Starting a FF to continue the abruptly ended PATIALA BABES !!

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  Patiala babes !

Hello everyone 👋 !

As we all know…due to the lockdown effects..the channel had decided to shut down patiala babes midways 😣when we were expecting a really good drama.. I don’t know…WHY !!

Soo..I was really missing my cuties ! MY Minnie and ofcourse.. Niel Oberoi 😍😘.. that’s when I started to watch their scenes again ! And I must say I was in love again! …in love of their chemistry! In love of their cuteness! In love of their support for each other! In love of their trust ! In love the way they were !😍❤️💞

I just completed watching the last few episodes again and there was it…my inner instinct to write down a further story and give it a complete and proper end !😊 Atleast they deserve that much I guess !

So I think there’s no other platform like tellyupdates to share my part of story.😇

I have read sooo many fan fictions on tellyupdates and must say , they are really interesting ! I would also try to make my story equally interesting !

With all your support🤝 and love ❤️ I would like to begin my FF  ” PATIALA BABES ~ THE CONTINUATION”

So before posting the first episode of my fan fiction … I’ll be also posting a brief recap of what has already happened in the show…so that it will be easy for you’ll to catch up with ! 💁


Would be surely waiting for the love and support to begin with !💌

Signing off,

Shru 😍❤️!

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