing this. No one could say a word. Suryavanshi and  Modi  were frightened.

“Mum!” Dharam said happily. “You are alive, mum! I knew it! I knew that you will not leave us just like that! I knew that Maa Durga will not let something bad happen to you!”

Shravan and Naiyya were also happy seeing their grandmother’s return.

“Gaura!” Kokila said, trembling with fear. “You are alive! But how? How is that possible?”

“Yes, Kokila Modi!” Gaura replied. “I am alive! And today, I will finally take revenge for my brother’s death and my ruined childhood! Today, on the last day of Navratri, I will put an end to your life! With the help of Maa Durga I will make you pay for your sins! You know what! When we were children, I loved you very much. Do you remember what good friends we were? We were doing everything together. We were sharing our good and happy moments. We were dancing together. We were celebrating all holidays together. I believed in you more than I believed in myself. I had trust in you more than I had in myself. I thought that I am so lucky to have you as my best friend.

But then, you decided to ruin my life. You decided to ruin my childhood and my family. You decided to take away my happiness. You listened to your sister Jigna. And without knowing the full truth, you accused  my brother about something he never did. We were were forced to leave the village and find a new home. But it wasn’t as easy as you think. We somehow arranged ourselves. But  my brother couldn’t  live with that feeling. The feeling of guilt. He couldn’t live with that shame. And then, he decided to put an end to his life. He locked himself and burnt himself. And all of this happened because of you and your sister. But the blame is mostly yours. If you have asked her to tell you the whole truth. None of that would happen. But you chose to accuse my brother of something he hadn’t done. And he died. Now I will punish you for that. I will take revenge for his death and my ruined life. I’ve been waiting for this day with years. And now it’s finally here. Right here. And right now. I will kill you. I will finally live in peace. My brother’s soul will finally rest.”

And then, Gaura repeatedly stabbed Kokila with the trishul. The modi family was just watching in disbelieve. They were crying for their beloved family member.

When all was done, the trishul disappeared from Gaura’s hands. As suddenly as it had come. Gaura was happy. She did the last Navratri rituals and then went to the temple to thank Maa Durga. She was finally happy. After so many years her wish to revenge Kokila was finally real. Modi family was very sad for Kokila. But they couldn’t change anything. They had to accept the hard truth. Their Kokila was gone forever.

Suryavanshi family was happy as well, just like Gaura. Dharam was happy for his mother, for she had finally succeeded to take her so wanted revenge. Gaura was thanking Maa Durga every day about that. She could finally live in peace. The way she has always wanted.

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