Shubharambh 7th September 2020 Written Episode Update: Everyone thinks Utsav and Kesha have an affair

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Shubharambh 7th September 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Raja thanks Hitank for helping them. Hitank says we are your own people still. Asha blesses him for saving her kids’ dream. Darshna says best of luck to Rani. Hitank asks them to start working on the competition. Gunvant says Hitank! Hitank says let them live, Raja doesn’t have to come back to the shop, I don’t take side of the wrong if he doesn’t want to come then we won’t force him. We work on selling the clothes so let’s keep the focus there only. Rani tells Kritida and Gunvant that you can be big players but you can’t beat God.

Rani tells Raja that we should do something for Hitank. Raja says I will bring his favorite food. Asha comes there and thinks if Raja gets to know about Utsav and Kesha then he won’t spare him. They hear Kritida screaming robbery.

All come to the lounge, Kritida says someone stole 50K from my safe, Rani’s father was here so he must have done it. Raja says he didn’t do anything. Kritida says they all are thieves and he stayed here. Rani says you both want to frame my father so he can’t help us in making shoes and you get him jailed? Gunvant says a robbery happened so we will call the police. Kritida says I saw Rani’s father in my room and he was looking for money. Raja says don’t allege him like this. Kritida says this Rani stole Gunvant’s chain too, they are all thieves. Rani says call the police and prove it. Gunvant says you people have no shame and stole the money. Darshna comes there and says I saw a letter in Kesha’s room that she is going to marry someone. Gunvant says my Kesha can never do this. He reads the letter which says that Kesha loves someone and is going to marry him. Gunvant says you people must have written this letter so that we get distracted from the robbery. Hitank says we should think about Kesha. Asha says Kesha is able to do it. Hitank calls her.

Scene 2
Utsav is with Kesha. Kesha says Hitank is calling, they must have got the letter by now. Utsav says just go to them and tell them you did a mistake, they are your family. He takes her to her house.

Rani tells Hitank that Kesha was leaving some time back only. Raja says we can go and look for her. Gunvant says enough, you people want us to not think about the robbery. Hitank and Raja go to look for Kesha. Kritida cries. Gunvant asks her to calm down, Kesha must be in college only. Rani brings water for Kritida. Asha thinks I have to tell Raja the truth.

Asha tells Raja that I know where Kesha is, go to Rani’s house. Kesha has an affair with Utsav, they were romantically talking to each other on the call. Raja is shocked. Hitank hears it and gets angry.

Utsav and Kesha are outside Gunvant’s house. Utsav says let’s go inside. A biker honks at them so Kesha gets scared and hugs him. Hitank comes outside and grabs Utsav. Hitank drags Utsav in the house and shouts at him. All look on. Kesha says he didn’t do anything. Hitank says enough, Utsav was running away with Kesha, he first stole from this house and now tried to make our sister run. He is about to beat him but Raja stops him and says let them explain. Hitank says Kesha is all ready for the wedding and they were running away, I caught them red-handed. Rani says that can’t be true. Asha says it’s the truth. I saw Utsav calling Kesha. Raja asks Utsav to say the truth, tell us. Utsav looks at Kesha and she shakes her head and is scared. Raja asks Kesha to tell the truth, we won’t say anything to you. Kritida says my daughter can’t run away with a thief like him, he must have trapped her. Kesha cries and drinks water. Rani asks Utsav what’s the truth? Why are you silent? Hitank says we will know the truth now. He takes Kesha’s bag and finds 50K that was stolen from Kritida’s room. He says this is Kritida’s money, he asks Kesha if she took this money? I know Utsav must have trapped her to do this. He finds an envelope in the bag and is shocked to see Kesha’s pregnancy report. Kritida says what does it say? Hitank says everything is finished.. Kesha is pregnant. She is pregnant with Utsav’s baby. All are shocked. Utsav is shocked too and looks at Kesha. He thinks Kesha is pregnant with Prakhat’s baby. Rani glares at Utsav. Raja reads the report and can’t believe his eyes. Hitan is about to slap Utsav but Rani holds his hand and shakes her head. Rani says no, I think we should listen to them first. Raja says what else is left to listen? He grabs Utsav and says how dare you do this with my sister? Tell us. He shouts at him. Kritida tells Kesha that you found this thief to do all this? Look at your father. Rani asks Utsav to tell them the truth? Tell us everything. Utsav says the truth is.. Kesha shakes her head and pleads silently. Utsav recalls everything related to her affair with Prakhat and how he left her. Utsav says the truth is that Kesha and I love each other a lot. All are stunned. Utsav says we knew our relationship wouldn’t be accepted so we wanted to run away and this baby.. it’s mine. Kesha is shocked to hear that. Gunvant is angry. Rani is disgusted. Raja says he is lying, he used my sister for money only, if you loved her then you could have told Rani and me. Rani asks Utsav why did he hide it from her? Hitank says he planned to extort money from Kesha. Raja is about to slap him but Rani stops him. She says if they wanted to run away then why were they here? She asks Kesha if this is the truth? Is Utsav telling the truth? Asha says I heard them talking. Raja says it’s not Kesha’s fault. Rani says we should ask her also, she asks Kesha if everything he said is the truth? Raja says Kesha can never do something like this. Rani says they are not kids, they both were complacent in this. Hitank says they both should be punished. Gunvant says no, only one will be punished. He says the person who will be punished is.. Kesha. All are shocked.


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