Shakti 10th September 2020 Written Episode Update: Virat confesses his feelings to Heer

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Shakti 10th September 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Virat telling Heer that if she talks to anyone about Kareena then he will go and tell Preeto aunty. Heer hits him with pillow, asks him to go and tell her, says she is not afraid of anyone. Virat says I am going. Tu hi mera khuda plays…..Virat goes from her the window. Heer closes the window and cries calling their lovely meetings. She says our cute story started while opening and closing this window, and today I have to ask you to leave. She tells that everything is changed now, you, me and our love.

Virat throws Soumya’s diary and thinks he was stupid to think that his problem solution will be in the diary, says Soumya was Kinnar, Heer is Kinnar so kinnars’ problems solutions will be in it. He finds him innerself standing and asking why did he go to take the diary, when you know that this diary is written by a kinnar for another kinnar. Virat tells that he doesn’t know. His inner self asks him to think. Virat says I got worried after Nutan’s death. His innerself says I felt good that you are still concern for Heer, says I have seen that Virat who had left Heer on the mandap crying. Virat asks what I would have done, shall I marry Kinnar? He asks who marries kinnar? His inner self says nobody does, but you shows hatred for her even knowing that she is a kinnar. She says you didn’t think even once that how much she loves you. Virat asks what do you want to say? His inner self says when you came to know about her truth then you broke her heart, insulted her, broke her heart and hate her. He says she doesn’t know about her truth. He says even today she loves you and if she didn’t love you now then would have handover you to her family. Virat tells that he is concerned for her after Nutan’s death. His inner self tells him that even Heer has done a big favor on him and reminds him who has rescued you from this house like jail, who taught you to live life happily. He says Heer. Virat thinks about his moments with Heer. Shakti song plays….His Inner self asks when did you laugh loudly last time. He says with Heer. Virat thinks of Heer. His inner self tells that she made you Virat, which your soul and I want to be. And what you have done, you made her that, which her soul doesn’t know. He says you are wrong and Heer was right from always. Virat asks him to leave. His innerself says I will leave, but you can’t run away from your responsibilities, you couldn’t love her and marry her, but you can support her like her family members, you have given her so much pain and shall become medicine for her. He says you will know it from Soumya’s diary. Virat asks him to go and shouts. Jharna comes there and asks why are you shouting? Did you see a bad dream? She hugs him. Virat looks on.

Parmeet asks Gurwinder to grind halwa for Virat and Jharna’s haldi ritual. Jharna comes there. Parmeet asks her to call Virat. Jharna says he is not in the room, don’t know where did he go? Simran asks her to call him. Sant Baksh asks why you all are after Virat and tells that he must have gone for jogging. He tells Jharna that Virat got closer to Heer as she supported him, as they were very disciplined and controlled him. He says if you do this with him then…and goes. Jharna tells Parmeet that Virat was very stressed in night, like he has seen the dream. Parmeet asks Jharna to understand the reason of his worry and treat him.

Preeto gets angry to know that Heer went to temple and says you shall have gone with her. Rohan says she didn’t tell me and tells that when I went to her room, I found note in her room. Preeto says you sat reading note. Sindhu asks her not to take tension. Preeto asks where is Soham? Sindhu says he is sleeping in his room. Rohan says I will wake him up. Preeto says I will go and see him. She goes to his room, and looks at the bed. She goes near the bed, when Harak Singh comes and asks her to let Soham sleep. He says Heer will return from temple, let him sleep. Shanno relaxes and thinks Soham went to do his work from the window. She thinks Heer will be shot outside the temple and you all will think that Soham was sleeping in room.

Heer prays in the temple. Virat comes there and tells her that she had said right, this diary is like Bible, Gita, Ramayan and Quran, and has all the solutions of your problems. He says page 32, apologizing to someone is the clean, right and good way. He reads and says whenever you think that you have done wrong then apologize without hesitation. He then reads page 47, you wanted to become bride since morning, but if you get a man who wanted to support her, without marrying her then don’t leave him, as more than a husband a partner is needed in life. He tells that he is going to do a good and clean work of this world infront of Mata Rani. He apologizes to her for his mistake and tells that he wanted to support her all his life. Heer recalls Virat humiliating him. Virat says I will be with you as a partner, well wisher, guard and a friend. Heer asks him to say it again. Virat asks her to befriend him.

Heer slaps hard on his face. Shakti song plays…..She tells Mata Rani that this guy is lying big infront of you, tells that the guy who didn’t bring baraat to my house, who told that he hates me and now saying that he wants to support me all life. She says if you want to support me then what will happen with Jharna. She asks if he got habitual to play with girls’ hearts and tells that if this is the case, then stay away from me as I can’t trust you again. She takes her diary and says that day you have stolen it from my room. She says you have become thief today and asks him not to touch it again. Virat stops her and says truth is that I want to become your friend and support you all life.

Heer says you are still hoping that I will trust you again, I am not a toy whom he will throw and play again. She tells that she is Heer, Preeto and Harak Singh’s grand daughter and her brother’s ego. She tells that she don’t need him and asks him not to come in her way again. Shakti song plays…..She starts walking. Virat thinks I have hurt your heart and understand pain. He says I will get back your friendship and trust. He prays to Mata Rani to make her Heer’s rakshak for her all life, and promises to protect her all life. He wears his shoes and follows her. Soham is waiting for Heer, wears mask and takes out gun to shoot her. He aims gun at Heer. Temple bell rings aloud. Virat comes running to Heer and comes infront of her. Soham moves back the gun seeing Virat. Virat says whatever you said is right and tells that they shall sit and talk. He asks her to come with him and have tea. Heer says you are getting free with me much and asks him to go and have tea with his fiancé Jharna. She asks him to go from there and says I have to go home.

Soham aims gun at Heer again as she starts walking. Virat comes infront of her and asks her to listen to him once, says everything will be sorted. Heer asks him to get Nutan’s murderer punished and then you might become suitable to talk to me. She walks again. Virat thinks how to make you understand that I can’t get Nutan’s murderer punished now. He turns and looks at the masked man/Soham aiming gun at Heer. He runs and pushes Heer. They fall on the ground together, Soumya’s diary falls on the ground. The bullet hits on the plants. Heer turns and looks at the shooter. She thinks Soham…looking at his eyes. Soham looks angrily, seeing her saved. Virat gets angry.

Precap will be added later.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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