Shaadi Mubarak 30th September 2020 Written Episode Update: Preeti accepts Tarun’s challenge

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Shaadi Mubarak 30th September 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Tarun asking Preeti to earn a name from her job, if this doesn’t happen then…. He takes the saree and makes the knots. He says I will come in front of you and open these 25 knots daily, I will remind you the challenge, when you lose, wear this saree and come back to my house, by leaving you self esteem, this time get mute again. He hangs the saree there. Kusum says tell him, you will not accept it. She says business can’t be run well in 25 days. Juhi says why will Preeti accept the challenge, you took 3 years to work.

Preeti says I can’t accept this challenge, I have earned a name in 25 years in all the relations, how can I earn name in my job in 25 days. Tarun says Kusum called you a superwoman, she will tell you, why, did you get scared. He asks Buasa to see, Preeti doesn’t want to work, she wants to compare herself with Rati. Juhi and Kusum ask him to just shut up. Kusum says you are standing in my house, you can’t insult a woman here. Tarun says then prove me wrong, I gave 25 days to her. Preeti says any business needs time, I won’t take any challenge.

Tarun says think, if you don’t accept my challenge, then I will get mute forever, because of the defamation you are getting for me, I will not talk all my life, you make sacrifices then, my voice will go back because of your ego. Preeti worries. Rati asks did you go mad, Tarun. He asks Preeti to accept the challenge, when she loses, come back home and stay well. Rati says don’t do this, we just got married. Kusum says he is very smart, he is emotionally blackmailing Preeti to say yes. Juhi says business will need one or two years, don’t listen to him.

Buasa asks Preeti to agree to his son. Kusum says don’t force her. Preeti says I accept. Everyone looks on. KT and Neelima dance. KT praises her. Neelima says I feel peace when Kt is proud of me, but some children are ashamed of their mothers, Preeti left Tarun’s house and went to Juhi’s house, Juhi will be ashamed, I pity Tarun and Rati. KT feels bad. He says this word shameless isn’t mad for a mum, children can be shameless, children forget that their mum has raised them, she has given them birth, such children should be ashamed that they didn’t understand their mum. Tarun says fine, lets meet after 25 years, new year, you will be coming back but this time you will be mute. Preeti says you are waiting for me to fail, you have decided it.

Tarun says you have to lose, I m seeing you since childhood, I didn’t find any talent in you, you will lose, 25 days and 25 knots, then you will come back to old life. Preeti cries. KT says mothers are selfless, just like my mum. His dad says KT doesn’t tell anything about his dad, he can make a movie on his mum, its right, mum is a mum. KT asks Neelima who told her the personal matters of Preeti. Neelima says I have to make sure of your business partner, I keep all the news.

Preeti asks Kusum why did she go back. Kusum says I knew Tarun will create a scene. Preeti says I feel incomplete without sharing things with you. Kusum says I m much upset with you, Tarun is trapping you, what was the need to accept the challenge, he will never get mute, it was good if he gets mute. Preeti says no, he is my son, don’t say this, I love him a lot, I can’t tolerate if he gets hurt. Kusum says he wants to do wrong with you, is mum not a mum. Preeti says I know my work just started. Kusum says he speaks so rudely. Preeti says I know, he forgot his manners, but he is my son, I will be happy when he respects me, I want to see that day when he hugs me. Kusum says you are Rajasthani mother india. Preeti says I m going to fight, but you are my sword and shield, my battle is with my fear, I will win if you are with me.

Preeti says we have to take care of everything. Rati asks Tarun to have casual friendship with Priyanka, so that they know Preeti’s plans.

Update Credit to: Amena

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