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Shakti 24th September 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Shanno act to cry and informs everyone that the car blasted in which Heer, Rohan, jiji and bhai saheb were travelling. Mahi reminisces Heer’s birth, Harak Singh naming her Heer and Heer apologizing to Mahi for taking birth as her daughter. Veeran asks have you gone mad, who said this? Soham says someone called and informed. He says we shall go. They all go there. Soham comes in his jeep and walks towards the burning car. Veeran shouts Veer ji…Mahi, Raavi and Sindhu also come there with Shanno. Soham acts and says what happened to my Dada, Dadi, bhai and behen. Raavi asks Inspector where are they? They must be in the hospital. Inspector says they are not in any hospital. Shanno tells that they are all dead and acts to cry. Inspector asks her to listen first and tells that the car was empty when it blasted. Soham asks what do you mean? Inspector says nobody was in the car. Shanno is shocked. Veeran asks where did they go? Preeto calls Soham. Raavi asks him to pick the call and put the call on loudspeaker. Preeto says Soham…do you come to know that bomb blasted in our car? She asks him not to cry and asks him not to worry. She tells that she has handled everything. She says someone called Harak ji and said that you all are worried. She gives call to Heer. Heer tells Soham that if they were in the car even for a minute then it would have exploded. She says Preeto had intuition at the right time and we all came out of car. A fb is shown, Preeto thinks why did Soham tell that he will prepare for the celebration, thinks why did he say this? She asks Rohan to stop the car. Heer says we will get late for exam. Preeto asks them to get down. They all get down. Harak Singh asks what happened? Preeto asks them to be quiet and hears the bomb sound. She looks down the car and finds the bomb kept beneath the car. She shouts and tells that there is a bomb in the car. Heer calls Rohan to run. They all run to safety and bomb explodes. They all turn and look back at the burning car shockingly.

Preeto hugs Heer and says everything is fine. Harak Singh says Soham…and is angry. Heer asks what happened to Soham? Preeto tells that we are safe because of him, Soham wished us happy journey. Fb ends. Preeto takes the call and tells Soham that they will return home after the exam. She asks him to arrange the celebration. Soham is upset. Veeran thanks God for saving everyone and calls Inspector.

Soham goes near Police’s car and kicks it. Shanno comes to him. Raavi comes to him and tells that her mother’s sight and mind are very sharp. Sindhu says you would have done homework on Tai ji by asking your Guru. She says if Guru is cunning and greedy then you can’t succeed. Mahi grabs his collar and asks how dare you? Shanno calls her nautanki and says even you hate heer. Mahi says I hate her, but I didn’t hate her so much that someone takes her life and I stay silent. She says it is her bad luck that she is born as kinnar and she is suffering, but if anyone dares to look at her then I will not bear. She asks Soham to remember this. Soham looks on. Shakti song plays….

Virat thinks of Heer holding the coin and recalls her promise. He thinks of Heer tossing the coin and going from there, without seeing it. Gurwinder comes to his room…Tu hi mera khuda plays……

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