Shakti 6th September 2020 Written Episode Update: Soham and Shanno get Heer kidnapped

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Shakti 6th September 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Jharna asking Virat, what is he saying? Virat looks at her. Jharna asks why you was taking her name and asks what happened with her. Nutan comes there and asks him to tell Jharna what has happened with Heer. She says you have broken marriage with her, troubled her and whatever bad happens with her is your responsibility. Jharna asks what happened with her that you are shouting at Virat. Nutan says someone tried to kidnap Heer and she is doubtful on Virat. Jharna asks what is the proof? Nutan says if I had proof then wouldn’t have left him. Virat tells Jharna that their marriage is after 10 days, tells that they shall stay away from negativity. Preeto tells Harak Singh that they will tell the truth to Heer after her exams, before the results came. Rohan comes there and gives her Soham’s phone. Preeto is shocked to see Soham calling Kareena in the call list. Harak Singh gets angry. Preeto calls on the number and some lady picks the call and says Soham are you missing me to call me twice. Preeto ends the call and says she might be his friend.

Soham tells Shanno that he is young, but not careless to leave proofs in his phone. Shanno asks Soham to do something big on his birthday, something which makes Heer leave this country for forever. Soham says I am thinking something, her exam is after 10 days, I will send her before that. Heer is making something in the kitchen. Raavi and Sindhu come to the kitchen and asks what is she doing? Heer tells that tomorrow is Soham’s birthday and she is making delicious and tasty cake. Sindhu asks Heer to move and tells that she will make cake. Heer asks when I will learn to make it. Sindhu says we will add some flour so that the batter gets somewhat thick. Heer tells that she is thinking for retro theme and hugs Sindhu.

Parmeet tells Daljeet that it is not good to call Baba ji here as Virat’s marriage is near. She asks him to take Gurwinder to Baba ji’s Ashram. She says she don’t want Virat to get disturbed. Daljeet says ok. Gurwinder hears them. Jharna comes with Virat and tells Parmeet that kinnars are after them, as someone tried to kidnap that stupid Heer. Virat asks Gurwinder what does she think about kinnars? Gurwinder tells that they have bad destiny and tells that there were nobody to support them. She tells that everyone who don’t have anyone to support is having a bad destiny. She tells that it is wrong that destiny is decided before and tells that the person who is written in their life writes their destiny. She goes. Daljeet and Parmeet hear her. Virat hears her carefully.

Heer makes the cake ready and calls Soham. Harak Singh asks her to look here and there and says you will find him. Rohan tells that Heer has taken a bit of help from Sindhu and Raavi bua. Heer asks them to call Soham. Soham comes there. Rohan wishes him happy birthday and tells that Heer has made the cake with her hands lovingly. Heer asks Soham to come and says I have made this cake. She lights the candle and asks him to take the knife. Soham cuts the cake while everyone claps. Heer asks him to taste the cake. Soham looks at Shanno who signs him to eat. Soham eats the cake. Heer hugs him. Everyone makes him have cake. Rohan makes him have cake and smears cake on his face. Soham says I told you many times, not to smear cake on face. Rohan asks if pimples come on your face even now. Heer says that’s why he is sporting a beard. She tells that she has thrown the party for Soham in his style. Soham gets a call and tells that a friend is calling him to wish him. He attends the call. The goon tells that Kareena will do her work and we will do our work. Soham says ok. He thinks he will send her outside the country and that will be his surprise and then his birthday will be happy one.

Virat thinks of Gurwinder’s words and comes to Harak Singh’s house. He finds kinnars standing outside Harak Singh’s house and thinks to inform Nutan. He goes to Nutan’s house and tells that Heer is in danger, he has seen kinnars outside her house. Nutan thinks Saya’s kinnars might be guarding the house. She asks Virat if he is worried for Heer. Virat says I have done the mistake by showing sympathy towards her. Nutan tells him that kinnars are guarding heer’s house as some kinnars who wanted to take Soumya with them, and had become her enemies. She says now they want to have that enmity with Heer. She takes off bad sight from him and tells that for the first time, she has found him to be caring towards kinnars. Virat thinks why is he getting worried for Heer and thinks once he gets married to Jharna, everything will be fine.

Jharna is seated for the marriage functions. Parmeet asks Jharna to get ready from today and tells that she will become bride on the marriage day. She says she will do all her rituals as her mother and takes off bad sight from her. She covers her head with dupatta and does her aarti. She gives aarti plate to Simran and then ties shagun thread on Jharna’s hand. She tells that you will take off this thread, when you wear chuda Jharna smiles. Gurwinder comes there. Parmeet looks upset seeing her and goes to her. She then takes her away with her and pushes her. She asks where were you going? Gurwinder says to do Jharna’s shagun. Parmeet taunts her to be a barren woman and asks what did Baba ji say? Gurwinder says Baba ji asked us to wait for 10 days and if nothing happens in 10 days then I can’t become a mother ever. Parmeet says ok, we will wait for 10 days, and if you don’t get pregnant then we will get Daljeet remarried to someone else. She says you shall not have any objections as we have done all the remedies. She asks her to send food to Daljeet with Virat. Virat comes to hall and looks at Jharna. Simran asks him to see what they are doing with his bride. Virat says I will be just be back. Parmeet says he is feeling shy more than the bride.

