Shubharambh 18th August 2020 Written Episode Update: Raja can’t sell for his new business

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Shubharambh 18th August 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Rani tells Asha that we have got a business. Asha goes to pray. Rani tells Raja that I am sure you can sell 200 shoes in a week. She takes his phone and plays music. She dances with them. Raja smiles seeing her happy. Rani is about to fall from the bed but Raja holds her.

Utsav comes to Raja’s house and sees Kesha in the balcony. He calls out to her. Kesha sees him and thinks Prakaht said his secretary is coming with the gifts, it will be fun now. She says are you following me? Utsav says no Prakaht sent these gifts, she says wait for me.
Kesha comes to Utsav and takes her gifts. She mistakenly drops her flowers and asks him to pick it, he doesn’t so blackmail him that I will tell your boss. Utsav picks up the flowers for her.

Rani is worried about the business. Raja says don’t worry, we will smile and think that customers need these shoes. Rani says yes like we need to turn off the lights to sleep. She moves closer to him and turns off the lights. She kisses his cheek and turns on the lights. Raja asks what was that? She says I don’t know. He runs behind her. Asha comes there and says I want to cast evil eye from you both. She sees kiss mark on Raja’s cheek and smirks. She teases them and leaves.

Scene 2
Asha is going to her room when she hears Gunvant talking to Mukesh. She leaves. Gunvant tells Kritida that Mukesh has taken his franchise back, it’s good as I didn’t want to sell shoes. I am just worried about who gave money to Raja and Rani. We have to find it.

In the morning, Rani wakes up and sees the shoe bag missing. She wakes Raja up and says how can this happen? Rani says Kritida might have done something. Asha brings the shoe bags and says I hid it because of Gunvant and Kritida. Raja and Rani sigh. Rani smiles at her and hugs her.

Raja and Rani are leaving the house with shoes. Asha makes them eat sweets and says Gunvant-Kritida shouldn’t know about your work. Raja says why? Rani says because they will try to destroy it. Raja says but I won’t lie if they ask me. Asha shows them Raja’s father’s picture for them to take a blessing. They do. Asha wishes them luck. Raja says this is a new Shubhaarambh for our hard work. They both leave.

Scene 3
Raja and Rani start going to the houses to sell the shoes. Raja asks her to buy it but she says I am not interested to buy right now.

Raja goes from door to door but nobody is interested in buying. He goes to knock on another house but nobody opens it.

Rani is selling shoes in another society. She opens a shoebox to find clothes instead of shoes inside. She calls Asha and says there are clothes in this bag. Asha says but how can that happen… I think I have done a mistake. There were some bags for Gunvant’s shop also. Rani says it means the shoeboxes are in their bag. I have to get that bag before Gunvant finds the shoes.

Raja is selling the shoes. A man sees him and says you are the robber? I don’t trust you, get lost from here. Raja is sad and leaves.

Rani comes to Gunvant’s shop and hides. He sees the bags there and thinks one bag is of shoes. She thinks I have to change the bags, what to do? She gets an idea of seeing colors shop outside Gunvant’s shop. She puts colors in front of the fan. Gunvant coughs and closes his eyes. Rani goes and looks at the bags. She finds her shoebox and takes it from there. Gunvant washes his eyes so Rani hides behind the counter before he can see her.

PRECAP- Gunvant calls Mukesh and asks what was his deal with them? Mukesh says they have to sell 200 shoes in 7 days. Rani gives an idea to Raja to make videos to sell shoes.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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