Summer Palace Horror SS Ronakshi,Mehrya, Asya, Drikshit SS Part 11( Last part)

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Summer Palace Part 11
Thank u each one of u 4 supporting me in this journey.I am ending this SS now as there is no point in dragging thrillers.Plz mention ur favourite scene,favourite couple,favourite character n y u liked that character.

Special thanks to abrar50 for giving Jodi name to Sonakshi-Karan=SonAn

They went to the Bhalla house.
Raman and Ishita opened the door.
Raman:You guys reached back so soon.
Ishita:Where are Adi and Yug?Even Aliya and Alekha arenot seen.
They became dull.
Asad:We will tell you everything aunty.But before that we need to talk to Aditya and Yug’s dadaji.
Raman:What are you saying?Papa is very weak.He is bedridden.
Drishti:Please we beg of you uncle.Please let us meet Dadaji.
Shaurya:It’s essential for us talk to dadaji.Please.
Raman:Why is it so essential?What matter you have to discuss about with him?He can’t strain.
Mehek:Uncle..we will tell that later.It’s urgent to meet him as it’s question of our lives.

Ishita:Ok…you all can meet him.
Zoya:Thank you very much.
They rushed to the room followed by Prem.Prem was in Karan’s form.
Raman:Ishita…why did you just allow them to meet Papa?
Ishita:I saw tension on their faces.If papaji can help them let it be.
Raman-Ishita also went inside Om Prakash’s room.
They stood besides Om Prakash.
Rakshit:Dadaji…you saved us from Jhanvi Bharadwaj’s suicide case by proving us innocent.You also made the court believe that there is no evidence to prove anyone the culprit.But actually do you know who is behind Jhanvi’s suicide?
Raman:What is this?I told you guys not to make him strain.Enough of questioning.
Drihti folded her hands.
Drishti:Please let him say the truth if he knows it.If the truth does’nt come out we will be killed.Please..we beg…

Raman-Ishita and Om Prakash were shocked to see them in tears and fear.
Om Prakash:My days are counted.So I will say the truth.Only then I can die peacefully.Since that case got over I have been living in guilt.

All were stunned.

Flash back…

After Drishti,Rakshit,Shaurya,Mehek,Asad and Zoya left the college Aditya and Aliya blocked Jhanvi.
Jhanvi:What are you doing?I want to go home.
Aditya:How can we let you go easily?
Aliya:Because of our friends we had to say sorry to you.But now they are not here.So we don’t have to pretend to be apologetic.
Aditya:Our ragging session remained incomplete.So we decided to complete it.
Jhanvi got worried:Please leave me.
Aditya:No arguments with your seniors.Understand?
Jhanvi nodded fearfully.
Aliya:Then come with us quietly.
They saw the watchman watching them.Aditya bribed him to shut his mouth.
They took Jhanvi to the terrace.
Aliya showed her a short skirt.
Aliya:No wear this and do an item dance.
Jhanvi:No,I can’t wear such a short skirt and dance.
Aditya:No,you have to.
He and Aliya held a fake mike and smiled.
Aditya:See..we will sing a cool song for you to do item dance.

Aditya hummed a song in a funny manner.

Jhanvi was crying.
Aliya:Now start.
Jhanvi tried to run away.Aditya and Aliya chased her.Her foot slipped and she fell off the terrace.She fell down dead.
Aditya and Aliya were shocked.
Yug and Alekha came there.
Yug:What’s happening here?
Aliya:That Jhanvi died.
Yug-Alekha were shocked.
Yug:What are you saying?
Aditya-Aliya said everything.Yug-Alekha looked down from the terrace and saw Jhanvi’s dead body lying there.

Aliya:We did’nt expect her death.We just ragged her for fun.
Aliya:Believe us…we did’nt want her to die.
Yug was nervous.
Yug:You guys did not do right.What was the need of ragging her?Because of that only this happened.
Aditya:Stop it Yug.I am your brother.You are supposed to support me.
Yug was silent.
Aditya:Yug…Alekha…don’t tell anyone about what happened here.Understand?
Yug got scared:No,we will not.

Alekha was really nervous seeing Aditya’s face:We swear.We will hide it.

Yug:Bhai…I am hiding the truth only because you are my brother.
Aditya stared at him in frustration.


All were shocked.
Om Prakash:As a Judge I was supposed to see only the truth.But for my grand son I closed my eyes to the truth.Yug also hid the truth to save his brother.All of you were accused in Jhanvi suicide case.But even after saving you all Jhanvi’s brother Prem and his wife Simar did not end it there.They did’nt allow to close the case.They decided to fight for justice.So I caused their accident.
All were shocked.
Raman-Ishita were in tears.
Raman:I was proud to be Justice Om Prakash Bhalla’s son.But now I am ashamed to be your son.I have lost all my respect for you.Blood was more important than honesty for you.
Om Prakash shed tears silently.
Raman:Where is Adi?And my other son Yug who his his brother’s crime?
They all wept.
Suddenly Karan turned into Prem and Simar appeared there.
Om Prakash,Raman and Ishita were shocked.
Ishita got scared seeing Simar with sparkling eyes.

