Shakti 30th September 2020 Written Episode Update: Gurwinder tries to alert Virat of his family member’s conspiracy

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Shakti 30th September 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Heer bringing Virat to the hospital on cart. He asks Parmeet not to tell anything to Heer and says it was his idea to go to her. Parmeet says we can see that she has brought our runaway son here. Sant Baksh thanks Heer. Daljeet says Doctor asked you to be under observation and asks him to come. Virat says how Heer will go back? Rohan comes there in car and says I will take her with me. Virat smiles. Jharna asks him to come inside. Virat says ok and goes inside the hospital with Jharna. Parmeet thanks Heer from her heart. Heer says its ok, it will be good for Virat to marry soon. Sant Baksh thanks her. Heer leaves with Rohan in the car.

Rohan and Preeto pray to Mata Rani. Rohan says Heer’s result will be out tomorrow. Preeto says we will light the lamp for 24 hours for her success. Soham hears them and asks where is Heer? Preeto says you have lost right to know this. Daljeet tells Sant Baksh that Pandit ji will reach guest house at 5 pm. Sant Baksh says we will get Virat and Jharna married and will come home. Jharna comes there, talking to Heer and asks her to take bouquet to Virat with I love you card in it. She ends the call and tells everyone that Heer is going to meet Virat and she asked her to take bouquet and card so that Virat thinks that she loves him truly. Simran says how can Heer be so dumb? We have insulted her so much, but then also she agreed to help us. Daljeet says whoever thinks from the heart are stupid and says we are benefitted. Simran says yes. Gurwinder hears them.

Heer comes to the hospital to meet Virat with balloons etc. Nurse is about to give injection to Virat. Heer stops Nurse and tells that she is scared of injection and asks her to give it to him when she closes her eyes. Virat smiles. Heer closes her eyes. Nurse gives the injection. Heer asks shall I open my eyes. Nurse says yes. Virat asks Nurse to see how cute, his Heer is. Nurse says you are marrying someone else but. Heer keeps the card and bouquet to side and says I love you Virat Singh. Virat says I love you Heer Singh and asks when are we marrying? She asks him to become fine first and asks if he will marry in this broken condition. She says Pandit ji told that there is no mahurat this month, so next month. Virat asks if you are really with me? Gurwinder comes there and says this is all lie. Virat asks what are you saying? Heer asks what are you saying and folds her hands. Gurwinder is shocked and thinks if I stay quiet today hearing your helplessness, then both of your lives will be ruined. She asks Heer to go and talk to her family members if she wants to marry Virat.

Parmeet, Sant Baksh and Daljeet come there. Parmeet asks what is the problem? Virat tells Sant Baksh that he don’t know how to tell him and says I don’t want to marry Jharna, as I love Heer. She says I know this will be wrong with Jharna, but if I marry her, then it will be more wrong as I don’t love her, but loves Heer. Sant Baksh asks if he has gone mad? First Heer, then Jharna and then Heer again. He scolds him. Parmeet asks him to calm down and says Virat is not fine fully. Jharna comes there and says its ok, if Virat’s happiness is in Heer then get them married. Virat apologizes to her. Gurwinder thinks how much they will act. She tries to speak, but Daljeet stops her and takes her out. Virat apologizes to Jharna. Jharna says its ok Virat and tells that she loves him truly. She goes. Nurse asks Virat to have medicine now and tells Heer that she is lucky to have such a loving guy. Heer says she will get whatever is in her destiny and goes out.

Parmeet slaps Gurwinder and says I saw you hearing us. She accuses her for playing games with her and says she didn’t catch her as it was important for Virat to know that his family is good. She calls her thinking cheap. Jharna says it is important to break the sindoor relation. Gurwinder says if Virat comes to know that you are betraying him along with Heer then you will lose him again. Parmeet says you will not agree like this and is about to slap her again, but Heer comes there and holds Parmeet’s hand. She signs Parmeet no and says I am doing whatever you are saying. She says if you raise your hand on Gurwinder, then I am not lying that I will expose you infront of Virat. She asks Gurwinder not to do anything and tells that she will take all blame on herself and will tell that she has done this to take revenge from Virat. She asks her to be silent and gives her promise. Shakti song plays….Gurwinder cries. Heer walks out of the hospital. Parmeet is about to slap Gurwinder after Heer left, but Sant Baksh stops her. Parmeet tells Daljeet that they have to do something with Gurwinder.

Preeto, Harak Singh, Rohan and others are praying infront of Mata Rani. Heer comes there and says I have to take a big decision tomorrow. She says I always tossed the coin witnessing you and asks why all the decisions are in Virat’s favor. She says first he loved me, broke up with me, got engaged to Jharna, then befriended me and wants me to marry me. She says why you are doing this and asks her to say. Mahi is about to pacify her. Preeto stops her and says let her cry. Mahi says I will let her cry, but she will not be alone, her mother will be with her. Shakti song plays…Mahi hugs Heer as she cries. She takes her to room.

Daljeet brings Gurwinder to the house and makes her sit on the chair forcibly. He then ties her to the chair and ties cloth on her mouth. Gurwinder asks why are you doing this? Daljeet says once Virat gets married, I will tell the family members that I have problem in myself and can’t become a father. He says then I will divorce you and tells that she has time to think. He locks the door and goes. Gurwinder cries.

In the night, Preeto is still doing aarti and praying to Mata Rani, while Heer and others are standing behind her. Heer turns to Preeto and asks her if she shall go and meet Virat, else he will come home directly. Sant Baksh asks her to go tomorrow. Heer says I will meet him for one last time and tells that tomorrow he will get married, then I can’t meet him, as Jharna will not let me meet him even for friendship and can’t bear her sautan. Saya is also sitting there and tells Heer that she will come with her. They leave. Virat is sleeping. Nurse sees Heer and tries to wake him up, but Heer stops her and asks her to let him sleep. She says she will come again in the morning. She looks at him and turns to go, reminisces their moments and thinks this was the last lie, I will never come to meet you, hopes he has a peaceful life and thinks final goodbye. Mera Khuda plays….

Precap will be added later when available.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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