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Shakti 7th October 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Virat asking Harak Singh and Preeto if they accept his bet. He asks if marriage happens like this, asks if shame is over in his eyes, what does he thinks of marriage, if it is a joke. He asks him to bring his parents to talk and refuses to bet with him. Virat says you are getting a chance to get rid of me, else I won’t leave from here. Heer asks Virat if she didn’t hear what Dadu said and asks if he has shame? She asks him to leave. Virat says I want to use tissue and asks where is your purse? He takes her purse and wipes his sweat. Heer thinks what kind of man is he and asks him to go. Virat says bye and goes from there. Preeto goes behind Virat, closing the door and stops him. She says I am folding your hands, leave Heer. Virat says you are folding your hands before me, so I will touch your legs. He falls down on her feet and requests her to give Heer’s hands in his hand. Preeto is surprised. Virat removes the chef’s cap and apron and gives in her hand. He asks her to give Heer to him with her wish else he will snatch her from them. Tu hi mera khuda plays……Virat leaves from there in his car. Preeto throws the apron and cap and goes back to the house.

Shanno gets ready in bridal lehenga and wears all the jewellery which she must be having. She says time has come to dressed up nicely and rule in this house. She says just as Soham asked me, send the girls of this house to their houses. She says so the start will be from Sindhu. She calls everyone. Sindhu, Raavi, Mahi and Rohan come there and are surprised to see her avatar. Shanno says your real house is your sasural and not Maayka. She asks her to call her sasural people today itself so that they can come and take her away from there. Sindhu is shocked.

Harak Singh, Preeto and Heer are leaving from the farm house and open the door. They see Virat sitting outside on his car. They come back inside. Harak Singh asks Servant Kaka to go out and divert him in his talks so that they can go from behind door. Servant kaka comes out and asks Virat to move his car from there. Virat says this house, kitchen, and you are mine too, as I am Heer’s would be husband and this house damad. The Servant kaka asks him to move his car from there. Heer tells that she might have told him about this place and that’s why he came here. She says he knows many places, we have to go somewhere. Virat asks Servant Kaka why is he sweating and leaves from there.

Rohan compliments Shanno on her looks and says you thinks so much about everyone, but wrong. He says this house is of Sindhu Maasi too like it is of Soham and me. He says if Maasi wants to go to sasural then she will go, but you can’t send her like this. Shanno says Rohan…your work is to protect Heer and to roam around her shaking your tail. She asks him to do his work and she knows to do her work. She asks Sindhu to call her husband. Sindhu says it is my personal matter, my husband and I have decided that I will stay here and take care of Heer. Shanno says I will not let you stay here and says I will send you before Harak Singh and Preeto returns. Sindhu says she is very happy and will not go. Shanno calls Sindhu’s father in law and asks him to send someone to take Sindhu from here. Sindhu takes the call and asks her father in law to talk to his son before sending someone here. Rohan tells Shanno that you are cute and leaves.

Daljeet reaches the farm house and threatens Servant Kaka aiming gun on his forehead. Servant Kaka says I don’t know anything. Daljeet says you are of no use to me and shoots at him. Virat records the act and tells Daljeet that his aim is so bad being a police officer and says if Dad would have been here then he would have felt ashamed. Servant Kaka is saved. Daljeet says Virat. Virat says if you don’t go from here then this video will get viral. Daljeet says are you out of your mind? Virat says I will be if you don’t go from here. He asks Servant Kaka to go inside and says I know you don’t know about them.

Harak Singh, Preeto and Heer are somewhere. Heer says Virat will not come here. Preeto says tonight and tomorrow day shall go, then we will think that we got rid of him. Harak Singh asks why did you accept his bet? Preeto says if he lose the bet then he will be quiet. Harak Singh says he is lafandar lover and won’t be quiet. Preeto says this time, he has truthfulness in his eyes and if he loses then he will not look back. She serves food to Heer. Just then door is open and Virat comes there holding balloons, shocking them. He says hello everyone, how are you all? He ties the balloons to the table there and comes to them. He asks why are you looking at me like this, are you all comfortable? Tu hi mera khuda plays…..Virat says I had told you that wherever you go, I will come there as Heer’s love pulls me closer to you. Preeto realizes Virat taking her purse. A fb is shown, Virat had kept tracker in her purse. Fb ends. Preeto checks in her purse and finds the tracker chip. She says you came here with the help of this and shows the chip. Heer says you have kept this in my bag? Virat says tracking device and says you shall be in the Police team, they need you. He takes and breaks the device. He says I have broken it, but then also I will search her, as Harman used to search Soumya.

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