Shakti 4th August 2020 Written *MAHA* Episode Update: Shanno instigates Soham against Harak Singh and Preeto

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Shakti 4th August 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Heer sitting on the table. Rohan and Soham try to cheer her and lift her in their hands. They all dance. Heer hugs her brothers. They give her gifts and do sits up infront of her. Their childhood moments are shown. Heer ties rakhi to her brothers and make them have sweets. Rohan says we have brought everything whatever we should have bring and asks if she wants any thing special. Heer says she wants her brothers and not bodyguards, says she wants her independence and promises that she will get a good job. Soham asks her to live her life and promises that he will always be with her, like her reflection, so that nobody can see her and says if anybody does this, then I will smash him. Rohan says I can’t say this, but I promise that even if I am not with you in your happiness, but I will be the first one to stand with you in your painful times. They get emotional and hug Heer. Rohan says we shall not be senti and make something in kitchen today. Heer says today she has to go to college for NGO work. Rohan says he didn’t get any message. Heer tells that they have called her today and is calling the students in rotation. She asks them not to come with her and don’t become her bodyguard. Preeto asks her to get ready. Heer leaves. Shanno thinks to target one of them against Heer.

Simran ties rakhi to Daljeet and gets jhumkas. She likes it and ties rakhi to Virat. Virat gives her gift. Simran says she wants special gift, ie, lovely bhabhi. Jharna comes there and tells that only Virat can fulfill Simran’s wish. Parmeet asks her to agree to marry Virat. Jharna says she is ready, and waiting for Virat to agree. Gurwinder comes there and ties rakhi to Virat. Jharna asks what is this? Parmeet says this is every year’s drama and tells that Gurwinder ties rakhi to Virat as she has no brothers of her own. Virat gives her gifts. Gurwinder blesses him.

Nutan ties rakhi to Saya. Saya says you called me to tie rakhi here. Nutan says she doesn’t have brothers and whoever start this ritual of trying rakhi to gurumaa has done good. Saya asks her to come home and says we would have celebrated together. Nutan says I have to be loyal to Heer and can’t let you make me weak. She says if Harman had known Soumya’s truth before marriage, then if he had married Soumya. Saya asks why you are saying this? Nutan tells that yesterday she saw Virat with Jharna and tells that he couldn’t hug Jharna. She says Virat came to know about Heer’s truth before marriage unlike Harman-Soumya love story. She says if Virat marries Heer then their love story will be very big than Harman-Soumya. Saya says yes, but she won’t let this happen. Nutan thinks God has written Heer’s love story with Virat.

Shanno comes to Soham’s room and tells that today she couldn’t stop herself seeing the siblings love between them. Soham asks her to say. Shanno says I think that the reason which was told is not right. Soham says I had gone to Virat’s house that day and everything happened infront of me. Shanno says Virat was madly in love with her, then what happened suddenly that he didn’t come for marriage. Soham gets doubtful. Shanno says I think if jiji and bhai saheb don’t want to get Heer married and want to keep her with them all life. She says if this is the thing then the girl’s happiness is with her sasural and she dies in her sasural. She says I am helpless that I can’t send Sindhu to her sasural, but I don’t want this happen to Heer. She says Rohan is with harak singh and Preeto and asks him to do something for Heer. Soham looks on upset.

Parmeet shows the dress to Jharna. Jharna likes it and asks why did she call her? Parmeet appreciates her for her understanding and tells that she came to tell her about her house. She tells that Gurwinder shows to everyone and Virat that she cares for them very much. She says Gurwinder helped Virat in his love story. Jharna asks what happened between Heer and Virat. Parmeet says even we can’t that he called off the marriage, but it is good to get rid of Heer. Jharna says Heer had separated us once, I won’t let her do it again. She says I will become your bahu. Parmeet says Virat is going out, I will ask you to drop you. Gurwinder hears her.

