Shakti 28th September 2020 Written Episode Update: Jharna asks Heer to love-act with Virat

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Shakti 28th September 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Jharna coming to the room and doesn’t see Heer there. She looks at Virat and goes. Heer comes out from behind the curtain partition and tells Virat that she will never come between Jharna and him, and will never come. She sits by his bedside. In the morning, everyone waits for him to gain consciousness and stand near his bed. Virat gains consciousness and opens his eyes. He looks at Heer at first. Gurwinder calls his name. Tu hi mera khuda plays…Doctor checks him and asks how are you feeling now? Virat says I am fine now, everything will be fine. Jharna says what good will happen, you met with an accident and our marriage got delayed. She says I don’t understand why did you go out then. Parmeet asks Jharna to relax and tells that Virat will be fine and you will soon marry him. Sant Baksh asks when we can take him home. Doctor tells that his hands are injured, you can take him home after 3 days. Heer goes out silently. Parmeet asks Preeto to go and asks them never to come back to them. Preeto says Mata Rani shall get Virat and all of your mind well soon. She asks Virat to take care and leaves. Doctor asks everyone to go out and he also goes out. Virat stops Nurse and asks her to do a favour on him. He asks her to call a kin…and then says a girl who was standing here at backside. Nurse asks which girl? Who told you I love you. Virat says the girl who was so beautiful and lovely, who spoke so much with her silence. Nurse says ok and comes out. She sees Heer leaving and comes back to Virat. She tells that the girl left. Virat says she can’t go and recalls Heer keeping flower and card for him when he had fallen from the college terrace and was in hospital. He tells Nurse that if Heer has gone, then she will return with flowers and card.

Heer comes there holding card and bouquet. Virat looks at Heer and smiles. Tu hi mera khuda plays….Virat says sorry Heer, I have broken your promise that you gave me. I couldn’t marry Jharna because of you. Heer asks Virat to get well soon and tells that her exam was finished, she will attend his marriage surely. Virat stops her and says even I have taken a decision by tossing the coin like you. He says like you was sure that heads had come, I am sure too that heads must have come. He says you didn’t turn and look at it, and I couldn’t see it. He says that coin must be still there on my accident’s spot. Heer runs out and comes to the accident spot. She searches for the coin and gets it. She finds the heads on the coin and recalls their conversation. Gurwinder comes there and says you had faith on tossed coin and asks her to see that destiny’s decision. She says everything is infront of you, accept Virat and marry him. She says even Virat and I want the same and asks her to agree. Heer says but I don’t want this and returns the coin to her. She tells that I told him that I will attend his marriage, but have decided not to meet him until he marries Jharna. Jharna hears them from far and thinks Virat got his accident intentionally so that he don’t have to marry me. She thinks it is enough of drama, now see my drama.

Simran tells everyone that Virat is not happy with the marriage. Daljeet says if he was not happy then he wouldn’t have agreed to marry Jharna. Jharna tells that there is a problem, and tells that your wife went to increase the problem. She says Virat still wants to marry Heer and is waiting for her yes. She tells that if Heer had agreed then he would have married her and have honeymoon. Sant Baksh asks what is the matter?

Gurwinder comes to Virat and tells that Heer returned the coin and told that she will meet him when he marries Jharna.

Preeto gives tea to Harak Singh and asks him to see if result came. Harak Singh says just yesterday she has written exam. Preeto asks him to check as she is getting bad vibes. Shanno laughs and says you used to be tigress and bhai saheb used to be tiger, but why did you become wolf infront of Soham. Harak Singh says a human fails infront of his loved ones. Parmeet comes there and tells that they have lost infront of her son. She says we came to talk straightly and tells that Virat fell in love with your grand daughter again. Everyone is shocked. Shanno asks really? What are you saying? Parmeet says Virat said this to Heer. She says Heer rejected his proposal this time. Preeto says it is good. Heer comes there. jharna tells that she needs Heer’s help to marry Jharna. Heer asks what kind of help, tell me..I am ready to do. Parmeet tells that Virat will be fine and discharged from the hospital after 3 days. She says we want to get him married there itself and tells that till then Heer has to act to love him and shall make him believe of her love. Heer recalls everything and tells that she will not act to love him and will not keep him in dark. Never. Jharna says if you want Virat and I to get married then do this, else we will think that you don’t want us to marry. Heer tells that Virat had betrayed her once and she couldn’t come out of that trauma still. She says she can’t betray him and asks them to go. Jharna thinks I can’t lose from her and needs her help to get Virat. She asks heer to help her marry Virat, and says please…She says if you tell that you love him then I will go from here and asks her to tell what she wants. She folds her hands. Heer comes back to Jharna and hold her hands. She tells that she wants to do job and don’t want to marry Virat. She asks her to stop acting as she knows her truth. She says may be Virat couldn’t love you, seeing you changing colors like a squirrel as love is having only one color, truth color, which you doesn’t know. She asks her to help herself rather than taking someone’s help. Shakti song plays…..

Virat looks at the door and thinks she has so much attitude. She must be sitting at home, but will not come to meet me. Nurse comes there. Virat asks her what does she think that Heer will come and meet him. Nurse says how can I say? Virat says she will not come, I have to go. Nurse says you can’t go anywhere, can go after 3-4 days after discharge. Virat says I would have gone from window if my hands were fine and asks Nurse to help him. Nurse says ok. Jharna hears him and is angry.

Heer talks to Soumya’s pic and tells that Virat doesn’t want to marry me when we were marrying and when he is marrying Jharna, he understood my importance and wants to marry me. She thinks she had gone to meet him, but he was talking madly. She tells that Virat is marrying nakchadi Jharna and asks her to see Jharna’s destiny and her destiny too. She tells Soumya that same thing happened with them both, they can’t get the person they love. She asks why did this happen with me. Just then someone throws paper in the room. Heer picks it and finds I love you written on it. She gets surprised. Virat is standing outside her house and making a guy throw the colored papers into Heer’s room through the window. Tu hi mera khuda plays…..

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