Shaadi Mubarak 1st September 2020 Written Episode Update: Kusum upset with Preeti’s arrival

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Shaadi Mubarak 1st September 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Sumedh asking Juhi to take Preeti inside. Preeti enters the house. He says I will tell everything. Kusum goes with him. Preeti says I didn’t think of Kusum and all, I can’t stay here, its not good to stay in your Sasural. Juhi says you are mistaken. Sumedh tells everything. Priyanka says Rati is the cause of all this, its result of marrying a wrong girl. Sumedh asks him not to say in between. Kusum says you also got a wife, did I let your wife dance here, Juhi respects me, Tarun and Rati are wrong, I tried to tell Preeti that Rati is making her a maid, see how she is suffering now. Kusum says whoever comes here, shouldn’t try to limit my tongue.

KT recalls Preeti. Maa asks what happened, are you hurt. She gets Preeti’s earring. KT says maybe when she fell into my arms… Aunt asks who is that lucky woman. Maa says your story looks interesting. He says nothing like that. Maa does aid. KT gets emotional and goes. Preeti says I can’t stay here. Juhi says you have taught us to respect and help others, you taught us to love, I can’t stay back when you need me. Preeti says a mum can’t stay in her daughter’s sasural. Juhi asks which is my house then, why doesn’t my sasural become my house. Preeti cries and hugs her. Juhi says you have given us everything, then this is your house as well, I won’t let anyone hurt your esteem. Sumedh asks which room shall we give to Preeti. Kusum says don’t expect me to share my room with her. He asks how. Kusum asks Piyu to vacate her room. Piyu comes to the room and empties her cupboard. She gets angry. Piyu vents anger on her sister. She creates a scene. She asks did anyone care for me.

She says no one tried to know about my wish, why do I have to make sacrifice always. Juhi goes to Kusum. She feels bad. She takes food for Preeti. Preeti gets to hear Piyu shouting. Kusum goes to her room and hears the fight. Preeti says Kusum got worried because of me. Sumedh says Piyu, you should teach them manners, you are misbehaving. Priyanka goes.

Maa comes to console KT. She asks the reason for his stress. He says I don’t have any stress. He tells her about Preeti’s suicide attempt. He says she got saved, but I m thinking of her big pain. Preeti recalls Bua ji and Kusum’s words. She says I gave everything to Tarun, he made me out of the house, society will never accept that I m in Juhi’s house, I lost my house, what shall I do, where shall I go.

Kusum looks at Preeti and asks her to get away. Preeti eats food. Kusum taunts her.

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