Shubharambh 27th August 2020 Written Episode Update

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Shubharambh 27th August 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Rani saying Raja that she didn’t expect that she would celebrate the day with her family and feels so satisfied. She decides to save this memory forever. Aasha searches for Gunwant and Kirdida to show the ring and wonders if they are planning anything again. She hides watching them going to Kesha room and follows them.

Gunwant knocks Kesha room and goes inside. They locks the door and Aasha couldn’t hear anything. She believes that something is wrong. Next day Rani shows Aasha the newspaper where Bawin Shah apologizes Raja and Rani for the misunderstanding. Raja too says to Rani the same. Aasha tries saying about Gunwant and Kirdida’s new plan but they are too focused on only their franchise. Hitank and Darshana comes back and they greet them.

Hitank says that he heard about their hardwork and feels proud of them. He says Aasha said everything what happened. Darshana reveals that it’s Kesha’s engagement shocking them. They gets another shock that it’s today the engagement. Gunwant and Kirdida welcomes them. He taunts Raja indirectly and says Kesha got a proposal from a very big family. He gives sweets to Raja asking him to keep all their differences aside.

Aasha says that she believes that they are planning something to spoil it. They wonder if they are using Kesha to trouble them. Raja and Rani visits Kesha asking whether the engagement is happening on her wish and Kesha says that she is fine with the relationship. They gets relieved and leaves asking her to get ready.

Kesha texts her boyfriend that everyone are running like fools not knowing about their plan. Raja gets call from Mukesh Bhai’s company cancelling the meeting and Rani wonders if its another plan of Gunwant. He tries calling them but finds it busy. They leave to prepare for the engagement. Kirdida hears them hiding and says that they would not let them achieve their dream.

Raja is arranging the gifts and asks about Mehul and Jharna to Hitank. He says that they have gone to Delhi to attend Jharna’s sister’s godhbarai. Aasha shows off her ring to Kirdida and asks about the groom’s family. Kirdida asks her to wait and watch. Raja is arranging the gifts when Rani comes there dressed up.

Raja compliments her and Rani asks if he talked with Mukesh Bhai. Raja says that neither his phone reachable nor he could contact them. Rani worries whether once again she would lose it at 99% but Raja says nothing like that will happen. Mukesh comes there and everyone gets confused. Raja and Rani asks why he’s there just to sign a contract. He invites him in and Gunwant calls him his samdhi shocking Aasha, Raja and Rani. Mukesh introduces his son Sathya. Gunwant hugs him and looks mocking at Raja and Rani.

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