Shubharambh 29th September 2020 Written Episode Update: Kirtida buys sheos from Rani

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Shubharambh 29th September 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Rani says to Kirtida I am sorry kaki, I didn’t know you’re actual sehtani. She kicks her. Rani’s veil falls but Kritida didn’t see it. She says I am Kritida Reshamiya. Rani covers her face. Kritida says this girl touched me, I will have to shower again. She says put all those shoes in the car. She leaves. Aasha and Rani are happy. Rani says we sold these shoes. Rani calls Raja and tells him. He’s very happy.

Gunvant says why are you praying? God doesn’t hear you. Pray with this, I might buy your shoes. He opens the box, there are no shoes in it. Gunvant is shocked. He says why is it empty? Were you trying to sell me an empty box? Raja says God hears us. The shoes are sold Gunvant is shocked. Gunvant laughs and says you were with me since morning. I didn’t buy them. Who did? He says moti mummy. Gunawnt is shocked. Kirtida comes in with the shoes.

Kritida says no I didn’t buy shoes from them. I got them from a stall near the temple. A girl was selling.. She recalls. She recalls the shoes. Raja says yes you are right. You bought them from outside the temple. He takes out the shoes and says the same shoes had ours as well. Kirtida is shocked. Raja shows the shoes to Gunvant. Rani also comes in. She’s wearing the same saree. Rani says happy? Kritida is angry. She recalls buying the whole shop. Rani says we made your video as well and sent it to the competition.

Kirtida says to Gunvant, I don’t know how that happened. She cries. He shouts shut up. Your one mistake ruined the entire game. Rani says don’t be mad. This was all our plan. Kirtida says but you and Raja fought. He said he will go after mota papa to sell the shoes. Rani says we had to do this drama. Raja says I was after you with an empty box the entire day so you think we are selling this to you but our target was moti mummy. Rani and Raja say RajaRanigiri works everywhere. Raja says now when you have bought the shoes, be happy. We are in the next round of the competition because of you. Kirtida says they will never agree. Raja says they already did. This round was tricky one. And our trick worked. Rani says you can’t part Raja and Rani.

Kesha says looks like my dream of returning will never come true. But Raja and Rani fooled mummy ji.

Scene 2
Kirtida says forgive me please. Rani’s face was covered. I don’t know how did this happen. He says ever bother using your brain. She says you have a brain as well but you couldn’t figure that the box Raja had was empty. He slaps her and says shut up. It was all your mistake. Darshana comes in and says mummy ji are you okay. Kirtida says you’re doing all this because Hitank doesn’t love you but you will regret it. Get out.

Aasha takes off evil eye from Raja and Rani. Raja says what are you doing mummy ji. Rani says you don’t have to do all this. She says for my heart I have to do all this. I am scared for both of you. Let me get the food ready. Rani says Raja, the announcement had to be done on this time. They turn on the TV. The host says let’s see who won jugaad round. We got the videos. Results will be told differently this time. Rani and Raja pray.

No precap.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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