Shakti 10th August 2020 Written Episode Update: Shanno sends Soham to know the secret

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Shakti 10th August 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Gurwinder coming to Harak Singh’s house. Rohan says you…Gurwinder greets Preeto and says she needs to talk to her. Preeto says you can talk to me, leaving Heer and Virat’s matter. Gurwinder says I regard Virat as my brother, I don’t know what happened to Heer and Virat’s love, but the latter sees Heer when alone. She asks her to think again. Preeto says I respect your thought, but there is nothing left. She looks at her burnt hands and tells that her Heer will suffer in her sasural like you. Gurwinder says if we don’t think about them, then…Soham comes and asks Gurwinder to go, asks if she doesn’t understand what his Dadi said. He says that day you didn’t say anything to your brother in law. He says Heer will marry in a lavish wedding, but not with Virat. He asks her to go. Gurwinder says aunty ji. Soham is about to hold her hand to push her outside, but Heer comes there and holds Soham’s hand. She asks what are you doing? She says if everything would have been good then Gurwinder might be her jethani. She holds her hand. Gurwinder says she will make Virat understand. Heer says nothing can be done now and tells that you will be my sister always. Gurwinder asks her to try once. Heer says she will make ginger tea for her and asks her not to think of making any relations with her. Gurwinder tells that she will drink tea made by her, but not here and in their sasural. She says even Virat likes such ginger and elaichi tea and leaves.

Gurwinder comes home and tells Virat that she had gone home to talk about his alliance with Heer. She says I think the mistake is yours and tells that he has to take a step. Virat says I can’t think even in my dreams and leaves. Jharna comes there and gets angry on Gurwinder. She holds her hand and asks her not to come in her way, as she knows how to clear her way and don’t believe in complaining to others. Gurwinder goes from there.

Heer and Virat are in the college, doing NGO work. They try to fold the cloth roll holding the two other ends and come near each other. Their friends smile. Heer and Virat throw the cloth rolls in air and it falls on their heads, covering them. Heer and Virat get close under the big cloth. Jo tum na ho plays….Virat looks at her. They move the cloth from their heads, look angrily at each other and leave from the room.

Shanno thinks Soham went to unveil the past. Soham enquires with Maninder’s neighbor about him. The neighbor says he doesn’t know and asks him to enquire at the old tea shop. Shanno says Soham will know that Heer is a kinnar and says swear on Preeto, I didn’t tell. She laughs.

At the NGO, a worker brings burger for everyone. Heer says she will wash her hands first and then will eat. She goes to wash her hand. Virat looks on. Heer returns and sees chilli sauce on her burger. She scolds Virat for putting sauce on her. Virat asks what is the proof? She says she has seen with her eyes. NGO worker/friend asks her to take another extra burger. Jharna comes and takes it, says it is not extra, but my share, even I am part of this group. Virat says this burger is of Jharna’s destiny and says whoever don’t have the burger shall sit and cry. Heer gets sad and tells that she will not be sad, but will be happy with whatever she has. She says she will move on in her life. She eats chilli sauce burger and coughs. Her friends ask her to leave it, but she doesn’t stop and continue eating. Virat smiles. Heer drinks water. NGO worker scolds Virat for creating problems. Virat asks him to mind his own business. Worker Sonu slaps Virat. Virat slaps him back and hits him. Jharna asks Virat to leave him. Heer asks Sonu to leave Virat. Jharna tells Sony is trying to impress Heer and asks him to propose her straight. Heer is shocked.

Precap will be added after episode airs on TV.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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