Shubharambh 14th September 2020 Written Episode Update: Raja and Rani’s major fight

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Shubharambh 14th September 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Rani shows the golden shoes to the interviewer. She says these shoes made me meet Raja, they are important for us as they gave us the hope to start a business. The interviewer writes some notes. He sees a stain on Rani’s dress but she covers it. He says what do you think about the first question. Raja and Rani are confused. The interviewer says we sent an email so you did read it right? Rani gets tensed.

Kesha tells Utsav that I am doing the right thing and I can’t take the step back because of you. Utsav says only we know the truth of our relationship, are you hiding something from me? Kesha recalls Gunvant’s words and says I don’t have anything to hide now. My own family has disowned me, I don’t have any other way. She tries to leave but Utsav holds her hand. He leaves it and says Raja and Rani.. Kesha says we have a life and dreams too. Utsav pushes her lightly but Kesha deliberately falls down and hurts her head. Utsav gets worried and asks if she is fine? I will bring some bandage, he leaves. Kesha thinks sorry Utsav but I have to do this.

Rani tells the interviewer that we know the questions and read the email. The interviewer asks why they think their company will work? Raja says it’s our dream and I want to give quality shoes to everyone, we are a strong team and we will work from our hearts. The interviewer says really good answer. Raja gets a call so the interviewer says you didn’t put the phone on silent? Raja’s phone rings again. Rani asks him to turn it off. He sees Kesha calling and cuts the call. Kesha calls him again. The interviewer gets miffed. Raja goes away to take Kesha’s call. He is stunned and talks to her. Rani tells the interviewer that it must be urgent. Raja tells the interviewer that I have an urgency, he runs from there. Gunvant smirks and thinks my daughter is a drama queen. The interviewer tells Rani that I have other interviews too, I don’t have time. Rani says I am sorry, we will come to your office later on. The interviewer says we can’t break the rules like that. Rani says this interview is important for us. He says your clothes have stains, you didn’t read our email and your partner left mid-interview. Do you think this is important? You are just doing a drama.

Scene 2
Raja comes to Kesha and asks why she was crying on phone? Kesha covers her forehead and says I was just missing my family. Raja says what happened? He removes her hand and says how did you get hurt? Did Utsav do it? Kesha says no it was not deliberate. Raja gets angry and goes inside. Rani comes there to see Raja grabbing Utsav. He is about to slap him but Rani comes and stands in front of him. Rani asks Raja to hit, why did you stop? Rani asks Kesha did Utsav raise his hand on you? Kesha says I told him that it was not intentional. Rani asks did he raise the hand? Kesha says no. Raja says she is scared. Rani says I know my brother, he will never do it. Raja says then why would she get hurt in your house? Rani says it’s her house now too. Raja tells Kesha to let him know if she wants to leave this house. Raja tells Utsav that if you hurt her again then I won’t spare you. He leaves. Kesha thinks I am sorry Utsav but I have to do this to get back to my house.

Rani stops Raja and says why you think Utsav would raise hand on Kesha? He would never do it. Raja says Utsav can do it as he lived in this environment. Rani says he respects women. Raja says he made Kesha pregnant. Rani says he didn’t force her, she knows what’s good for her. Raja says she is a girl, she is not happy here. Rani says you think my family is hurting her? So much happened in your house with me but I didn’t complain. You left the interview too. Raja says I don’t think our dreams will fulfil like this. He angrily leaves.

Scene 3
Raja comes home. Asha asks if they fought again? You both are fighting a lot. You will win the competition like this? You can go and talk to her. Raja says I am sleepy and goes to the guest room.

Asha comes to Rani and says go talk to him, you have the competition too to work on. Rani says Raja doesn’t listen to anyone nowadays, I am not hungry, she leaves.

Raja and Rani come to the lounge. They sadly look at each other. Rani tries to leave but her dupatta gets stuck in his jacket. She pulls it away and starts leaving. They both turn to look at each other and leave.

Raja comes to the guest room and is sad. Rani comes to their room and is sad to see food there. They both eat separately and are sad. Rani tries to not cry.

Scene 4
In the morning, Rani hears the RJ talking about the competition. He says we will read the participants’ interviews. Rani prays to the lord and says this is our dream and our big chance, we can’t lose like this. Raja comes there but Rani stops him and says we can’t run away from this competition, it’s our dream. I think you should say sorry to Utsav. Raja says what proves you have that he didn’t raise hand on Kesha? He angrily leaves. Rani gets Utsav’s call.

Utsav comes outside Rani’s house. He says you don’t think that I raised hand on Kesha? She says are you crazy? I trust you. Utsav says I didn’t like Kesha taking part in this competition. Rani says it’s her right. You do what you think is right. Utsav says our parents are helping Kesha, you can give half of the items to help her? Rani brings the complete box and says you can give it to Kesha, we just need our father’s blessings. Utsav smiles and says you are the best, he leaves. Raja hears all that and looks on.

Kritida and Gunvant are happy. Gunvant gets a message and shows it to Kritida. He does countdown. Hitank comes there and calls Raja and Rani. He says what is this? Gunvant says they are useless. Hitank says this interview of your says that you both promised to stay away from each other for 3 years if you don’t win this competition. Raja and Rani are stunned.


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