Shaadi Mubarak 7th September 2020 Written Episode Update: Preeti expresses her wish

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Shaadi Mubarak 7th September 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Kusum joking. She asks Preeti to ask what she wants. Preeti says self esteem, I don’t want to live as a burden for anyone, I want to stand on my feet and stay with esteem, dad told me rules and I have followed him, he said its his house, then I went to husband’s house, he said I should follow his rules, its his house, then at son’s house, I was according to his rules, he also said its his house, I did a lot for everyone, but I have no house, I don’t know how to earn money, everyone thought I m useless, this sacrifices were my work, but earnings were zero, I have spent life in keeping relations, I couldn’t make relation with one person, that was myself, I want respect for myself, a roof where I can live with respect, I want to earn money so that I don’t ask anyone.

She says I have no complains with family, I want to live with self esteem, its not about money. Kusum says I know, what shall I say, every woman is special, she should get self esteem, women should get their rights and self esteem. Preeti says you have encouraged me to speak up, you helped me in knowing myself, I will celebrate our friendship day, I got a friend like you. She says don’t get happy, it will take time to make my own house, until then I will occupy your room. Juhi hugs her. KT sings and dances with his family. He celebrates mothers day. They all hug. Juhi says I m so proud of you. Kusum’s daughters say you are really strong, you will become a businesswoman. Kusum says they forgot I m your real mum. Sumedh says you made Preeti a Rani, so you are Maharani. Kusum says right, we will take a selfie, come.

Rati gets breakfast. Tarun says I hate karela. Rati argues. He says keep some maid. She says yes, we can afford a maid by the lakhs you give me. They argue. Everyone thinks what work will Preeti do. Kusum says make up artist, but she doesn’t apply kajal right to herself. Everyone thinks. Rati says just get your mum back, I can’t do the work everyday. The man gets generator bill. Tarun asks him to go to Preeti and collect it. Door bell rings.

Preeti says Tarun and goes to check. The man says Tarun has sent me, he asked me to collect bill amount from you. Kusum says let Tarun pay, it was his marriage. Preeti says I have done everything by my wish, I should pay the bill, I had kept the money for this, I will get it. She pays the money. Kusum gets an idea. She says you become a wedding planner. Everyone likes the idea. Juhi says Maa has planned many weddings in our family circle. Sumedh says Preeti arranged our good marriage also. Preeti says I like to manage marriages, I feel like a play, I like to spread joy, I can plan the weddings. They all get happy. Preeti smiles.

KT says I can help you, my mom runs a NGO, she helps helpless women. Preeti says your thinking is bad, its courageous thing to find a job in this age, you won’t understand this, I want to get my self esteem.

Update Credit to: Amena

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