Saath Nibhana Saathiya FanFiction: Here Comes Trouble (Part 1)

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It was another beautiful day in Gujarat. Kokila was in the Modi mansion, thinking about Gaura. Since Gaura’s appearance, Modi had only trouble, trouble and more trouble. There wasn’t a single day without Gaura to do something to make their life terrible. And because of that, Kokila wanted to talk with Gaura.
One hour later. Kokila was in front of the Suryavanshi mansion. She rang on the doorbell. Gaura showed up. She was wearing a pink sari and her hair was picked into two ponytails.
“Namaste, Kokila.” Gaura said. She was surprised by Kokila’s sudden appearance.
“Namaste, Gaura.” Kokila replied. “Can I talk with you?”
“What is it again?” Gaura said. She was seemingly annoyed by her visitation.
“I am here to talk wit you about the way you behave with us.” Kokila continued. “Since the day you came in our lifes, we hadn’t had a single day without problems. You always find a new way to trouble us. You tried to kill me so many times without success and yet, you continue to try to destroy our family. I am here to tell you, Gaura, just stop it. You will not achieve nothing by doing this. At the end you will be the only one hurt, no one else.”
“Did you finish?” Gaura said. “Now you listen to me. You know why I am doing this to you, don’t you? And I will not stop until I achieve what I want.”
“How many times should I tell you that what happened was an accident? I tried to stop my sister and you know that. The day you came to my family, I apologized to you. Gaura, can’t you forget the past? Stop living in the past, Gaura. We can’t change the past, but we can make the future better.”
“Very good, Kokila! Very good! You always find a way to excuse yourself! But this time, you will not succeed! Because I will never forget what you did to me and my family. I will never forget what we went through because of you. I lost an eye because of the fire that Karunesh started. I wanted to safe him and I lost my eye. People were mocking me with years. And I couldn’t say a thing. I was forced to listen to all of the things they were saying about me. While you and your family have lived in happiness, I was forced to listen to insults about myself every day.”
“I am sorry about that, Gaura. But please, don’t say that we have lived happily, because it is not true. We had lots of problems before you appear. Gopi’s sister Radha wanted to kill her baby and Gopi was forced to take away the life of her own sister. She was sent in prison and our family was almost destroyed.”
“Of course, Kokila. You always say that someone else is guilty for your actions. But I am not surprised that Gopi has killed her own sister Radha. She is a murderer, just like you. You threatened to kill me so many times. Gopi is just like you.”
“Yes, Gaura. Gopi is like me. When she came to our family she was illiterate. I taught her everything a daughter in law needs in order to be a good daughter in law. I taught her how to defend herself against the enemies. I taught her how to stand up for herself. I taught her how to be a strong woman. She has always protected our family from evil people like you and she always will. If it means that wee have to kill you in order to survive, we will do it. Understand?”
And then, Gaura got angry.
“How dare you, Kokila? How dare you threaten my life again? You say that you will kill me, right? Fine, do it then. But you will end up in prison, just like your dear Gopi. And I don’t know if you are ready to do everything for your family, but I definitely am. If you try to do something to my family, I will definitely take away your life. Years ago, I lost a loved one because of you. I will not let this happen again. Never!”
“How dare you, Gaura? How dare you threaten my family?”
And then, unintentionally or not, Kokila pushed Gaura and she fell off the stairs.
Kokila suddenly got frightened. Yes, she was furious at Gaura for threatening her family, but she didn’t want to hurt her in such a way. Her fury was suddenly replaced by worry and fright. She went closer to Gaura.
“Gaura, please, open your eyes!” Kokila shouted. “Please, Gaura, I didn’t mean to hurt you! I didn’t want to do such a thing to you, please, my friend, open your eyes!”
But Kokila’s words were in vain. Gaura wasn’t opening her eyes. Kokila decided to take her to the hospital.
One hour later. Suryavanshi family was notified about the accident with their family member. They arrived to the hospital as soon as possible. Shravan, Dharam, naiyya. They all were worried for Gaura. Kokila and her family were also there.
“Mum, what happened?” Gopi asked.
“Gopi, Gopi.”
Kokila was in such a shock that she couldn’t form her sentences.
“What did you do to my mother?” Dharam shouted. “Now, if she dies because of you, I will kill you, understand?”
“Dharam, please, calm down.” Gopi said. “Mum, please, tell us what happened?”
