Shakti 25th August 2020 Written Episode Update: Heer meets with an accident

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Shakti 25th August 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Heer telling Virat that if he comes in her way again then she will make his life impure. Preeto asks her to leave from her house, else FIR will be written in her house against her. Heer says history will be written of Heer’s name and says if anyone of you try to come in my way then the history of this house will change. Shakti song plays….Virat looks at Heer. Heer leaves from there. Parmeet fumes in anger. Virat goes to his room. Parmeet thinks this girl will not agree this way and plans something. Heer comes out and looks at the flower shop. She reminisces and a fb is shown, Virat asking the florist to match the flowers with Heer and make a bouquet. Heer says you are saying anything. Virat asks the florist to make the bouquet ready. The florist make the bouquet ready and gives to Virat. Virat gives it to heer. Fb ends. She asks the florist to give some flowers to someone’s house. Heer comes back home. Preeto says you was in room. Heer says I had gone from window to handle Virat. She says you both have hidden me the truth that Veer threatened you. Preeto says you will not go to college. Heer tells that she will go to college and asks them not to stop her from keeping the enmity. Preeto asks what is use? Heer says it is her stubbornness and she wants to convey to Virat that she has Harman Singh and Harak Singh’s blood in her. She says she is very hungry and sits to eat the food. Preeto and Harak Singh looks at her.

The florist brings the bouquet to Virat and tells that a girl had come to his shop and asks him to deliver the flowers resembling her in a bouquet. Parmeet asks didn’t you ask her name? The florist says she said that she is mad, crazy etc..Parmeet says this bouquet needs to be thrown away in dustbin. Virat stops her and tells that he will handle Heer with his way. He takes the bouquet to his room. Parmeet thinks to stop their meetings.

Heer thinks of Virat’s words. Tu hi mera khuda plays….Preeto thinks I wish I could tell you that in your destiny, there is no husband and sasural. Shanno comes there and asks Heer, if she had peeled the peas. She then scolds her for making the peas fallen. Heer says sorry and tells that she will pick the peas. Preeto comes there and asks Shanno to pick the fallen peas. Shanno says I will not pick it, even if the food is not cooked. Preeto asks Shanno to pick it. Shanno says I will not pick it even if you say 100 times. Preeto is about to slap her, but Soham comes there and holds Preeto’s hand. Shanno smirks. Preeto is shocked. Soham says Dadi…you always raise your hand on Shanno Dadi and asks her not to do this again. Heer tells Preeto that Soham is right and tells that Shanno is also their Dadi like her and asks her not to insult her. She says she will pick the peas. Preeto looks at Soham and Shanno as Heer picks the fallen peas. Shanno thinks very soon your value will be like Shanno and my value will be of Preeto, and that day I will slap you infront of these kids. Virat throws the bouquet in his room and thinks he has to do something to close Heer’s mouth. Gurwinder comes there and asks him to forget his hatred relation with Heer and asks if this is right to kidnap the girl from the road. He asks her to go. Gurwinder says I will go, but first give me an answer. He brushes off her hand and asks her to go. She asks how did you become so unsympathetic. Virat says if I could then I will rammed the vehicle on her and asks her to go. Gurwinder is shocked and goes. Virat thinks he has hurt his only wellwisher.

Nutan and Heer meet on the road. Nutan asks why did you send flowers to Virat? She says he will do something now. Heer tells that she is not waiting for him to attack and she is already ready to handle him. She says I will leave and sees Ganapati procession. She folds her hand before the Bappa. A fast speedy car is coming there. Heer is crossing the road when the car hits her and she falls down on the road unconscious and injured. Nutan hears her scream and gets shocked seeing Heer injured. She takes her to the hospital and cries. Harak Singh and Preeto come there and see Heer taken to the OT. Rohan and Soham come there too. Preeto tells Doctor that she will come with her inside. Doctor says we have to operate on her. Preeto insists that she will come inside. Soham thinks if you leave her alone then her kinnar truth will be exposed. He asks Doctor to let Preeto go inside, tells that she is her grand daughter. Shanno smirks happily. Harak Singh tells Doctor that they have never given even an injection to Heer and asks him to let her go for humanity sake. Doctor says ok. Preeto goes to OT with Heer.

Precap: A masked guy comes to the ICU and closes the oxygen pipe. Virat holds his hand and beats him. He is about to unmask him. Heer’s condition deteriorates due to the lack of oxygen.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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