Shaadi Mubarak 17th October 2020 Written Episode Update: Chanda frames Preeti

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Shaadi Mubarak 17th October 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with KT imagining to confront Preeti. She asks how did you come early. He asks how are you now. She asks what happened to me, I had taken medicines at night and I m fine now. He says good. She sees the cheque. He says its Mrs. Goplani’s advance cheque. She says congrats, its first cheque, why didn’t you tell me yesterday. He says I wanted to say but. She asks him to come and pray. She prays. She says give me strength that I keep KT’s trust, we always win together, our partnership stays. He thinks I don’t know the reason for her lie, she can’t cheat me.

Priyanka says you don’t worry Tarun, I have another plan, I won’t let Rati torture you, I have a lawyer friend, he will get you divorced without alimony. He says no, Rati doubts on me, if she knows we did this, she will trouble me, lets give it some time, then we will out Rati from our lives.

KT says we should think something different. Preeti says we should send the card in a gift hamper, there should be beautiful things in it. KT says great idea, we can keep beauty products, chocolates. She says beautiful Laddoo gopal idol also. He says great idea. Sheena says great, madam. Preeti says we will have white lace with pink flowers, as per Mrs. Goplani’s choice, it will be good. KT thinks she is sincere in her work, she can’t cheat me. He gets Neelima’s call. She says come home, I need your sign on some imp papers. He says I will go home, go to Mrs. Goplani and show the hamper to her. Preeti asks how shall I go without you. He says I will send the car, I also went without you. He goes. Preeti thinks what shall I do now, I have to show hamper to her.

Kusum laughs seeing Juhi cleaning the window. She says you were cleaning the window by hands, but your entire body was shaking. She gets Amit’s mum’s call. She says Amit’s mum said Amit is in US since 15 days, roka is delayed. Juhi recalls Priyanka’s lie. Kusum says I didn’t know Priyanka will keep my values, but Priyanka kept my respect. She goes. Juhi thinks Priyanka didn’t meet Amit, but she said Amit gave the costly ring, why did she lie, who gave it. Preeti sends Sheena with the hamper and talks on the video call. Mrs. Goplani likes the hamper idea. Preeti says we thought to keep the idol in the hamper. Mrs. Goplani says I loved the Krishna idea, and also the lace idea. Preeti gets Chanda’s call. Chanda says Rati met with an accident here and her leg broke, her husband isn’t reachable. Preeti says I m coming. Chanda says Rati is fine now, don’t create a drama here, I called you for talking something imp. Preeti says I would have not come here. Chanda asks her to keep the ring she had tried to steal. She says you are talented, KT is a failure, he has no money and respect earned by himself, he is living on his dad’s money, why do you want to work with a loser, you can’t win with him, he tried to challenge me, I will finish him. Preeti says I will not hear a word against my partner. She scolds Chanda.

She says one who works hard always wins, don’t try to call me again, thanks for your offer. She returns ring and goes. Neelima asks KT to have coffee. He says its worlds best coffee. She asks did you ask Preeti why she lied. He says no, I think she can’t lie to me. She says you always trust people, you got cheated by your wife. He says you can’t compare Preeti and her, Preeti is a honest person, I told you. Preeti calls him and says Mrs. Goplani agreed for the hamper, we have to courier the hamper. He says I will handle it. Juhi cleans Priyanka’s room. She gets Priyanka’s id card. She sees Tarun’s sign and says it means she works in Tarun’s company, she didn’t tell anyone. She gets the nail remover liquid and nail polish. She says she lied, it means Priyanka gave that info to Tarun.

Neelima asks KT to just see the pic. KT sees Chanda and Preeti’s pic. Rati shows the pic to Tarun. She says I had given this idea to Chanda, this will break KT and Preeti’s partnership, I had messaged that Preeti gave Nathmal project details to Chanda. Tarun says Preeti can tell the truth. Rati says doubt is like a tattoo, it will not get erased. Preeti and Sheena work. Neelima says Preeti isn’t sincere and simple as you think KT.

Preeti says KT trusted me, I won’t break his trust. Neelima says she cheated and gave Nathmal project to Chanda. Preeti says KT just wants a reason to smile, I will give it to it. Kt thinks.

KT gets angry. Preeti comes to help. He asks her to leave. He says I will break this partnership.

Update Credit to: Amena

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