Shakti 6th October 2020 Written Episode Update: Virat locates Heer

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Shakti 6th October 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with the sweeper waking up Virat who is sleeping on the bench on the side of the road. Virat says Heer, let me sleep for 5 more mins, you make tea till then. The sweeper wakes up Virat and says he is thinking of me as Heer and himself as Ranjha. Virat finds Heer’s shawl and thinks she can’t hide her love, even though she shows anger, but came to cover me with her shawl. Shanno thinks they have crossed all limits of cowardness and thinks they made me unconsciousness and fled from here silently. She thinks they might make me have poison and kill me. Raavi says you are mixing poison in Heer’s life. Sindhu says that’s why it was necessary to send her from here. Shanno tells that the truth will not change that she is a kinnar and my hatred for her will never change. Raavi says just remember that you have to face us before attacking her. Shanno says if you want to have enmity with me then stand infront of me, then also my intentions will not change. Rohan comes there. Virat comes and says they are not alone, even I am your enemy. Shanno says you came again and asks Rohan if he didn’t tell Virat that Heer is gone from here. Virat says she went. Shanno says she eloped from here without telling you. Virat asks Rohan about Heer. Rohan asks him to sit and talk. Virat asks where did she go? Raavi says she went for a year. Sindhu says she will return after getting a job and clearing her exam. Virat says I would have made her write the exam and asks where is she? Sindhu says we can’t tell her. Raavi folds her hands and says leave her. Rohan says I know that you are worried for her, but it is better for her to stay away from you. Mahi says she went from here so that you get married to Jharna and start his life. Virat says I…He then goes to the inhouse temple and prays to Mata Rani, says they have seen Harman-Soumya’s love, life and struggles and then also they are doing the same with us. He says he is going to search Heer and will not stop if they want. He asks Goddess to bless him so that he finds Heer sooner. He applies tilak on his forehead. Rohan tries to stop him, but he leaves. Rohan, Sindhu and others get tensed.

Daljeet tells Sant Baksh that Harak Singh and Preeto left Gurdaspur with Heer. Parmeet says it is good. Sant Baksh says he can’t take risk and asks Daljeet to hire shooter, and kill Heer. Parmeet says it is good and tells that Daljeet will himself do the work. Simran says Gurwinder Bhabhi shall not know. Parmeet asks him to tell Gurwinder that he is going out for work.

Harak Singh, Preeto and Heer come somewhere. The Servant greets them and tells that he has made all the arrangements. Heer imagines Virat calling her and is surprised to see him. Tera Ishq hai. Viat says I have found you and will not leave you. He says I will stay with you here and pulls her closer to him. Heer looks at him. Tu hi mera khuda plays…..Preeto comes there and keeps her hand on Heer. Heer turns to Virat and finds him not there. She says she liked the place. Harak Singh says we have to stay here for a year now. Heer thinks I shall not think about you.

Gurwinder meets Virat and tells that she got this car from her Papa and gives car keys, money and credit card. She tells that she has packed some clothes and kept in car. She asks him to go and bring her dewrani and tells that she will make her as her sister and friend. Daljeet calls her and asks where is she? Gurwinder says she came to temple. Daljeet scolds her and asks her to come home fast. Gurwinder says ok, she is coming. She asks Virat where will he search Heer? He says he will read the past pages of his life and asks for her blessings. Gurwinder asks him to go and bring Heer back. Virat says my bhabhi is the cutest. He leaves from there.

He enquires about Heer with the people on the road. Servant Kaka tells that he made chole bature as Harak Singh said that it is liked by choti memsab. Heer asks him to call her Heer and not choti memsaab. She asks Harak Singh and Preeto to let her make a phone call and talk to family. Harak Singh asks her to just concentrate on her aim. She says just a phone call. Preeto also asks the same. Harak singh says we came here so far to the farm house so that you don’t lose your concentration.

The Servant Kaka is about to take the food trolley, when Virat comes there as a chef and takes the trolley to the dining table. He says Sir, Maam and Choti Memsaab, food is here, chote bature. Heer and her grand parents are surprised to see him. Virat serves them food and wearing Virat loves Heer apron. Tu hi mera khuda plays….he makes heart on her paratha and tries to make her have it, but she stops him and asks him to stop. She holds his collar and asks him to go, and it is enough of his drama. He smiles and holds her hand. He says I won’t go anywhere, neither from this house nor from your life. He says even if Mata Rani appears here then also she can’t kick me out. Harak Singh asks what does he wants? Virat says Heer. Preeto asks him to understand. Virat says there is only one solution, ie love which he has with Heer, lifelong love. Heer says you changes decisions and talking about lifelong, asks him to leave them and handle his own life. Virat says track record is bad and was accused too, but intention is right. He says he wants to live and die with her. He says he just wants to become their damad, just. Harak Singh says this can’t happen. Virat says it will happen and that too with your wish. He says what do you think that you can take Heer away from me and says he will search her even if she goes to a corner of the world. Heer asks why I will go to corner of the world and asks him not to talk filmy with her. Virat tells Preeto that if she is in dilemma, then best option is to bet and shall accept the result as God’s will. He gives them 36 hours and asks them to take Heer very far from here, and if they don’t reach her till 9 pm, dinner time, then I will leave her for forever, and if I could reach then will never leave her. Heer looks at him.

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