The Mysterious Culprit: Vyom or someone else? Chapter 26

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The next chapter start with

Karan (thinks): I have to do something big for Naina.

After sometime, (04:00 AM)

In Naina’s room,

Naina was unable to sleep.

Naina (thinks): It’s been a long time, Karan hasn’t returned. I think he gave up. Let me check him once.

Naina goes to Karan’s room. But he was not there. She then asks the servant about Karan. He points to a room.

Naina walks towards the room and slowly opens the door. Naina was suprised to see the scene inside the room.

The room was fully decorated. The floor was filled with balloons of various colors. On the front wall it was written, ‘Sorry Naina’.

Naina is overwhelmed. In the middle, a beautiful table was placed, but there was nothing on it except the card. Naina picks up that card to read, but before that her eyes are searching for Karan. Eventually her eyes stop near a couch. Naina smiles seeing Karan’s innocent face, who was so tired that he slept on the floor near the couch.

Now, smiling, Naina start reading the card, on whose cover Naina’s photo is present with the caption ‘My Friend Naina’. She open the card and start reading the letter.


Dear Naina,
I know you are angry with me. And you are right in your place. I know it’s all my fault. But I can only say that for me my family and my friends are very important to me and I can go to any extent to protect them. I am really sorry for that day, I didn’t mean to hurt you. If you want to scold me, you can, but please don’t behave like this. I accept my mistake and I promise I won’t repeat it in future but I can’t let my friends in any danger. I know you want to know the reason behind my behavior and decision but I am sorry, at present I can’t tell anything. Once you called me your friend and now you said that you are no longer my friend, but for me you will be my friend forever and ever. Once I make relation with someone, than I can’t break that relation so easily. I know today is your birthday, but may I receive a gift of forgiveness from you. I know you are thinking how stupid I am that after making a mistake I am not giving the reason for this but only apologizing. But your friend is like that.
Your friend,


Naina smiled after reading the letter.

Naina: My silly Karan.. How hard he worked. Thank you. This Birthday is really special for me.

Naina sits near Karan and gently hugs him. ‘Kaun tujhe’ song plays in the background.

At 06:00 AM,

Naina woke up and realized that she had fallen asleep hugging Karan and Karan too placed his hand on her shoulder. Naina slowly walks away from Karan and stands up to leave. But she suddenly stops, she turns back to find her dupatta struck in Karan’s wrist watch.

Naina gently removed her dupatta from his wrist watch, but inadvertently senses Karan. He was shocked to see Naina there. He quickly stood up and saw the time, the clock was at 6 o’clock.

Karan (to himself, mumbling): Darn it, how can I sleep that way, without finishing the work. Now, I don’t have another chance. Now, even if I do anything, Naina will not forgive me. You are gone now, Karan.

Naina smiles seeing Karan mumbling.

Naina: Karan, Good Morning…

Karan: Good Morning

Naina turns to go but Karan hold Naina’s hand from behind.

Karan (thinks): I must try once..

Karan (to Naina): Happy birthday…

Naina (smiles): Thanks, Karan.

Karan: These all decorations is for….

Naina pick the letter from the table.

Naina: I know everything. Best friend is the one you can only get mad at for a short period because you have important stuff to tell them. I know that something big must have happened, that you treated me like that. I will wait to hear the reason from you. I may be not the most important person in your life. I just hope when you hear my name, you smile and say, That’s my friend.

Karan: I’m close to very few people but those few people mean everything to me. And for them, I can go to any extent. I am really glad that you forgive me. I am so glad.

Both Naina and Karan smile at each other.

Naina: Karan, where is that cake? That was really looking delicious.

Karan: Oh, I really forgot about that. Wait a minute, I will be back.

Karan returned with the cake in his hand.

Karan gestures to Naina to cut the cake. Both Naina and Karan fed each other cake.

Naina: This is delicious.. Thanks, Karan. This cake really made my day.

Naina hugs Karan. Vyom glance at them from a distance.

In Vyom’s room,

Vyom enters.

Vyom (thinks): Sharanya is about to leave the palace soon. And I only have time today. I have to do something, so that Sharanya does not leave the palace.

In the evening,

In Sharanya’s room,

Sharanya is getting ready for the party. Suddenly, she feels someone enter her room and is staring at her.

Sharanya: I know Aadhya, it is you.

Sharanya turns to look but there was no one. She gets up and move towards the door, to her surprise, the door is locked from inside.

Sharanya: How is this possible? The door is locked from inside and I felt someone enter my room.

Sharanya stepped out the door. She looks around. But there was no one. Then Sharanya saw Meera coming out of her room.

Sharanya: Meera, can you tell me where Aadhya is?

Meera: She is with Naina. And Rahul and Karan are with Princes. What happened? You need some help?

Sharanya: No, thanks.

Meera: Alright then. Get ready fast. Party is going to start soon.
Sharanya: Okay. (Thinks) I think that was my imagination.


Special thanks to Bhawana for your help.


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