Shaadi Mubarak 3rd September 2020 Written Episode Update: Chanda insults KT

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Shaadi Mubarak 3rd September 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Kusum taunting Preeti a lot. Preeti cries and leaves the food. Kusum asks her to go away and die, she can’t do anything. She says Preeti, you should just go and die, you will lose respect if you stay in daughter’s Sasural, if you die by respect, relatives will praise you, you left without caring for daughter and son-in-law, you should die, so that no one values daughter and just tolerates son’s misbehavior. Preeti says Kusum ji…

Kusum says times have changed, you always cry, you shouldn’t cry, women live with equality, women reached the moon and stars, you are going to die, why, you love son a lot, and not your daughter, you find his house your own and not your daughter’s house. She says I m my mum’s 7th child, then she got a son, she loved her son a lot and we daughters didn’t get her love, my mum always differentiated between a son and daughters, she thought her son will look after her, he didn’t do anything, we took care of her when she died, her mum cried a lot, she was ashamed to differentiate with us, I didn’t do anything, I have treated my children equally, I don’t like your way to differentiate, I don’t like your thinking, it was good if you come here to stay, your daughter loves you a lot, you should have never seen me as your friend. Preeti smiles.

Kusum says you should have made tea for both of us, I was making headache excuse to stop you from going to Pushkar, I wanted to free your mind, I m done, go and die. Preeti hugs her and cries. Chanda comes home and meets KT’s family. Maa introduces Chanda. She says she manages her wedding planning firm alone. KT says I like to attend weddings as celebrity. Chanda says I m your big fan. KT says I live for my fans. Maa smiles. Kusum says leave me, you have right on this house, not me. They smile. KT shows his room to Chanda. She likes it. He shows the pics. She says that cupboard isn’t perfect in your room. He says its love at first sight, I got this finding it very beautiful. Chanda flirts with him. He says I will show you poster wall. She says please, we can talk freely, I like to talk to the point, we can clear it here and tell our families. He asks what do you mean.

She says about our relation. He asks what. She says stop acting, I like you, smart, handsome and classy, you can tell the same about me. He says you are mistaken, you are educated, you should know that relations can’t made like this, marriage is a commitment, two persons should have compatibility, I don’t find any connection between us. He goes. Chanda scolds him. She insults him and says your wife left you, call her and we will ask about the understanding in your marriage, where is she. Aunt stops Chanda and scolds her.

Chanda says I know his wife has run away, truth hurts, he should know it, why did his wife’s connection break with him and got linked to someone else, what’s the reason that no girl came in his life in 20 years, it means he has failed, how are you to reject me, just an actor of old times. Chanda says his last movie came 20 years ago, what is he proud of, he is using the family richness, he is useless. The family gets angry. Chanda says if you have money, it doesn’t mean that he should not work, everyone should do work, you should explain him to be capable. Maa slaps her. She says my KT is my pride, you won’t understand relations and love aren’t earned by money. She praises her son. KT stays sad.

Preeti keeps a tiffin and note for KT. She goes. He eats the laddoos and reads the note.

Update Credit to: Amena

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