Shubharambh 26th October 2020 Written Episode Update

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Shubharambh 26th October 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Rani seeing the ward boy taking the boxes and thinks they are the same boxes which I had brought. Mihir sees Rani following the ward boy and gets tensed. Ward boy walks towards Mihir’s cabin and then walks out. Rani thinks Mihir is not Raja’s enemy. He comes out, sits on bike and leaves. Rani follows him in an auto. The ward boy pulls off the blood bank sticker and comes to Gunvant. Gunvant is busy on call. The ward boy gives boxes to Gunvant and leaves. Rani comes there and is shocked to see Gunvant holding the boxes. Gunvant tries to talk to him, but he is already left. He thinks someone might sent Diwali gift. Kirtida comes there and asks about the boxes. Rani picks up the axe kept there and thinks she will not leave them.

She walks towards them and is about to hit Gunvant with an axe. Gunvant and Kirtida are shocked. Kirtida asks if she is mad? Rani says I had told you already that if you do anything then I will not spare you. Gunvant asks her to tell straightly. Rani says you wanted to steal this blood to kill Raja. She says I am taking these boxes now, but will settle your scores later. She goes. Gunvant thinks what is happening? Kirtida asks if you are fine. She says Rani is saying anything. Rani runs to reach hospital and give it fast. She finds the blood packets leaking blood. She takes the packets out from the boxes and keeps them in her pallu. She thinks you will get this blood Raja. I will not let you lose Raja. She falls down on the road and the packets falls down and breaks. She gets shocked and shouts Raja. She picks up the packets and throws it angrily while crying. She thinks nothing will happen to my Raja and thinks to call Mihir, but her phone battery is low. She reaches hospital. Everyone is shocked to see her state and blood marks on her clothes. Her mother asks about blood on her clothes. Rani asks how is Raja? She breaks down and says I couldn’t get help for Raja. Asha tells her that Raja got the blood. Rani asks if Raja will get fine. Asha nods her head. Rani cries happily. Asha wipes blood from her hands and tells that they know how much she loves Raja. She tells that although people talked bad things about her, but today she can proudly say that she is the best bahu of this world. Rani asks if I can meet him. Asha says we didn’t go inside as we wanted you to meet him first. She thinks Rani has to come again to break her fast. Darshana says we will ask Doctor to let Rani meet Raja at that time. Rani comes to Raja and cries.

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Update Credit to: H Hasan

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