Simar replied in a scary voice:I am not Sonakshi,I am Simar.
Ishita and Raman were shocked.
Prem:We killed your sons Aditya and Yug…also their girl friends.

Raman-Ishita were shocked and shattered.They burst into tears.
Prem:Good thing that you told the truth Om Prakash Bhalla.So we are not killing these innocent students.Yug and Alekha did wrong by hiding the truth,But they did’nt deserve such a brutal death.But their death was their fate.
Simar:After death also we are back to seek justice for our Jhanvi.
Prem:Our revenge will be complete only if we finish you Om Prakash Bhalla.Our world does not need a corrupt person like you.
Om Prakash Bhalla got scared.
Prem extended his hand and squeezed his his neck,choked him to death.
All were scared and tearful.
Prem-Simar smirked.
Raman-Ishita cried in each others arms.
Ishita:Why this happened with us?Why our sons did this?
Raman was silently eating up pain.

Mehek,Shaurya,Drishti,Rakshit,Asad and Zoya tried to console them tearfully.

They are back to the palace.
Asad:Now you both know that we innocent.Can you both please spare us now and leave?

All were relieved.
Mehek:Simar,are you not leaving Sonakshi’s body?
Simar:Yes,I will.
Zoya:But if you leave Sona’s body,will she remember us?Will she remember her love for Rohit?

Simar:Don’t worry.Sonakshi was friends with you all.She loved Rohit genuinely.After that only I possessed her body.So even after I leave her body she will remember all of you.
They all were relieved.
Rakshit:Where is our Rohit?

Prem:We have shifted Rohit to his room.He is sleeping.
They went to Rohit’s room.They were relieved to see Rohit.
Slowly Rohit opened his eyes.
Rohit:How did I sleep?I don’t remember anything.

Suddenly Simar left Sonakshi’s body and vanished with Prem.Rohit was shocked while others were not surprised.
Sonakshi felt some strangeness in her body.
Drishti:Sonakshi,are you alright?
Sonakshi:Yes,but I feel different.
Rohit:What’s happening?What did I see now?
Sona:What did you see Rohit?
Rohit:I felt that something went out of Sona’s body.
Shaurya:Don’t get confused.We will tell you everything.
They explained everything.
Rohit-Sonakshi were shocked.
Sonakshi burst into tears:My Simar was in my body.But I did’nt even know it.
Rohit caressed her face:Sona!

Rohit embraced her and tried to console her.

Everyone felt upset.
Asad:I can’t believe that Aditya and Aliya could be so cheap behind our back.
Zoya:Yug and Alekha were not involved.But by supporting the criminals they also did wrong.
Mehek:We were so close to them.Yet we never knew their true colour.
Rakshit:No need to shed tears for our evil friends.Let us enjoy our summer vacation.
They all smiled at each other.

Days passed…

The last day in the Palace…

Rakshit:When we came here we were surrounded by spirits and dangers.
Drishti:Now when we are about to leave this Palace everything is fine.
Mehek:Let us party here before leaving.
They put music and all of them danced romancing with their respective partners.

Sham hai jam hai
Aur hai nasha

Tan bhi hai mann
Bhi hai pighla huwa
Chhayi hai ranginiya
Phir bhi hai betabiya
Kyun dhadakta hai dil
Kyun yeh kehta hai dil

Deewano ko abb tak
Nahi hai yeh pata
Aaj ki raat khona hai
Kya pana hai kya khona hai kya
Aaj ki raat khona hai
Kya pana hai kya khona hai kya

Do ghadi me yaha janey kya hoga
Jo hamesha tha mera dil mera hoga
Kaun kiske dil me hai faisala hoga
Faisala hai yahi jit hogi meri
Deewano abb tak nahi hai yeh pata

Aaj ki raat khona hai kya
Pana hai kya khona hai kya
Aaj ki raat khona hai kya
Pana hai kya khona hai kya

Aao mai tumse kahu
Bat chupke sey

Rang badlegi pal me
Raat chupke sey
Tumko le jaunga phir
Sath chhupke sey
Jaoge tum kaha
Dekho mai hu yaha
Deewano abb tak

Nahi hai yeh pata
Aaj ki raat khona hai kya
Pana hai kya khona hai kya
Aaj ki raat khona hai kya
Pana hai kya khona hai kya(Don).

The End

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