Shaadi Mubarak 27th August 2020 Written Episode Update: Preeti contacts KT

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Shaadi Mubarak 27th August 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with KT being pampered by his mum and aunt. The servant says the almirah door got damaged. KT says it broke by my hands, I will get a new one. His dad says KT always does what he wants. Uncle says yes, he got watch shop opened midnight on his marriage. KT hears this and stops. Uncle says sorry. Preeti likes a cupboard. She hears KT saying her poetry lines. The man says its KT’s voice. Preeti sees the video and thinks its my poetry. The man says its viral video, KT is popular, he is amazing, he gave the credit to an unknown person and said whoever wrote this should come and meet him. KT visits the shop to buy an almirah. He goes. Preeti asks the man to send the cupboard home, its for her son and bahu. The man says you want to fix this old cupboard, you are the first one, I didn’t make such a cupboard. She says old can become new by some hardwork. KT likes the cupboard. Preeti sees him and hides. KT says its just wow, what a beauty. The man says I was seeing your video. KT says the person wrote the poetry well. The man says a madam got this cupboard. She was just here, where did she go. KT says tell her that I want to buy this cupboard. He asks the man to smile. He goes.

Preeti leaves. KT sees her going and says she is the same person, maybe she got shy seeing me and got hidden, I will tell my fans about my shy fan. Tarun asks Rati to talk to her boss for bonus. Rati likes the cupboard. Tarun says what a classy piece. Preeti says I got this, I saw the furniture showroom and went there. Tarun argues with her about wasting money on it. She says its not a big thing, I found some money in my purse, I got it. He gets angry and says you don’t value money, it would cost around 40000rs, dad was right. He scolds her. Preeti calls it enough.

She asks him to stay in his limits. She scolds him. She says I didn’t buy this cupboard, I have got this made by the old things, it just costs around 2000rs. Rati looks on. Preeti goes. Rati says sorry from his side, we have made half payment for the luxury car, he is in tension, he is upset, don’t feel bad, he was angry. Preeti asks her to go and meet her boss. She asks is Tarun really worried. Rati says yes. Kusum likes KT’s pic. Sumedh says you have four children and one bahu, fine, you can praise him. Kusum says I will put KT and my pic on the wall. Jyoti says we have a museum here, there are all pics here. Kusum says there is peace here since ancestors pics are here. Juhi is sad. She says I m worried for mum, don’t know how will she manage. Kusum says your mum stays close, she will call if there is something, she knows me, I will go and invite them for dinner. Juhi thanks her. Kusum says you will cook everything. Juhi says fine, I agree. Sumedh laughs.

Kusum says look at my hero’s video. Juhi sees him reading Preeti’s poetry. Preeti makes food. She recalls KT’s words and thinks to sell the cupboard. She gets KT’s card. She says I don’t know him, what will I talk to him. She calls him. KT is with his family. They have a laugh. KT calls back. Preeti gets nervous. She answers the call. He smiles and says my signal is always green, who are you. She says I m Preeti, you saw the cupboard there and wanted to buy it, I m ready to sell it for 40000rs. He says fine, where shall I come to buy it. She says come right now. She tells the address. Ik tara….plays…

Rati says her bag will also be checked. Preeti gives her bag. The lady says Preeti is a thief. Rati tells Tarun. Tarun asks Preeti to be quiet. Preeti bears the insult and cries.

Update Credit to: Amena

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