Shaadi Mubarak 24th September 2020 Written Episode Update: Preeti feels protected by KT

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Shaadi Mubarak 24th September 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with KT dropping Preeti. Tarun gets angry. KT comes back to take Preeti home. Rati stops Tarun from creating any drama in front of KT. Preeti asks what happened. KT says I shall go now. She says you had work with Kusum, right. She thinks he has just come to drop me, he has become my shield, maybe he understood seeing Rati at office. She says I understood and smiles. Ik tara….plays…. She goes to Kusum’s house. KT sees Tarun and Rati. Rati takes Tarun. Kusum dances on swag se swagat song. Preeti laughs seeing her.

Kusum says KT made an entry and taught a lesson to Rati, she will cry one day. Preeti says I will always bless my son and bahu, if they get hurt, it will hurt me. Kusum says don’t be so emotional. Kusum asks Juhi to make tea for them. Priyanka comes home and recalls Tarun’s words. She gets angry on Kusum. She says my day was good, everyone clapped for me, even the seniors liked my presentation. Juhi says its good. KT plays with his family. He feels sleepy. Maa says maybe he got tired, he should sleep now. KT says yes, you understand me well, I have to go office at 10am, Preeti always comes on time. Maa says you are the owner of the company, you don’t need to go on time. KT says I m going to sleep. Uncle asks did you get your ATM card. KT says I don’t remember, you handle it. He goes. Uncle checks his wallet. He says its missing.

Its morning, Preeti says I hope KT gets sense to work well. Kusum says your life is getting colourful, learn to live like a queen. Preeti says you are my friend, but keep friendship with KT. Kusum says I m KT’s fan, but your friend. Kusum goes. Preeti meets Priyanka and says I m going for my work. Priyanka worries and says I can’t go to office now. Some men come to take money from KT. Preeti says I will talk to KT, you wait there. She calls KT. He wakes up by her call. KT says I was just coming in 10 mins. She asks him to come and pay for the ad shoot. He says sure, I m coming. Juhi laughs on hearing Kusum. She says Priyanka is happy with the job, we shouldn’t hurry for the marriage, she will never agree for marriage. Priyanka comes and says I m ready for the marriage, I have thought well, I m happy if the guy is educated and rich. She recalls Tarun’s words. Juhi gets shocked.

Preeti says KT didn’t come till now. She calls KT. KT says I m having breakfast, I m coming. He runs to brush his teeth. She calls him again. KT gets ready. He says I m reaching in 2mins, bye, thanks. Preeti sees the men waiting. KT and his family have breakfast. Preeti calls KT and asks where are you, the man is waiting for the payment. KT’s mum says don’t trouble KT, office time is for employees, not owner, don’t disturb KT, he is having breakfast with us, we call it bad manners to disturb someone during dining, wait for KT. KT asks his mom to relax. He says I will go now. The man asks Preeti to give him money. She recalls KT giving his card. She goes to ATM and says I told KT that just young people go to ATM. An old man says don’t worry, its easy, just follow the instructions on the machine.

Preeti asks Juhi about using ATM machine. Juhi guides her. Uncle says I have filed police complaint, someone used the card today, that thief will be caught.

Update Credit to: Amena

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