Shaadi Mubarak 11th September 2020 Written Episode Update: Preeti in dilemma

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Shaadi Mubarak 11th September 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Preeti going out and calling Juhi. She says KT is strange, ask him to leave, I will think well and answer. Juhi asks how will I ask him to leave. Kusum says what is she thinking, she should accept the offer. Juhi asks how shall I ask him to leave. Kusum sees KT. Preeti sees Tarun and Rati arguing on the road. They see Preeti. Rati starts taunting her. She says you have come on roads within a month, Kusum should have given you slippers before making you out, she should have given you 20 rs, its wrong. She asks Preeti to come back home.

She taunts Preeti a lot. Preeti silently hears the hurtful things. She says don’t worry, I m fine, Kusum and everyone loves me, thanks, I was in a dilemma, your thinking and words have solved it. She smiles and says I have taken a decision, I want to work and earn money, I don’t have to become a burden on anyone. Tarun says wow, great, you didn’t get mad before. He scolds her. Rati says we are giving you respect and calling you back, your esteem will be shattered if you come back later on your own, think and decide. They go. Preeti cries.

Kusum says I m KT’s fan. Sumedh says I know, we should let Preeti decide. Kusum says yes, I won’t force her, go now, don’t get after me. Preeti comes back. Kusum asks what did you think, Preeti, don’t refuse for the work, don’t get mad, you got a good offer home, sit in an AC office and work well, call KT and accept the job, I will call him. Preeti says I have decided, I was afraid of you and didn’t refuse to KT. KT says she is going to refuse, she doesn’t want to work with me, she is talented. Maa looks on. Uncle asks him not to worry. Preeti says there are many wedding planners, why would anyone come to a new person.

Kusum says you are right, KT has seen your talents, he will support you. Preeti says I don’t know him as a person, he is a stranger for me, then how can I do business partnership with him. Kusum asks did you know your husband. Preeti says I didn’t know him. Kusum says you had two children with him, this is just work, I m KT’s big fan, I didn’t hear anything bad about him. Preeti says but my heart isn’t agreeing, my close relations broke my heart, how shall I trust KT. Kusum asks what did you think. Preeti says what I should have done before. Kusum goes. Preeti calls KT and says thanks, but I can’t accept your offer. KT says I wish you found me suitable to become your partner, I can’t force you. She thanks him and says maybe we won’t work again. She thinks of him. Iktara…plays…. Maa asks why did you ask KT to work, we are doing our responsibility well, he is already living in pain. KT comes and says uncle will never break this hope. Kusum stays angry. Juhi asks her to have food. Preeti asks Kusum to have tea. Kusum angrily goes.

Preeti says I got a job, I will start with a small work and go ahead. Preeti meets KT again.

Update Credit to: Amena

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