“Me and Gaura were talking and… She threatened to kill my family if we hurt her and… Then I got angry and I… I pushed her and she fell off the stairs. I didn’t want to do this, I swear I didn’t! I don’t know how it even happen, it happened for a second. I couldn’t stop myself. Yes, I was angry at Gaura, but I didn’t want to hurt her this way.”
“I don’t care what you have wanted or not!” Naiyya said this time. “My grandmother is in this condition because of you and… If something happens with you, you will not stay alive, you have my word!”
And then, a doctor came to them.
“Doctor, what’s happening?” Dharam asked. “How is my mother, please tell us something!”
“I am sorry.” The doctor replied. “We couldn’t safe your mother. The injury on her het was very serious and we couldn’t do anything. I mean, we tried everything possible but… We couldn’t safe her. I am sorry. Gaura Suryavanshi is dead. Iam really sorry.”
“No. No!”
Dharam was shocked by this news. He started crying. Naiyya and Shravan were devastated. They just lost their most loved family member. The only person who was trying to keep the family together. The woman that was ready to die for them. The woman ready to do anything for them was now gone. Forever.
“This… This can’t be true!” Shravan said, hugging his sister strongly.
“This happened because of you!” Dharam said, pointing at Kokila. “Years ago, you have killed mum’s brother and now… You took mum away from us. Why? Why? Why do you hate us so much? What have we did to you that you want to destroy our family? Be happy now! Be happy because you succeeded! Our family is nothing without my mother!”
“I am sorry, Dharam.” Kokila tried to excuse herself. “I really didn’t want to do that. I really didn’t.”
“Just stop it! I don’t want to listen to your fake excuses! The last thing I will tell you is that I will take revenge for my mother’s death! I promise! Now go away!”
The Modi family went away without saying anything.
Two hours later. Modi was in their mansion and Kokila was crying over a picture of Gaura.
“I am so sorry, my friend.” Kokila cried. “I am so, so, sorry. You didn’t deserve to die in such a way. Perhaps now your soul can not find peace. Perhaps now you hate me more than before. And maybe your are right. But I swear, Gaura. I didn’t want to take away your life. You know I am not such a person, Gaura. You was my best friend. I am really sorry. I really hope that someday your soul will forgive me.”
And then, Gopi entered into the room.
“Why are you crying now, mum?” Gopi said.
“What do you mean, Gopi?” Kokila asked, confused by the words of Gopi.
“I mean that you had to think before doing anything at all! You didn’t have to go to her house at in the first place. You didn’t have to start this fight. You know that no matter what you say to Gaura, she will never change. I told you so many times that she will never change, and yet, you are still hoping. You never listen to what I tell you, mum. Never. I warned you about Gaura so many times and you never listened. Now did you see what happened? Now you will perhaps go in prison. And we will be forced to live without you. Why mum? Why? Couldn’t you just stop yourself? Couldn’t you just ignore Gaura’s words?”
“Maybe you are right, Gopi. But I can’t change the past.”
“I know you can’t. So that’s why you had to think beforehand. Anyway, I am here to give you something. This arrived for you.”
Gopi gave a package to Kokila. Kokila opened it and there was a latter inside. It read.
“Dear Kokila Modi,
Tomorrow is my mother’s funeral. I kindly invite you to come to it, although maybe I should not ask you to come after everything we experienced because of you. I do that only, because you was a friend of my mother. And maybe she wants you to visit her for one last time. I hope you will come tomorrow. Please, obey the last wish of my dear mother.
Kokila read the letter out loud so Gopi could hear its content as well.
“So, tomorrow I am invited to Gaura’s funeral.” Kokila said with a sadness in her voice.
“Yes.” Gopi replied. “And it seems that only you are invited.”
“Yes, Gopi, I will have to go there alone. Perhaps Gaura really wants to see only me. For the last time.”
“Alright, mum. I am leaving you now. Do not worry about anything. Tomorrow all’s gonna be fine.”
And then, Gopi left the room and Kokila was alone.
One day later. It was the day of the funeral of Gaura. Kokila went to the cemetery. No one was there, but shee saw a freshly digged grave.
“Perhaps this is the grave where Gaura will be berried.| Kokila said with tears coming out of her eyes. “I am so sorry, my friend.” She continued. “I am so sorry for all that happened. Today I am here to see you for the last time. And perhaps someday we will meet in heaven.”
And then, suddenly someone grabbed Kokila by the hair. She turned around to see who it was and saw a woman. Her face was covered. She hold Kokila so strongly that Kokila couldn’t make even a move.
And who do you think that woman was?

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