Shubharambh 10th September 2020 Written Episode Update: Raja and Rani get another chance from God

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Shubharambh 10th September 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Raja comes home and angrily goes to his room. Asha asks Rani what happened at the competition. Rani sadly hugs her and cries. She tells her that they didn’t get selected, I am sorry. Asha says but you made such good shoes. Rani says we unintentionally copied our designs so we got disqualified. Asha says that’s why Raja is angry? Rani says no. She recalls their arguments and tells it to Asha. Rani says he thinks I am stubborn, I won’t help him now. Asha murmurs they are fighting again.

Raja tells Asha that I have to make Sweety’s sandals, I just wanted to help someone today. Asha says why are you not talking to Rani? Raja says she thinks I don’t understand her. Asha says you shouldn’t fight with her, talk to her and end this. Raja says no, I am not talking to her.
Asha tries to convince Rani but she says I am not talking to him. Asha says fine, he doesn’t understand how to make Sweety’s sandals but don’t talk to him. Asha leaves. Rani gets worried about Raja.

Scene 2
Kritida gives pasta to Kesha. Kesha weeps and says I can’t live here in this poor society. Kritida says you should have thought that before starting an affair with that poor Utsav. Kesha thinks that I started my affair with a rich man but he cheated me and now I am stuck with this poor Utsav. She says I want to repent my mistakes, please talk to Gunvant and take me back. Kritida says don’t worry, just do as I say. Kesha says yes I will do anything you say. Kritida tells her a secret plan. Rani’s mother sees them talking silently and is worried.

Rani comes to her room and sees Raja trying to turn heels into more comfortable wedges. She tries to get his attention but he ignores her. Sweety video calls Raja from the parlor, Raja says I will make your shoes fine within time, he ends the call and says how should I make it nicer? Rani brings a sheet for him but he doesn’t take it. Rani leaves it there. Raja gets an idea and brings a handkerchief. Rani says ew. Raja works on the heels and says now I am done. He puts them in the bag and goes to wash his hands. Rani says don’t know what he did. She looks at the sandals and sees how Raja used her beautiful sheet on the heels.

Raja gives the heels to Sweety. She says they are so nice. Raja says it’s okay. Sweety says I want to give you money. Raja says no, I don’t want it. Rani hides and sees them. Raja says we got kicked off a competition today so these sandals gave me new hope. We worked hard on it. Sweety says we? Raja says Rani gave me the idea of using the sheet. Sweety says you both are a perfect pair, I am sure you will win in life. Rani smiles.

Scene 3
Kesha comes to the house and asks Utsav if they can talk alone? Rani’s mother says I know you want to abort this baby, I heard your talk with your mom. Kesha says yes I went to the doctor too. Rani’s mother says you can take this decision alone? You have to consider the father’s decision too, I know this is not the ideal situation but think about this baby as a mother. Becoming a mother is the biggest gift in life. I have thought to formally get you married with Utsav tomorrow after Ganesh’s welcoming. She says only Utsav’s sister will be here and we will do a small ceremony. I am going to work now. She leaves. Utsav looks on.

Raja and Rani are sitting at the dining table. Asha asks did Sweety like the sandals? Raja says yes. Rani says at least someone is happy, God doesn’t help us like others. Asha says think how you helped Sweety. Rani says I wish we could take our tension away too. Rani leaves. Asha says to Raja that you both are strong together. Raja says these are small fights but I am worried that Rani is losing hope in God.

Scene 4
In the morning, all are ready for Ganesh’s welcoming. Raja comes there. Asha asks where is Rani? We don’t have time. The priest asks Raja to bring the idol alone. Rani comes there and says how can Ganesh come inside without me? We can be miffed with people that we love. Raja smiles at her. Rani smiles and says let’s go.

Raja and Rani bring Ganpati inside the house. They all chant Ganpati’s name. The priest says we will do aarti now. Raja asks Hitank to do it. Hitank and Darshna do aarti together. Rani sadly looks at the competition’s magazine and prays to God that you will show us a way.

Utsav’s family do aarti together. Kesha is dressed as a bride but is lost in her thoughts. Utsav sees her silent and sighs. His mother says let’s start wedding rituals. Utsav tells Kesha that you don’t want to marry? I can stop this wedding if you want. Kesha thinks how will I tell people who is the teal father of this baby? I have to stay here until my parents accept me back. She goes and sits in the mandap. Utsav is surprised.

Someone comes to meet Raja. It’s Sweety and Suresh (Bharat’s manager). Suresh tells him something and gives him an envelope. Raja is shocked and runs to Rani as they leave. He does aarti with her and thinks Ganpati helped them. He shows the envelope to Rani. Rani is confused seeing him smile. She asks what happened? Raja says we will be a wild card entry in the shoe competition. Rani is stunned. Raja says Suresh came here with Sweety, they sent Sweety to us after Suresh told Bharat how we saved his money earlier. Sweety wanted to test our shoe-making. Rani says I can’t believe this. She hugs him tightly and says what about our fight? Raja says we will fight again after the competition, he hugs her. Gunvant and Kritida hide and glare at them. Gunvant is angry. Raja and Rani thank God for giving them another chance.


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