Shubharambh 2nd September 2020 Written Episode Update: Raja and Rani’s Shubharambh Shoes

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Shubharambh 2nd September 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Rani tells Raja that we need this amount only. Raja says but this is of someone else, we will wait for the person here. He brings the food and asks her to eat but she keeps looking at the money envelope. They both wait for the person to come and Rani says nobody came till now. Raja says weird. Rani says we came to the mandir to pray for money and we got it suddenly. Utsav used to tell me that we should get the money, it doesn’t matter where it’s coming from. I used to tell him that we should earn money but what happened to my honesty? They called me thief and all that. You told me about God’s magic and I started believing it. I feel like it’s God’s magic to help us. Raja says I don’t think this money is the magic, we will give it to the police. They take the envelope and start leaving. Rani says think about it. A man comes there and asks if they saw an envelope? Raja says what was inside? He says it had my money. Rani says how much? He says 35K only. Raja sighs and says we have your money. Rani says where were you till now? The man says I was searching for this money. Raja gives him the money and says we were waiting for you. The man says this is my company’s money, thank you so much. Raja says this is not your money? He says no I work for an event management company and they are organizing an event called ‘Mera Joota hai hindustani’. He says you saved my job. Rani says what is this event? The man says we are showcasing people making shoes in India only, anyone can participate and the winning person will get a loan to open their factory. Raja and Rani smile. They recall their promise to open a factory.

Scene 2
Asha comes outside the house to throw trash away when she finds a pregnancy kit in the trash. She sees it positive and says it means we are going to have a baby? Is it Darshna or Rani?

Asha comes to Darshna and says you didn’t tell me about the happy news? Darshna says what news? I don’t have anything to tell you, she leaves. Asha says it means Rani.. I am going to be a grandmother. Raja and Rani come there. Asha hugs her and says I am so happy to get this news. Rani says you got to know? Asha says yes, you can’t hide something like this. Raja says we didn’t think or planned that it would happen like this. Asha says it happens suddenly only. Rani says we never thought it would happen like this. Raja says we never thought to take a part in the competition. Asha says what competition? Rani tells her about the shoe competition. Asha says okay.. you both prepare for the competition, I have faith in you both. Raja and Rani leave. Asha says if Rani and Darshna are not pregnant then who.. Kritida? No that can’t be.. only Kesha is left. She is shocked.

Rani comes in the mandir and says sorry for taking a wrong direction but thank you for showing a right path, you show us magic all the time. It confuses me sometime but you are always there to bless us. Raja smiles seeing her pray. Rani says you were listening my personal talk? Raja says no, I was praying too. They go to fill the form.

Scene 3
Raja and Rani sit down to fill the form. He says what should be our company’s name? They try some names. Asha brings tea for them. Rani asks her for a name suggestion. Asha says you know Raja’s father got so many sales when Raja was born so he named his shop on Raja’s name. Rani says our company’s name should be personal. Raja says our shoes should be with our customers all the time. Rani says they will be with them on every step and beginning. Raja says so.. Rani and Raja say ‘Shubharambh’. Raja says our company’s name is Shubharambh shoes. Raja gets Rani’s father’s call, he asks where are they? Raja says you can come to our house as we will disturb everyone at your house, the father says okay I will come here. Raja ends the call. Asha thinks should I tell them about Kesha? I am sure that Utsav and Kesha have an affair but they are busy in their competition. She leaves from there.


Update Credit to: Atiba

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