Shubharambh 11th September 2020 Written Episode Update: Kesha enters Rani and Raja’s competition

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Shubharambh 11th September 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Kesha and Utsav get married. They start the aarti when Kesha looks outside and sees Gunvant standing there. He hints her to come outside without anyone knowing. She silently leaves from there and talks to him.

Raja and Rani arrive at the venue of the competition. Some people eye them. Rani gets her badge and someone taunts them being robbers. They try to ignore them.

Bharat Hasija enters the venue and welcomes everyone. He tells everyone that Raja and Rani are their wild card entry. Raja thanks Bharat for giving them a chance and says we will work hard. Bharat says where is your band? Rani tells Raja that I didn’t get any band. Raja says I think they forgot to give you the band. Rani tries to talk to Bharat but he says enough. You take your band and then we will talk. Rani nods and leaves. She wears the band. Bharat says there will no compromise on the rules. He tells Raja and Rani that till yesterday you both were crying for a chance, I gave you another chance on Suresh’s insistence so don’t forget the importance. You both should put in full efforts and even then it won’t be 200%. I expect 100% effort. Rani nods. Bharat says if there was a lack in the effort then you will be out of the competition. Bharat says if you do another mistake then you will be out of this competition. Who has talent and passion will survive this competition. Raja and Rani nod. Bharat welcomes everyone and says let’s introduce the teams. Rani tells Raja that we didn’t prepare our intro. Raja says don’t worry our work will speak. They all introduce. Raja and Rani introduce themselves. Raja says we are doing something this big in life, we are sure that if we have the right guidance then we will give our 400%. Bharat smiles. He says this competition will be tough but that’s a good sign. Bharat says I want to call our 12th contestant who was selected from a quota. He says they were selected from BPL quota who are the ones that don’t have financial means. Let’s welcome her. Kesha comes there dressed in a simple saree. Bharat says she is from a chawl. Utsav comes there too and is shocked. Raja is about to go to her but Rani stops him. Bharat says her father in law is a shoe-maker and her mother in law works odd jobs to earn money for the family. Kesha recalls Gunvant telling her to join the competition to make Raja and Rani get thrown from it. He says if she is able to do it then he will take her back home.

Bharat tells the contestants that we will send an interviewer to your house for an interview. He tells them to check their emails constantly as they will be sending some questions. Raja and Rani are lost about Kesha’s presence and don’t pay attention to his instructions. Bharat notices it and tells them to get out of there.

Scene 2
Utsav talks to Kesha and gets angry for not informing him about entering the competition. Kesha says you lost your job and we don’t have any other way to earn for this baby.

Raja is leaving the venue in a daze. Rani tries to run behind him but some car throws muddy water on her dress. Rani is stunned.

Utsav comes to his father and says why did you help Kesha? His father says Rani is my daughter but Kesha is his daughter too so he will help her as a father if she needs it.

Kesha talks to Utsav’s mother and says I am just trying to take care of this baby as you suggested. Utsav’s mother tells her that she can take any decision she wants but she should discuss with her husband Utsav also. She leaves with her husband to give them time to talk.

Kesha thinks once I am able to do Gunvant’s work then he will take me back his house and she won’t worry about all this.

Raja and Rani come home. They are both angry and fight over Utsav and Kesha.
PRECAP – Raja gets angry on Utsav and is about to slap him but Rani stands in front of him. Raja tells them that if he hurts his sister again then no one will be able to stop him. Rani is shocked to hear that.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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