Shakti 14th September 2020 Written Episode Update: Soham’s evil motive is exposed

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Shakti 14th September 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Parmeet applying haldi to Virat and Jharna. Simran then applies haldi to them. Heer looks on sadly. Virat asks Gurwinder to apply haldi to him. Gurwinder applies haldi to them. Preeto applies haldi to them next. Jharna asks Heer to apply haldi to her and asks if she will look at her just. Heer says you asked me to come and attend the function, I have come, standing and smiling genuinely. Jharna says smile can’t be fake and tells that she wants her to attend all her rasams. Naseeba song plays….Preeto asks her to apply haldi. Heer applies haldi to Jharna’s face and says congratulation. Jharna asks her to apply it on Virat’s face now. Tu hi mera khuda plays….Preeto comes to Heer and asks her to apply haldi, think that it is a friend’s marriage. Heer nods her head and walks towards him. tera ishq hai….plays….They recalls their moments…..Heer applies haldi on his face.
She thinks she might be the first girl of this world to have applied haldi to that guy, whose suhaag/marriage dress she had worn before. Virat thinks sorry Heer, I know you are feeling pain, but truth is that I am going to be Jharna’s husband and your protector. Jharna applies haldi to Heer and says I hope your turn is next. Heer thanks and goes to Preeto.

Shanno calls Soham. Soham goes to side and tells that everyone is happy and dancing in this marriage ambience, I can’t kill anyone now. Rohan sees him busy on call and secretly takes the parcel from someone (Saya). He then comes inside and gives the parcel to Virat, saying gave it for him. Jharna asks what is in it? Virat tells that he had ordered clothes online which is delivered now. Heer says she will go home. Parmeet asks her to have food and tells that you have applied haldi to them, you are special guest. Heer tells that her special exams are coming, she needs to prepare for it. Preeto says lets go. Parmeet asks Preeto to stay back and have food. Rohan tells Preeto that he will take Heer home and asks her to stay back. Soham sees Heer going out from there and thinks this is the right time to do his work. He changes his clothes, masks his face and follows her. He then puts the cloth on her head to suffocate her and tells that Heer….you have to die…She hits him….Soham falls down. Virat removes the cloth from his face and Soham is shocked to see him in Heer’s clothes. Virat throws the wig on the ground. Soham tries to escape, but Rohan comes infront of him. Shakti song plays….

Soham tries to escape again, but Preeto comes and stands infront of him. Shakti song plays…..Virat and Rohan holds Soham. Virat tells Preeto that I said right that just as she came out of house, he attacked Heer again, says that it is good that he has called Mallika aunty and asks her to bring heer like clothes. Rohan tells Preeto that Heer is safe with Mallika. Preeto asks them to unmask him and says let’s see who is Heer’s enemy. Rohan removes the cloth/mask from Soham’s face and is shocked to see him. Preeto and Virat are shocked too. Rohan recalls Soham’s promise to Heer that he will stay with her always, like a reflection. He recalls celebrating Heer’s birthday happily. Preeto says Soham…Virat recalls confessing love to Heer and then Soham hitting him and making him fall down and asking him to say sorry behen to Heer. Preeto gets angry and is about to slap Soham, but he holds her hand angrily. Preeto is shocked.

Soham says I am not like Shanno Dadi and Varun, who bears slaps from your hand. Preeto says so this is your truth, you have chosen your father’s way and walked on his path. She says your mother Surbhi died for her kinnar sister and you….Soham says she was a fool or you might have fooled her. He says he won’t be fooled in anyone talks. He says he knows two things and tells that a kinnar can’t be any sisters and she has to go to her real place. Preeto is shocked and is about to fall, but Virat holds her. Virat tells Soham that Heer is his sister and they have spent childhood together, asks him to remember those moments and says your thinking will change. Soham says you used to hate her a lot, but don’t know how your thoughts change, but my thoughts will not change. He says I have thought….Preeto asks what you have thought, we shall also know…and asks him to say. Soham says if you all don’t send Heer to her real place then I will kill her. Rohan gets angry and slaps him hard. Shakti song plays….Preeto stands shocked.

Precap will be added later after the episode airs on TV.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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