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Hello guys !!!

Well i am back again with an another piece of writing from my side !!!!

It’s and one shot story !!!!!

So lets begin with a huge smile !!!!



Ever since there confession of love for each other , things have completely changed between Kunj and Twinkle ; They started spending more of there time with each other teasing each other , romancing each other and not to forget there bickering with each other on little silly topics !!!!!

They never left a single chance of romancing with each other ever since they confessed but things turned wild between them after they finally consummated there marriage !!!!!

Twinkle walked in there room to find it empty , she thought Kunj has not returned back from his workout session , she sat of the edge of the bed and her thoughts drifted to there moments !!!!

She smiled or rather blushed thinking how wild they with each other when it comes to making love , there weird fantasies which they enjoy fulfilling during there make out be it , making out in different positions or in the different corner of there house!!!!

It would be hard to believe that they had made out in every corner of there house , be it there room , kitchen , guest room , living room or on the couch in there room and not to forget there car !!!!!

They literally had left no place where they had not made out and now her husband’s yet weird fantasy it to make out in there bathroom , his yet another crazy fantasy of SHOWER ROMANCE !!!!

She came out of her thoughts when dhe heard a yell of her name from her room’s washroom calling her name , it was her husband calling her out to give him a towel as he forgot to take in , she was going to give him when a naughty idea striked her mind and she smirked !!!!

She took of her clothes and wore just a bathrobe ( she was all naked only the piece of cloth she had on her was a robe )and entered the washroom to give towel to her husband as he was in the shower chamber !!!!!

   She went towards the shower chamber and asked kunj to take his towel,kunj opened the door and twinkle gulped seeing the site infront of her,her greek good like husband standing almost naked infront of her,only in his boxers,slowly her cheeks turned to a shade of crimson red,she forwarded her hand to give him the towel,he took and twinkle took a step forward to enter but she lost her balance and then to save herself she pushed her self forward and  her hands went on kunj’s shoulders and her head on his chest,with a sudden impact kunj stumbled back and to take support his hand went on the shower knob and it turned.

Twinkle and kunj stood beneath the shower,the water wetting them,dripping down thier bodies,both of them lost in thier eyes.
Kunj was feeling as if all water was drained from his body,his wife in his arms,getting wet under the shower,suddenly a feeling of thirst originated in him.

He went towards her neck and licked the water droplets on her neck,twinkle came out of the terrance,and thought what are you doing twinkle, its you who have to fulfill his this fantasy , you can not let him take the charge !!!

She pushed  him back  and he looked at her boggled she had a smirk on her face , she moved toward him and pulled him closer to her and smacked her lips on him kissing him wildly yet passionately , they broke the kiss breathing heavily he then  straightened themselves and continued his sweet assualt on her neck and suddenly he bite on her neck making a “Aah” escape her mouth.

Kunj turned her and pinned her against the wall of the shower,he pulled opened the dori of her robe,twinkle’s hands went to his back and started roaming on his back,twinkle’s hand went upto his hair and pulled his head back and started kissing his neck and took the sweet revenge by giving him a love bite on his shoulder blade.

Kunj got rid of his boxers and was standing in full nakedness infront of her,a wave of heat passed through her body,kunj went to her and helped her to get rid was her silly bathrobe, yes now the robe was silly for him!

With twinkle pinned on the wall,kunj lifted her one leg and positioned it around his waist and entered her,the slow thrusts sending a wave of orgasm through her body,The sweet moans escaping her mouth and making kunj go faster with his pace,and finally the reached the climax,panting thier heads resting against each other,twinkle got hold of her breath and said-

“Kunj if we will go like this then it wont take much for us to be parents.”

Kunj knew this was somewhere true as he never used protection in thier encounters.But he ignored the fact for now and wrapped her in a tower and took her out of the bathroom in his arms!!


That’s it for now !!

Hope uh like it !!!

Take care !!!!

Stay safe !!!

Lots of love ❤️💋

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