Shakti 14th October 2020 Written Episode Update: Mahi tries to convince Preeto to agree for Heer-Virat marriage

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Shakti 14th October 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Sant Baksh reciprocating Virat’s hug and hugs him back. Gurwinder thanks the God. Parmeet says we will take alliance to their house and asks him to get ready. Virat says we can’t go now and tells that Preeto aunty is still not convinced, I have promised that this marriage will not happen without her consent. He says once I convince her, we will go. Sant Baksh says lets go and take our bahu home. Virat asks him to think from his father and Heer’s sasur perspective, and then you will think that it was a bad idea. He goes to his room.

Mahi tells Preeto that she thinks that they shall get Heer and Virat married. Preeto says now you have started. Harak Singh says Heer can hear. Mahi says I want to talk, takes her to room. All the family members follow them and go to the room. Ravi closes the door. Mahi tells that they shall get Heer and Virat married and tells that Harman ji didn’t die for Soumya, but Virat came back from death for Heer. She says don’t you think that Virat loves Heer more than Harman’s love for Soumya. Preeto says I don’t think so and says I have seen how a kinnar love is, tells that life doesn’t work on love alone, that’s why I am saying that this marriage can’t happen. Mahi holds her hand and says but I am saying that this marriage will happen. Shakti song plays………..

Preeto asks where is Heer? She is in her house, with her family and is safe, sitting in her room and crying, but she is still safe. She asks did you know about Soumya…kinnar Soumya. She says Soumya was wandering from here and there, but she didn’t get place even in her sasural and her mayka. She says her father and Dadi were her enemies and here, Harak ji and I…She says we supported her sometimes for our own motive and for once to bring up Heer, for our motive.

Soham and Shanno come home and finds everyone is missing from the hall. Just then they hear Preeto’s voice. Preeto tells that Soumya couldn’t become a daughter, wife, bahu fully and tells that such incomplete life, my Heer will not live. She says atleast she is full grand daughter, daughter, niece, etc. She says you have forgotten this. Mahi says I remember everything, but you had. She says Soumya might not have made her place in this house, but nobody else could take her place. She says I was his wife, but Harman ji never gave me his wife’s place. She says many people used to hate her, but she was having many more people who loved her too. She says her Nimmi Maa, Dadi, Rohan, Heer etc. A fb is shown, Shakti song plays…Soumya’s childhood is shown.

Mahi tells Preeto that many loved Soumya and their love overpowered many people’s hatred. Even you loves her so much and tells that she feels this daily, even today you have given bahu’s first position to kinnar Soumya. She says what do you think that if Soumya had not married, then she would have stayed happily in her house. She says people used to question them and one day she herself had asked, and then she would have sent to kinnar’s house and asked for nek, but this didn’t happen as she had her sasural, family and we all. A fb is shown, Soumya dancing with Harman and family. Shanno and Soham hear them. Mahi says Soumya had stayed happily here and tells that if Heer gets such a life than what is wrong. She says I am being punished for giving birth to a kinnar and tells that even though she is a woman, but she didn’t get her rights which Soumya got. She says she wants all that happiness in Heer’s life and that’s why they have to get Virat and Heer’s marriage done, irrespective of the result.

Heer gets ready in Soumya’s saree and says I am looking like you Gulabo. She says just like you used to regard Harman singh as your God, I felt that I got my God, Virat. She says she doesn’t bother about her result like her. Preeto says I didn’t raise her up for the blind result and tells that she will decide her destiny. She says what is the guarantee that Virat’s family will accept her like us, after knowing the truth and what if they kill Heer. Mahi says if Heer dies then I will be happy thinking that it was her destiny that she lived her life and it was her bad destiny that she didn’t live her life fully. Preeto says what about me? Who are you? She says I have brought her up and tells that it might be Heer’s bad destiny that she is a kinnar, but not mine. She tells that she will not let other’s bad luck ruin Heer’s luck. She goes. Mahi asks Harak Singh to get Heer marry Virat if he wants her good future and asks him not to think of result. She asks Rohan, Sindhu and Raavi to think too. She asks them to think too.

Virat thinks of Preeto’s words. Parmeet comes there and tells that she brought warm soup and asks him to talk to her directly if he has any problems. She asks how he will convince Heer’s family. Virat says I was thinking and don’t know how to convince them. Parmeet says they know you so well, and have seen your love then what is the problem? She asks if they are not agreeing because of our behavior and asks what is the reason? Virat thinks Preeto telling her that Heer is a kinnar. He says we will sort out together, even I am not understanding.

Mahi comes to Heer’s room and sees her in Soumya’s saree. She thinks she is looking as Soumya. She asks her to get up and looks at her. Heer asks why is she looking at her? Mahi says she is looking at her, to figure out which color dress will suit her for her marriage with Virat etc. Heer asks if she agrees? Mahi says yes and says once everyone agrees, they will get her married to Virat. Heer thanks and hugs her. Heer promises to marry Virat only when everyone agrees. Mahi covers dupatta on her head. Heer gets emotional….Naseeba song plays…..Heer thanks Mahi. Mahi selects the dress color and tells that she will get made Soumya’s like Jhanjhar.

Soham comes home. Preeto asks him to close the door. Soham says let him come, I will handle him. Heer comes downstairs and says no closed doors can stop my Virat and nobody can handle him. Mahi asks her to drink tea. Heer takes the tray and says I will serve tea to everyone today. Preeto signs Rohan and he goes to close the door. He closes the door. Heer looks at the door and Preeto. Heer brings tea and gives to Rohan. She takes the last cup and sits to drink tea herself. Heer asks Soham if he will come with her to the book store as she has to prepare for the next exam. Preeto says if you think that I will agree for marriage then you are wrong. Heer tells that she is not worried about this as it is Virat’s department to convince them. She asks her to drink tea and not to watch the door again and again. She says the guy who can risk his life for me, can break any door and come.

Virat comes there and knocks on the door, says your would be son in law came. Heer says my Virat came. Soham gets up angrily. Harak Singh asks Soham to let him wait outside today and asks him to sit. Virat thinks he has to go through window. Harak Singh says windows are open. Mahi says he will not come by window and goes. Virat opens the window and is about to get inside. Mahi is standing and tells that cowards enters someone’s house through window and asks him to get the door open and come inside. She promises to welcome him as her damad. Virat smiles.

Precap will be added when available.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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