Shubharambh 20th August 2020 Written Episode Update: Raja hides the truth from Rani

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Shubharambh 20th August 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Rani tells the customer that you are our first customer. Rani smiles at the cheque.

Raja is at the police station. An officer comes to him.

The customer tells Rani that I have to leave in 5 minutes. Rani calls Raja but he doesn’t pick up. She thinks that I have to ask for tomorrow’s time. Rani tells the customer that my partner is stuck somewhere, I can bring the shoes tomorrow. The customer says you people are just fraud, I can’t wait anymore. He takes the cheque and says you have no business value. He gives her 1 rupee and says keep it as a beg. He leaves. Rani cries and says where is Raja? She keeps trying to call him and says we lost such a big order, I never thought we will start like this.

Utsav sits down getting tired. Kesha gives him water and says shift this dressing a little right.. little left.. be careful. This is more expansive than your house. Utsav says I am leaving. Kesha calls his boss so Utsav starts moving the table again.

Rani comes home and asks for Raja. Asha says he didn’t come home. Rani says what if something happened to him? She sees Gunvant and Kritida coming. She asks where is Raja? Gunvant says are you crazy? We don’t know where Raja is. They see Raja coming in the house and he is on call, he says I had fun. Kritida tells Rani to ask him where he was? Rani says did you forget that today was our first delivery. I was trying to call you but you didn’t pick up. Raja says I met a friend and my phone died so I was with him. We will do it, don’t worry. Rani says that the customer left, we were worried and you are saying to not worry? Raja says I said sorry.. He leaves from there. Kritida and Gunvant smirk.

Scene 2
Rani comes into the room and knocks on the bathroom. Raja is inside. Rani says I want to talk to you right now. Raja doesn’t answer her. Raja is in the shower and trying to control his emotions. He murmurs I know Rani is feeling bad but I can’t answer her. He recalls the policeman beating him and alleging that he is a thief.

Gunvant tells Kritida that police did good work on Raja. Kritida says we can tell the truth to Rani and Asha. Gunvant says he was in the police station and got beaten for a whole day. Kritida says Raja didn’t get them to talk to Mukesh? Gunvant says I knew Mukesh would be on holiday and Raja tried calling him but he didn’t pick up. Gunvant tells Kritida that I wanted Raja to realize how allegation like stealing is a big tarnish on the image and he can’t live an honest life anymore.

Raja sits in the shower and cries. He recalls how Mukesh calls the police and they left him later that night but kept his shoebox. Raja thinks I can’t tell Rani anything.

Rani is in the kitchen and angry. She cooks and thinks Raja is not even talking to me. Asha comes there and asks about Raja. Rani says we lost such a big order, I tried calling Raja but he didn’t even pick up. Asha says it’s not easy to sell 200 shoes in 7 days. Raja haven’t worked like this so maybe he is pressurized, just be with him. She gives him the soup and says talk to him calmly. Rani nods and leaves.

Scene 3
Rani comes into the room and sees Raja standing. Rani says I am sorry, I shouldn’t have shouted at you. Raja thinks what happened with me will never happen with Rani. Rani says I was just worried for losing our customer, I am sorry. Raja says do sit-ups. Raja sits down and winces.. Rani asks if he is fine? Raja thinks I can’t let her know about my wounds. He says I am just tired. Rani recalls Asha’s words that Raja hasn’t worked like this. Rani asks where is the shoebox? Did you sell them all? did you want to surprise me? Raja recalls the police taking his bag. Rani says you are superhuman, you know the customer gave me 1 rupee in anger, I wanted to tell him that we know our work. This 1 rupee will remind us of our first victory. We just have to tell 170 shoes in 4 days now, you have sold 30 pairs already so I am not worried, she gives him the soup and leaves. Raja sadly looks on.

Raja is lying in bed. Rani comes there and thinks he is sleeping. She hugs him. Raja is in pain but doesn’t show it.

In the morning, Raja is getting ready and winces in pain. Rani sees it and says what is it? Raja says it must be a sprain. Rani says you can stay home and rest. Asha brings milk to them. Rani says we will sell the shoes, don’t worry. Raja says I am fine, don’t worry. They both leave. Kritida sees all that and thinks I have to tell Rani everything. It will be fun to see their faces.

Rani is trying to sell the shoes and calls Raja. She asks about his pain? She says where are you? Okay, I will call you later.

Rani comes to Raja’s society and sees him trying to sell the shoes. The customer says you are a thief and shoos him away. Rani looks on.

PRECAP- A policeman brings the shoebox home. Gunvant tells Rani and Asha that Raja was arrested last night and was beaten too. This wife has brought her husband to jail.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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