Shakti 18th September 2020 Written Episode Update: Heer and Virat rescue each other at different instance

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Shakti 18th September 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Soham telling that if they move even a bit then he will slit Heer’s throat. He tells Heer that he has an idea, they shall scare them. He asks her to act to be scared. He says he will take her till door and then leave her. Heer says ok and him what is he doing, says she is her sister. All other family members come out. Harak Singh warns him. Preeto and Rohan ask him to leave her. Sindhu asks what are you doing? Shanno smirks happily. Soham says don’t come infront of me. Heer says I am your sister. Harak Singh says if you do anything with my grand daughter then I will kill you. Preeto says someone save her and asks Harak Singh to do something. Shanno thinks slit her throat. Heer shouts Preeto. Soham opens the door and finds Virat standing aiming gun at Soham. Shakti song plays…..Virat asks Soham to leave Heer. Heer tells that they are doing prank and asks him not to spoil their plan. Virat says even I am playing game Heer and asks Soham to leave her. Soham leaves Heer. Preeto asks Heer if she is fine. Heer asks her to relax and tells that they were doing prank with everyone and fooling them. She asks Soham to say and tells that he is our Soham, he will not slit my throat. Preeto scolds her. Heer asks Soham to say that it was a prank. Soham says yes, it was prank. Virat is still standing aiming gun at Soham and says if the persons intentions are not good then the prank becomes very dangerous. Heer asks what are you saying and tells that she trusts both her brothers more than anybody else and asks him not to talk nonsense. Virat says ok, I will talk nonsense, but I will come here often with my gun. Soham tells that we will meet later and goes. Virat says ok. He asks everyone to get ready and says today is my mehendi. He says we will go. Heer looks on.

Parmeet likes the decoration. Gurwinder comes there and tells that haldi is grinded. Parmeet asks you are getting happy as you got pregnant. Jharna tells that it is more happy day than that and tells that her brother like brother in law Virat befriended Heer. Parmeet tells Gurwinder that after 10 days will be over, when your sautan will come here, then you will know how Jharna is feeling. Jharna thanks Parmeet. Gurwinder gets teary eyes. She sees Daljeet coming there and goes. Simran gives something to Jharna. Jharna thanks her and says you are best sister in law. Simran says yes, I am. Jharna laughs and looks at the medicine, thinks this medicine will make you sleep in night Virat, now you can’t go to Heer.

Gurwinder tells Daljeet that she can bear the insult as bahu or wife, but not when they insult her motherly love. She says she will tell the truth to Parmeet. Daljeet tries to stop her. Gurwinder says you are not supporting me, I will not be quiet. Daljeet comes to her and stops her, tells that they will talk later.

Virat brings Heer, Preeto and Rohan to his house. Jharna says Heer you came again. She says Virat had gone to brought you. Preeto says they became friends again and that’s why he had come to pick us. Heer tells Jharna that as she wanted her to attend all her rasams happily, they have come. Parmeet says good, if your talks are over then we shall start the mehendi function. Jharna says Heer is Virat’s bestie and asks her to apply mehendi to her. Heer says ofcourse and applies mehendi to Jharna’s hand. Sant Baksh and Jharna’s father smiles.

Virat sits and looks at Heer applying mehendi to Jharna. He thinks if you was not kinnar then…..recalls their moments and gets sad. Parmeet asks Simran to apply haldi to Jharna. Simran notices the lights flickering and tells that she will fix it. Virat says he will do.

Shanno tells Soham that he has made them quiet, but they won’t be quiet. Soham says they will be quiet and asks if you didn’t see their sad faces, when I kept knife on her neck. Shanno says what is the use, as Heer’s exam is there after 3 days and after 12 days, her result will come. Then they will win. Soham says till then let them scared. Shanno smiles.

Virat talks towards the LED strings/Mirchi lights. The wire is open and sparking. Heer is applying mehendi to Jharna. Virat holds the wire and thinks if you was not kinnar, then my name mehendi would be on your hands, my wife would have been you, but you can’t be more than my friend, this is truth. Heer turns to him and looks at him. Tu hi mera khuda……plays………He holds the open wire and gets electrocuted. Simran notices him shaking up due to electrocuted and tells that he got shock. Everyone gets shocked. Heer is also shocked. Rohan, Heer and others get up. Sant Baksh asks Daljeet to bring wooden stick. Parmeet says someone do something. Heer looks at the wire on top the wall and sees the stairs kept outside the balcony. She runs towards balcony. Rohan and Preeto ask her to stop. She brings the stairs and climbs up and pulls the wire. Virat falls down unconscious as she pulls the wire. Everyone gets shocked. Then Heer also faints and falls down on Virat. Everyone gets more shock. Preeto asks Heer to gain consciousness. Rohan tries to make her gain consciousness. Gurwinder brings water. Sant Baksh asks Daljeet to call doctor. Parmeet asks Simran to bring mustard oil. Simran brings it. Heer gains consciousness and asks for Virat. Parmeet applies mustard oil on his feet. Virat gains consciousness and calls Heer. He recalls confessing love to Heer and looks at Heer sitting there. He thinks I am getting married, what is happening to me, I proposed Heer, when? They look at each other.

Precap will be added later after the episode airs on TV.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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