Virat is in the college and sitting on the chair. Heer comes and slips as her heels broke. Virat gets up from the chair and rushes to hold her. They strike romantic pose. Tu hi mera khuda plays…Virat drops her on ground. Heer asks how dare he to touch her. Virat says I don’t like to touch you. Heer says this is my college and asks why did he come here? She says you must have come to plan and plot against me. Virat says even I came here for NGO work. Heer says NGO and you? She says who doesn’t know humanity, that person will help others. She says if I tell your truth to anyone then they will say this only and asks him to go and get lost. He asks her to go and get lost. He throws water on her face. Heer takes the jug and throws water on his face. He asks what the hell? Are you mad? Heer says yes, but my heart is good unlike you. Canteen guy comes there and asks them to drink special tea. They refuse to drink. Heer says I would not drink your tea that day, if I had known that he will fall on my lap. Canteen guy tells that professor asked him to send three tea cups and goes. Professor comes there and asks what happened to them. Heer and Virat accuse each other for their drenched face. Professor asks Virat to behave. Heer says gentlemen treat girls nicely. Virat says he is gentleman for girls and not for…She asks what? Heer asks Professor to throw him out. Professor tells that he will fire both of them from NGO work. He asks them to drink tea if they want to do work.

Saya comes to Harak Singh’s house and tells that we shall tell Heer’s truth to her. She says Nutan told me that Virat couldn’t forget Heer. Raavi says once Heer gets the job, we shall tell her. Harak Singh says time is the best medicine. They shall forget each other and have to go from each other minds. Soham comes and says you have mission in your life, how to separate Heer and Virat? He says why don’t you let her live? She had drank poison for him. Saya says elders are talking Soham beta..Soham points finger at her angrily and says kinnar…who asked you to talk and asks her who gave her right to call him beta. He asks Harak Singh and Preeto, why do we listen to her and why we let her come inside our house. Preeto asks him to go to her room. Soham asks Harak Singh if he worries for his respect or not. He says first your son has brought kinnar bahu, and now this kinnar came. He asks if there is any man in this house or not. Harak Singh is about to hit Soham. Soham gets angry and looks angrily asking him not today. He says this house respect is mine too and I will not let it ruined. He asks Saya to leave and not to come again, else he will drag her from here. Saya is shocked. Soham holds Saya’s hand and drags her out. Preeto is shocked. Saya is shocked and recalls her curse. Preeto folds her hands before Saya. Rohan comes there and sees Soham insulting Saya. Saya leaves. Rohan asks what is this misbehavior? Soham says you are seeing my misbehavior, and not seeing elders’ wrong doings for Heer.

Rohan says they are elders and knows what is good for us. Soham says either they are foolish or selfish. He asks why the girls in their family don’t go to inlaws home after marriage. Shanno gets happy. Soham says why Raavi and Sindhu bua are not going to their sasural. He tells that he will get Heer married and give her all the happiness. He says Heer has tied rakhi to you and asks if he is not worried for her. Rohan says marriage will happen when it is destined to happen. Soham says if every girl gets married after settling down and asks them to answer. Harak Singh says I have so much to reply to you, I have seen much world than you, tells that she is his grand daughter and blood. He says you are young blood and boiling and tells that this house is his, and he will decide about the house decisions. Soham asks if he is hitler. He says right, but what I asked wrong? Preeto says if you can’t stay in this house with our rules, then go from here, nobody will stop you. Soham slaps and says what you have said..He says I didn’t get my answer. I will go from here right now. Rohan asks Preeto not to worry and says he will talk to Soham. Shanno thinks if Soham leaves from here then what will happen about my planning.

Professor asks Heer if she will do the work. Heer says I want to do social service and that’s why will stay back. Virat says I can do more better social service that’s why I will stay back. They take the tea and drink. Professor says good. Tu hi mera khuda plays….Professor tells the NGO team that Heer and virat will work with them. They tell that they will work with them if they get assurance that they will not fight and asks them to hand shake. Virat thinks I will not run from here and will face the problem. Heer thinks why shall I run, I didn’t back out. He forwards his hands to hand shake with her and their hands touch each other’s a bit. Virat gets jharna’s call. Heer brushes off her hands. Jharna asks Virat to drop her to her house. Virat recalls Nutan’s words and agrees to drop Jharna. Jharna thanks and ends the call. Professor assigns the work to them. Heer comes out of college and the threads roll fall down from her hand. She bends down to take it and sees Virat and Heer written on the bench with Heart drawn between them. A fb is shown, Virat writes their name on the bench. Heer says bench is college property. Virat says he is confessing his love to his property and says this happens when loves happens. Heer says when love happens, then there is no need to express it, as the person get lost in each other’s eyes and they shall kiss each other’s hands and pray to God. He pulls her closer and asks whose hand to kiss? Heer says our hand. fb ends. Heer kisses her hand and realizes the reality. She strikes their name with the blue pen and tells that he has killed their love. She says you can give me pain, but I will not get weak and face everyone.

Precap will be added after episode ends on TV.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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