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Shaadi Mubarak 26th September 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with KT saying why didn’t I realize this before. Preeti complains about KT to Kusum. KT says I m going to rectify my mistake, I will come back and have food. Preeti asks did I choose the right partner for my business, he is different, how will this partnership run. Kusum says KT is not such. Preeti says someone is at the window. Kusum says maybe its a thief, beat him, throw chilli powder at him. Preeti goes to check. She opens the window and takes a stick to hit. She sees KT. KT sings and says surprise. He says hero entry is great, right, until you open the window, how will I come in. Kusum praises KT’s entry and waves to him. Preeti lets him in. KT says Kusum, you aren’t at home, I will miss you. She gets happy. Preeti asks how did you come in. KT says leave the stick, I have come on pipe, I used to do my film stunts on own. Kusum says I remember your film. Preeti asks why did you come by pipes. He says the main gate was shut, watchman went to have food, I came to talk to you. She asks what was so imp. He says I realizes that something bad was happening with you. He jokes and laughs. Kusum says he has come to apologize to you.

KT says entry thing is right, I will not apologize. Kusum asks what. He says because such mistakes can happen again. Kusum says right. He says I have many good qualities, I m handsome, charming, I have a big heart, some flaws can be okay, like I forget sometimes, you have to manage it like I manage it. Preeti asks what. He says you don’t smile, why, you are my partner, you don’t know my film dialogue, you come office on time, I feel pressure, I handle you. Kusum says you are right. Preeti says you be quiet. KT says listen to me, I wish you got a big lesson. Preeti asks how. He says you would understand the meaning of partnership, like battery has plus and minus, its same in partnership, you have to see it as a husband and wife’s relation. She asks what are you saying. He says like husband and wife balance their flaws, you have to accept me with my flaws, then our marriage will be auspicious, Shaadi Mubarak our company, I got something for you. Kusum says flower. KT says you are a flower, Kusum, I got something else for her. Preeti asks what’s this. Kusum says its battery, it has positive and negative, it will remind you how to handle me. He asks Kusum to see how she is staring, help him. Preeti says you promised you won’t say anything. KT says fine, I will convince her. He asks Preeti to take the battery. He acts to explain Preeti. Kusum smiles. Itti si khushi….plays…. He apologizes and does sit ups. Preeti and Kusum laugh. He dances. Preeti asks him to go by door. Its morning, Juhi asks Priyanka why does she want to marry, she wanted to make her career. Sumedh asks Priyanka to tell her the problem, he will talk to mum. Priyanka shouts on Juhi. She says you were going to talk to Tarun about my love, you didn’t tell me that he doesn’t like me, why didn’t you tell me, I proposed him, he made fun of me, he broke my heart. Juhi says I told you before, trust me, I didn’t get a chance to tell you, I wanted to save you from sorrow. They argue. Sumedh looks on. Juhi says you may get into trouble if alliance talks go on. Priyanka says don’t act, I m very happy, maybe you are not happy.

KT comes to office and says I have come 3 mins early today. Preeti works. He says you didn’t ask me how did I come early. She asks how. He says I have to give you a good news, our ads are doing good, we will rock, just see. He shows the ad. He dances in the ad. Rati also sees the ad. Chanda comes and says congrats Rati, I didn’t know your Saas is so talented, she asked me for job, she got her own business with superstar KT, she became a boss, you are just an employee. Rati imagines Preeti bossing around. Rati says I m dehydrated. Chanda goes. Rati calls her mum and says we have to get Preeti’s company shut. Chanda looks on and smiles. Chanda says Rati will stop Preeti, I won’t let KT get successful, he insulted me, I will ruin him.

Tarun scolds Preeti. He challenges her and asks her to earn respect in her work. Preeti cries and accepts the challenge

Update Credit to: Amena

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