Shubharambh 8th September 2020 Written Episode Update: Utsav marries Kesha and takes her home

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Shubharambh 8th September 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Hitank says both should be punished. Gunvant says no only Kesha should be punished, this Utsav is a thief and won’t be affected by anything. He didn’t have a good upbringing, but Kesha is my daughter, I gave her good education and upbringing. What did she do? She took this step without thinking about our respect. He grabs her arm and is dragging. Kesha pleads him to leave her, she says sorry I did a mistake. Gunvant brings her to the mandir and takes a pot. He says if you have decided to break your relationship with us then who am I to stop you? He starts circling her with a pot on his shoulder like he is doing the last ritual of her and claiming her dead to him. All look on while Kesha cries and asks him to stop. He breaks the pot and says you are dead to me now. Kritida says please think. Kesha thinks that where will I go now? Prakhat left me. Gunvant says get lost from here with your illegitimate child. Kesha cries and is about to faint but Utsav holds her. Kesha is surprised to see him. She recalls how he protected her. Utsav says this child is not illegitimate. He glares at Gunvant. He thinks I have taken wrong decisions in my life but I am sure this is the right thing. He takes sindoor and applies it on Kesha’s forehead. All look on. Utsav says she is my wife and this baby is not illegitimate and it’s mine. I know what happened was wrong and I am sorry for that but trust me I didn’t have any bad intention, I don’t care about your money nor I wanted it. He looks at crying Kesha and holds her hand. He starts leaving with her. Kritida cries for Kesha to stop but they don’t. Utsav leaves with Kesha. All look on.

Scene 2
Raja tells Rani that how dare Utsav do all this, He stole first and we forgave him so he thinks he can do anything? Rani says both are at fault this time. Raja says Kesha is just a girl. She doesn’t know about people, he can’t even take care of himself, how will take care of her? He just wants money from us. Rani says enough, he wouldn’t have married her if he wanted money, he is also doing a job. Don’t blame him like this. Raja says I don’t like you taking his side, he angrily leaves from there.

Gunvant tells Kritida that you didn’t even know what your daughter was upto? This is Raja and Rani’s doing. They took Hitank on their side and made Kesha’s life-destroying. My Kesha would never go with that cheap Utsav. This is all Raja and Rani’s doing. Kritida says but Raja was angry on Utsav. Gunvant says that was all his drama but I will end this drama.

Scene 3
Utsav brings Kesha to his house. She coughs and someone throws water on her. Utsav asks her to be careful, He sits with her and says you are thinking why I lied and why I filled your forehead with sindoor. What Prakhat did with you was wrong and I feel responsibility too as I knew about Pakhat’s marriage. I feel like only you shouldn’t be punished. I know you don’t like me but I wanted to rectify my mistake. It’s all in your hands so you can break this relationship anytime you want. Let’s go inside. Kesha huffs and leaves.

Rani is angrily sitting at the dining table. Asha thinks Raja and Rani must have fought over Kesha and Utsav. Asha says you both have a competition tomorrow? Raja says I will go and check if we got selected. Rani says you will go alone? Raja says yes, he leaves. Asha says he is angry and a husband. Rani says only husbands can be angry right? Darshna says I tried giving food to Gunvant and Kritida but they didn’t eat it. Asha says they will take some time.

Utsav tells his family that he loves Kesha and she is pregnant with his baby so he married her. They are shocked. He tells them how Gunvant threw Kesha out of the house. Utsav says we will do as you say now. His father is stunned but nods. His mother does Kesha’s aarti and asks her to come inside. Kesha doesn’t touch her feet and angrily goes inside.

Utsav’s mother is angry. Utsav says I am sorry but I didn’t have time. The mother says you did wrong, you got her pregnant and she is from a rich house and won’t be happy here. Look at her and see how she will live here in this small house? Kesha looks on.

In the morning, Raja sees Rani sitting and says we have one hour and getting late. Rani says I thought you were going alone? Raja says I thought you wouldn’t agree with me. Rani says you were angry so I didn’t say anything. Raja says get ready, we are leaving. Rani says I am ready.

Mukesh comes to Raja and Rani and says I have a deal with you. Rani says your son’s wedding broke with Kesha so you are giving us the franchise? Mukesh says yes? Rani says you want to take revenge on Gunvant that’s why? Mukesh says yes but think about your profit. Gunvant has done so much worse for you and it’s your time to put him down, this is the best deal. Raja says we don’t want to put anyone down, we don’t want this deal. Mukesh says if you don’t take my deal then along with Gunvant, I will become your enemy too. Raja says you are threatening us? Mukesh says no just warning you. Raja and Rani look on.

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