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Shaadi Mubarak 2nd October 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Juhi saying the prospective groom’s family is coming to see Priyanka, Kusum isn’t at home, I have to manage everything. Preeti helps her. She asks why is Priyanka so distant from Kusum. Juhi says Priyanka was 7 years old, Kusum left her to take care of her ill Dadi, since then Priyanka is angry on Kusum. Preeti says its tough for a child to stay away from Kusum, maybe she felt the partiality, she will understand it when she becomes a mum, its tough for a mum also to stay away from child, Kusum made a sacrifice for her Saas, but got to face her daughter’s anger, don’t worry, Kusum’s heart is really good, Priyanka will also realize this. Juhi says yes, I also want everything to get fine between them. She gets Kusum’s call. Kusum asks are the arrangements done. Juhi says yes, everything is done. Preeti says don’t worry, I m here, we will manage everything. Kusum says I m not there, its a special day for Priyanka. She gets sad. She says we don’t have a normal relation already.

Preeti says leave it, Priyanka is looking like a doll today, Juhi send her pic. Kusum says no, send me the video, not pic, I want to see her smiling face. Juhi says fine, I will send it now. Rati says you have to trap Priyanka in your words, our business rival is there, if you have a casual friendship with her, we will get to know Preeti’s plans, if I give info to Chanda, then I will get a promotion. Tarun says right, but you got late, I insulted Priyanka, how will I befriend her. She says you are handsome and charming, use your good looks, she will come running to you, she still has a soft corner for you. Priyanka talks to the guy. Rati says we will have two profits, Preeti’s business will get shut, we will be number one. Preeti prays seeing the folder. Rati says when Kusum knows this, Kusum and Preeti’s friendship will end, Preeti has to come back here and clean the house, focus on Priyanka. Tarun says right. Preeti shows Priyanka to Kusum on video call. She says we will have sweets soon. Kusum gets happy. She talks like KT. Preeti says my qualities fell low in front of my dark complexion, many people came to see me, my parents used to stay worried for me, I used to feel bad, I used to pray that my marriage gets fixed, be it anyone. Kusum jokes. He says every girl has dreams, you didn’t see dreams.

Preeti says I didn’t feel that right to see a dream, when many people rejected me, I felt that I have some flaw, its good that someone takes the faulty thing, I didn’t think more than that. She cries. She says leave it, you tell me, how many guys came to see you. Kusum says no guy came to see me, I chose the guy myself. She says don’t tell this to anyone, you are my friend, Priyanka’s dad and I eloped and got married. Preeti asks what. She laughs. Kusum says we were in love, we didn’t do any theft, it wasn’t easy in those times.

Preeti says you are right. Kusum says who gave me courage to understand love, KT. Preeti asks what, you met him that time. Kusum says I met him in dreams, I saw his film, he saved his heroine bravely and eloped with her, his dialogue was great. She tells the film dialogues. He says KT taught me lesson of love and I learnt it.

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