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Shubharambh 21st August 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Raja is trying to sell the shoes but is not invested and not even looking at the customer. Rani hides and sees it. She says what has happened to Raja? She calls him. Rani says how is the sale going on? Raja says a madam liked the shoes a lot, how is yours? Rani says I am trying. She ends the call and says why he is lying to me? Raja leaves from there.

Raja says I shouldn’t have lied to Rani. I don’t want to give her tension, we have 3 days so I will work hard. She calls me super salesman so I have to prove myself. He tries to practice selling but can’t even speak properly. He says why I am terrified? Rani sees all this and thinks I have to find out what has happened to him.

Utsav receives the flowers for his boss, Kesha is in the office. Utsav says you here? Kesha says I am here to meet my boyfriend. Did Prakhat send these flowers? Utsav reads the note says that happy third anniversary from your wife. Utsav is shocked. Kesha says these flowers must be for me, give it to me. Utsav tries to take it away but Kesha says you are a servant so behave like one, give it to me. Utsav gives it to her. Kesha is shocked to read the note. The boss comes there and says how are you, baby? Kesha throws flowers at him and leaves. He reads the note and is angry.

Scene 2
Raja comes back home and is tired. Rani thinks I can’t tell her about Raja. Raja goes to take a shower. The policeman brings the shoeboxes. Gunvant says I will take them, the policeman leaves. Kritida says why did the policeman give these bags? Gunvant says Raja was arrested by the police last night and was beaten too. Rani says you are lying. Gunvant says why is Raja stumbling around? Why did policeman have the shoes? Rani recalls Raja in pain.
Raja comes to the room and cries. He sits in the corner and recalls Rani’s words that they are together to work hard.

Kritida tells Rani that you people are just thieves so it would happen someday. Gunvant says this Rani has sent her husband to jail. Rani tries to control her emotions. Asha says why are you alleging Rani? Gunvant says because she makes him egoistic and they became known as thieves in the city. He is lying to her because he is ashamed, he is being called a thief now, Kritida says Raja went to jail because of Raja only. Gunvant says Raja won’t forget this insult in life, you have brought Raja down so much.. my poor Raja. Rani cries and leaves from there. Asha looks on. Gunvant and Kritida smirk.

Prakhat is trying to call Kesha, he says I love her. Utsav says then why didn’t you tell her about your wedding? Prakhat says I was waiting for the right time, I love her a lot so go and talk to her. I can even leave my wife for her so make her understand that, he gives him money and says make your boss happy. Utsav nods and leaves.

Scene 3
Rani comes into the room and sees things thrown around. She sadly looks at Raja. They both try to reach out for each other. Raja thinks why I can’t tell her the truth, how can I do that to you? Rani thinks how I couldn’t read your pain as your wife? I had so much hope that it pressurized you, this wall between us is of false hope. Raja thinks that it’s my lies wall. Rani thinks I am not a good wife. Raja thinks I am not a good husband. Rani moves away from Raja and runs from her room. Raja looks on.

Raja comes into the room. Rani starts telling a story and says this story is about a boy who is magic. She comes to Raja dressed like him and says that boy used to dream. He wants an honest man, always helping others that’s why God was with him. He started doing magic for his family and everyone around him. He used to take care of everyone in his life. Raja sadly looks on. Rani smiles and says then Rani came in his life. She recreates their first meeting. How she was charging for keeping shoes safe outside the mandir and how Raja gave her his shoes. Raja smiles recalling their meeting. Rani then says I always used to get bitten by the snake on 99 in the ludo. She plays it in front of Raja and says Raja changed Rani’s life. He won everything for her with his trust and magic. Rani moves ahead in ludo and wins it. Raja smiles seeing her victory. Rani says we will win.

PRECAP- Kritida shows shoebox to Rani. They destroy their shoes. Rani says why are you doing this? Gunvant says we want Raja back in the shop. Rani breakdowns and asks Raja to sign the papers and go back to the shop. Utsav comes there so Rani smirks.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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