Shubharambh 31st August 2020 Written Episode Update: Rani asks her father’s help

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Shubharambh 31st August 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Raja tells Rani that we met because of these golden shoes and this is our lives’ best idea. Rani says yes, I used to work related to shoes and I think these shoes will write our story. Rani says my father made me learn how to mend shoes and I made these shoes because of him only. Raja says I am sure that we will succeed this time, we will go to meet your father.

Rani’s father is getting drunk and on the road. He says I will do anything for Rani. He gets a call and tries to not stumble. Rani calls him and says actually.. his father blabbers that I will help you, don’t worry. Rani gets tensed and says where are you? She cries for him. Her father says I couldn’t do anything for you but don’t worry I will not be a trouble for you, I will help you before dying. Rani cries and gives the phone to Raja. Raja tells him where are you? Her father says I will give you everything before going. Raja gives the phone to Rani and says keep talking to him. He goes to find him. Rani tells her father to stay where he is. Her father says I will help you before dying. He starts moving towards the traffic and throws his phone away. Rani is worried. Her father thinks I will help her before dying. A truck is about to hit him but Raja comes there in time and saves him. Utsav comes there too. Her father becomes unconscious. Utsav calls Rani and says Raja saved our father. Rani says why did you let him out? I am coming to the house.

Rani comes to her house. Her father wakes up and looks down. Rani scolds him and says we can all die to end this. Her father says I couldn’t help you all by dying so I thought.. Rani’s mother comes there and says what did you think? All are stunned to see her back. She glares at her husband and says you think he is not important, this is my fault. She cries. Rani’s father says all think I am not responsible, your mother earned to make you all grow up, I was just a drunkard, you are not at fault, you have always helped me and took care of our kids. We are all stable because of you, you are always worried about our family and I was just drunk all the time. It was my responsibility to make my kids grow but I didn’t do anything, Rani worked since childhood, I couldn’t give you anything. Rani cries. He says sorry to Chukki and says I know you have to hear a lot in your in-laws’ house because of me. I used to share my pain with alcohol but I want to say to never become like me, I stooped low in your eyes. Rani says no, you might have done less for us but you have given us good upbringing, today I need my father whose skill is not like anyone else in this city, nobody can make shoes like you.

Scene 2
Asha hears some man’s voice from Kesha’s room. She says Satyam has started talking to her and they just got engaged. She sees Kesha talking on the video call with him. She says these days kids don’t wait. Kesha says I love you, baby, I will give you kisses everywhere.. Asha covers her eyes. She hears Kritida talking on call and says Satyam how is your mom? Asha says if Kritida is talking to Satyam then Kesha is talking to someone else? She loves someone else?

Rani tells her father that only you can do the magic of making good shoes. She brings his toolbox and says we don’t have to look outside to find gold. Her father smiles at her.

PRECAP – Rani says let’s call bank in front of God only. Raja says yes good idea. They start calling banks to get some loans. Nobody gives them loans without property papers. Rani says show us some magic. She suddenly sees a lizard and runs away, an envelope falls in her feet with 35K money. Rani is shocked and says we wanted this much money only.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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