Shakti 5th August 2020 Written Episode Update: Soham leaves Harak Singh’s house

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Shakti 5th August 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Virat going to the washroom and washes his hand. He thinks even Corona virus goes after washing the hands for 20 seconds, but the disgusted feeling of touching kinnars doesn’t end even after using all the bottle. He thinks he will never touch that kinnar. He finds the papers falling down from the table and scattered on the ground. He picks the papers and sees Heer’s enrollment form for NGO work, in which she has marked her gender as female. He thinks don’t know how many men will fall in love with her, like me. She should be sent to kinnars’ world after marriage. Heer is going from there, looks at him and goes.

Rohan tries to stop Soham and asks him not to leave the house. Soham packs her bags. Shanno asks him to think about Heer, says today only she has tied rakhi to your hand, what she will think. Soham says I can’t fight for my sister’s rights and tells that it is good if he goes from here. Raavi cries and asks how they can let Soham go and asks where she will stay? Preeto cries and says let him go? His questions are increasing and we couldn’t answer him. She says didn’t you see that he hates Kinnars so much, he needs to go, my soul gets shaken up seeing his hatred. Rohan tries to stop Soham, but the latter tells that he can’t bear hitler giri. Harak Singh tells that there is no man in this house, if you are man then don’t meet Heer if you are your father’s child. Soham is shocked. Raavi says Bau ji…Soham says today he has proved that I am a stranger. He picks his bag and tells that he will go very far from this house and will never come back. He says I don’t want to say in this house, where only you have the right to question, where it is a crime to ask you something. He says I will go very far. Rohan calls him. Harak Singh asks Soham to go very far.

Rohan asks Harak Singh to stop him. Harak Singh gives money and card to Rohan and asks him to give to Soham, says he shall not have any problem. Preeto asks him to go fast and cries, recalling promising Soumya. She says I had promised Soumya that I will love Rohan and Soham like my sons. She says they are the sons of this house, what to do, my promise broke. She says whatever she has done is for Heer’s betterment. Harak Singh tells that once heer gets a job, then everything will be fine. We will tell her the truth when the right time comes. He says Soham will return home. He says I will take care of him very well and have sent money and card. Shanno is about to go. Preeto stops Shanno and says you are taking Soham’s support against us and asks what you will do. Shanno says it is your misunderstanding, you blame me for everything happening in the house. She says you people shows hitler giri on everyone.

Pandit ji comes to Sant Baksh’s house and tells that he came to bless bahu to have children. Parmeet gets happy and asks Gurwinder to come infront of him. Gurwinder comes near Pandit ji. Pandit ji tells that there is a problem in her body which goes with pain. Gurwinder is shocked and recalls Daljeet’s threat. Pandit ji says you have to bear the pain to get rid of this problem. Parmeet says Gurwinder can bear any pain to become a mother and will agree to your sayings. Pandit ji asks Daljeet to bring boiling water. Gurwinder asks for what? Pandit ji says you have to bear the pain.

Virat packs the PEP in the cover and sees Heer trying to put thread in the needle. He taunts Heer for not knowing anything. A guy says Heer will learn. Virat says she shall learn her weakness and strengths and tells that incompleted talented people are of no use. Heer asks him to show his talent and not to worry for her. Her finger gets injured as needle is pierced. Virat gets concerned, but controls himself. He says everyone shall know their work and taunts Heer again. A friend tells that she will learn to put thread in the needle. Virat says if she wants to learn then she shall g home and learn, here the people are already stressed due to Corona. Heer comes to him and holds his hand. He asks her to leave his hand. Heer takes him out. Virat imagines her as kinnar and gets shocked, brushes off her hand and makes her fall down. Heer gets in tears and asks him to say how his love changed into hatred. She says why you are giving me so much pain and until when you will give. She asks what did I do and for what you are taking revenge on me. He recalls Preetp’s threat, people blackening the guy’s face etc. He walks away from there. Heer asks why you are taking revenge on me. Tu hi mera khuda plays…..

Precap will be added as soon as show ends on TV.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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