Shubharambh 14th August 2020 Written Episode Update: Raja gets an idea for money

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Shubharambh 14th August 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Bhavan tells Raja and Rani that it’s good I got to know about your lie. Rani says I accept that we didn’t tell you about our marital status but we didn’t steal anything. Bhavan says I don’t trust you, you must have planned the earlier robbery to win my trust, I will call the police. Gunvant says I am begging you to not send them to the police, I am a good man and can’t see people fooling others but they are my kids so don’t call the police. Bhavan says I will not call the police but they have to get lost from here. Raja tells Gunvant that you stoop low daily, he leaves with Rani from there. Bhavan thanks Gunvant for saving him. Gunvant and Kritida smirk.

Rani tells Raja that what do they want from us? They want us to become their servants. Raja says we will never lie again. Rani says we have 4 days only to get money. Raja says don’t worry, we will find something. He orders tea for her. Rani drinks it and says it’s so hot.. this day is bad. Raja smiles and blows on the tea for her. They both share an eye lock. Rani smiles and says we will keep trying, let’s start again. They both smile.

Scene 2
Raja and Rani come back home. Raja says we couldn’t find any job. Rani gets a call from Utsav and says really? Thank you so much. She ends the call and tells Raja that Utsav found a job for me to teach his boss’s son, I will earn 15K from tomorrow. Raja congratulates her. Rani says you will find a job soon.

In the morning, Rani and Raja see stones in their room with a newspaper. They check the news with their pictures which says that Raja and Rani are clever thieves who fool others so no one should give them a job. Raja says Gunvant must have done it.

Rani and Raja come to Gunvant and ask what is this? Gunvant says who will give you a job now that you are a thief? Kritida says you can sign this contract to join the shop again to become my servant. Rani claps and says you both keep trying to bring Raja back to your shop so it means that the shop is not working well, Raja is not there so the shop will be closed soon. I feel bad for you but the truth is that Raja is never coming back to your shop. Kritida says look at your standard before talking, you don’t have money to pay in 3 days. Raja says we will not lose hope, we will move with determination. Raja, Rani and Asha hold hands in front od Kritida and Gunvant to show their determination.

Chukki sees the news of Raja and Rani as the thieves. Utsav comes there and gives her some sweets. He says I have got a new job. Chukki says where? Utsav says in a construction company. Chukki says I am so happy for you. She looks at the newspaper and asks if he talked to Rani? Utsav says no I called her but she didn’t take it. Chukki hides the paper and thinks I shouldn’t tell him about this news right now, he is starting an honest life after a long time. Utsav says I want to earn money for my parents. I will work hard on this job.

Rani prays to God and says where will we get 34K in 3 days? You have to show me a way till then I will not light this diya. She turns to leave but Raja lights the diya and they both protect it from blowing off. Raja says God must be planning big for us. Rani says you are right but we should move away from here as we will not get a job here. Raja says don’t lose hope, we will show our hard work and someone will recognize it. Rani says if that’s true then.. She finds the golden shoes that tied them together on the floor. Rani says I can’t find the other pair. Raja says I will go in the lounge and search.

Mukesh comes to talk to Gunvant and says I wanted to talk about the shoe business. Raja comes there looking for the shoes. Mukesh tells Gunvant that I have a company of shoes. I want to give this franchise to you people. Raja hears it and gets an idea. He looks at the golden shoe. Gunvant says just tell me when to start? Mukesh says I will bring the samples to your shop tomorrow. He gets a call and leaves from there. Kritida says we will sell his shoes in the shop now? Gunvant says he is a big man so we will put some shoes in the shop. Mukesh comes back. Gunvant sees Raja and says he knows about the shoes a lot as Rani’s father is a shoe repair. He asks if we should start the shoe business? Rani thinks why Raja is not answering them. Raja is thinking about an idea and leaves from there. He looks at Rani and smiles.

Raja brings Rani in the room and says what if we start the shoe business? What if Mukesh gives his franchise to us? What if we give him a better offer than we will sell 200 shoes in 7 days. Rani says you want to work for Gunvant’s friend? Raja says what’s the problem. Rani says he is our enemy, Mukesh fooled Asha and another point is why Mukesh would listen to us? Raja says Mukesh cares about the profit and not his friendship with Gunvant. Gunvant is not interested in this business and we are good salesmen so we can make this work. Rani says but this is difficult. Raja says if we find another golden shoe in 5 minutes then we should take this opportunity. Raja says show the magic God. They start the timer and start looking for another shoe. Asha comes there and asks what happened? Are you looking for something? I have put some things in the storeroom. They run there but the storeroom is locked.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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