At Harak Singh’s house, Rohan says cake is ready. Heer says let me give everyone’s introduction. She says birthday boy Soham has become deewar’s Amitabh bachchan. She says Rohan has become Don’s Amitabh Bachchan. She tells Sindhu is Nutan Singh, Veeran is Gabbar Singh, Shanno is Basanti, Mahi has become Madhuri of HAHK, Raavi as Zeenat Aman of Hare Rame Hare Krishna. She says Harak Singh and Preeto are Raj kapoor and Nargis. Preeto says Heer is our Sridevi. Rohan says lets cake cut now. Soham blows on the candle and is about to cut the cake. He asks Rohan not to smear cake on his face and says he is already angry young man. Rohan says ok. Soham cuts the cake and makes Preeto and Harak Singh have cake. Heer smears cake on Soham’s face. Soham gets angry. Heer says you didn’t ask me not to smear cake on your face. Preeto asks him to forgive Heer. Heer says Soham’s surprise. Everyone dances in the party. Rani comes there and hides. She signs Shanno. Shanno goes to her and gives her hand kerchief. Rani takes off the chloroform bottle. Shanno tells her something and signs her, looks evilly at Heer. Rohan and Soham dance. Shanno goes back and dances with Veeran. Shanno signs Soham to look at Rani. Rani signs him to bring Heer. Soham, Shanno and Rani get shocked seeing Preeto going towards Rani.

Rohan comes and takes Preeto from there. Soham, Shanno and Rani take a sigh of relief. Soham signs Rani to wait and continues dancing. He goes to Heer and dances with her. He smears cake on Heer’s face. Heer get angry. Soham hides behind Preeto. Preeto says leave it, today is his birthday and asks her to go and wash her face. Harak Singh and Preeto laugh. Heer goes from there to wash her face and everyone continues to dance. Rani is hiding and exchanges the napkin with the chloroform napkin. Heer washes her face and is about to take the chloroform napkin, when Rohan comes and stops her and gives his handkerchief to her. She wipes her face and goes with him. Rani gets upset.

Rohan and Heer come back to the party and dance with each other. Shanno comes between them and dances with Roham. Soham comes to Heer and takes her towards the curtain where Rani is hiding. Heer comes to the curtain. Soham signs Rani to come and kidnap her. He asks Heer to come and goes back, while Rani makes her smell chloroform and takes her away from there. Chameli and other kinnars are waiting outside, when a kinnar comes and steal Chameli’s phone and runs away. They all run behind her. Rani takes out Heer and makes her lie down in Soham’s jeep. She covers her and comes back to sign Soham. Soham gets happy and takes Rohan out with him. He says we shall go somewhere and have some wine, you hug me and wish me happy birthday. Rohan says I will come with you and tells that I am your friend until I get over the hangover. He hugs him. Soham says you are best friend. Saya’s kinnar informs her that Soham and Rohan went out somewhere. Soham thinks nobody will doubt me as Veer ji is with me. Preeto asks where is Heer? She asks Sindhu? Sindhu says I don’t know. Harak Singh and Raavi call Heer.

Soham stops his jeep on the way. Rohan asks if we will drink wine here. Soham says ok and looks at Heer. He tells that wine is in the jeep. Rohan says I will bring. Soham says I will bring as it is my birthday. He looks at Heer and takes out the wine bottle. He tells that they will drink the first peg without water. Rohan says ok, only for you. Soham tells that he wishes that all their problems ended and they love happily. Rohan wishes the same. Soham makes Rohan drunk. Kinnars from Kareena’s clan come there and take Heer behind Rohan’s back. Soham looks at Kinnars taking Heer with them. Preeto gets worried and comes out. She rushes out. Shanno smiles. Preeto says that Heer was dancing with Soham and Roham. Saya and others are there. Raavi says even Soham is not here. Preeto says if Soham…Shanno says even Rohan is not here. Preeto asks her to call them. Shanno thinks their phones are in the hall, they will not pick the call.

Precap: Kareena and Soham’s goon are taking Heer with them, when Virat comes infront of them. Kareena asks goon to beat him. Virat beats the goon. Kareena gets down from the car and threatens to shoot him. Virat says I will not let you succeed. Kareena shoots at Virat twice.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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