The Mysterious Culprit: Vyom or someone else? Chapter 29

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The episode start with,


Karan: What?

Rahul: It means Vyom didn’t know the story of the previous birth, which Sharanya knows.

Aadhya: And Sharanya does not remember their first birth which Vyom remembers.

Meera: But now she is remembering her first birth.

Kulguru: Yes, you all are right.

Vyom: But why didn’t you tell me earlier?


Kulguru: I didn’t even know about it. Till now I thought that only your first birth is important. But now through Karan I came to know that Sharanya has remembered her previous birth at the place of her first birth.


Karan: Me? But when did I tell you all this?


Kulguru: You told me. I used my spiritual knowledge on you so that you can tell me everything you knew yourself.


A flashback is shown,


A night,


A man enters Karan’s room and puts a handkerchief on Karan’s nose. Karan fainted. The man turns out to be Aakash. He called the Kulguru.


Aakash: Kulguru, your work is done.


Kulguru: Okay. I am coming. And be alert so that no one knows what we are doing.


Aakash: Okay Kulguru.


Kulguru comes to Karan’s room and with spiritual knowledge and hypnosis asks Karan questions about all that he knows about Sharanya’s pervious life.


Aakash: But Kulguru, why did you and Prince choose Karan?


Kulguru: Because he is the only one with whom Sharanya shares everything.


Flashback ends.


Karan: Ridiculous

Meera: Karan, if Kulguru had not done this thing, perhaps we would all have never known the truth.

Rahul: Which truth? The truth can’t be changed that Vyom murdered Sharanya.

Karan: Absolutely. Now which explanation would you give for this sin?


Kulguru: It all happened because of Iravati.


Aadhya: Iravati? But how?


Kulguru: It all start in 13th century, in which Vyom and Sharanya were born and this was their first birth.

This is the story of King Brijraj’s family. King Brijraj had 3 sons- Udayveer, Vyom and Iravan. All of them married Rati, Sharanya and Iravati respectively. ( I will not change name of Udayveer, Vyom, Rati and Sharanya, to avoid confusion).


Though Queen Rati and Queen Sharanya were cousins, the bold between Sharanya and Iravati was like real sisters.

Due to one or another reason, most of the time, Prince Udayveer always stayed away from the Palace due to which Queen Rati didn’t get much time to spend time with her husband. Queen Sharanya was pregnant. Queen Iravati has a son, Hridoy, 5 years old. He was the apple of everyone’s eyes. Everything was going well, but everything changed that day.


A flashback is shown,


Palace is shown decorated. Everyone was busy doing their chores.


Maharani Unnati: Tara, where are you going towards Queen Rati’s room? You are Queen Sharanya’s personal maid. And at this time you should be with her to take care of her new born baby.


Tara: I am sorry Maharani, I want to talk to Queen Rati regarding my sister, Mala.


Queen Iravati: Daimaa is present there for Queen Sharanya along with many maids. And I am going there too. So there is nothing to worry about.


Unnati: Thank you, Queen Iravati. What happened to Mala?


Tara: Maharani, she is indeed unwell, so she can’t continue her service to Queen Rati.


Unnati: Oh, okay then. You can inform Queen Rati about this.


Tara: Thank you, Maharani.


Tara leave from there.


Maharani Unnati (thinks): Sometime, I felt that Tara is Queen Rati’s maid, not Sharanya’s.


Queen Iravati: Maa, can you tell me where Hridoy is? I haven’t seen him since long.


Maharani Unnati: Queen Iravati, at this time, the easiest work is to find Hridoy. He will definitely be with Prince Vyom.


Queen Iravati: But Prince Vyom is busy with the preparation, Hridoy must be bothering him.


Maharani Unnati (laughs): Can son bother his father? And you yourself know what a connection Vyom and Hridoy share. Not only Vyom, we all have a great affection for Hridoy. He is our lifeline. He can never ever bother us. And I know that Prince Vyom can handle Hridoy much better than you and Sharanya.


Queen Iravati: Yes, maa you are right. I should leave for Queen Sharanya’s room. She must be waiting for me.


Maharani Unnati: Okay, you can go.


Queen Iravati happily enter in a beautiful room. It was Sharanya’s room. Sharanya was sitting on the bed and her new born baby was sleeping next to her.


Sharanya get overwhelmed by seeing Iravati there. But she pretended to be angry.


Sharanya: So now you got time to come to me? I was thinking that you will be with me before jiji (Queen Rati). But you proved me wrong.


Iravati (sit beside Sharanya): No jiji, there was nothing like that. I was busy making some special arrangements for our little Prince. See, what I just brought.


Sharanya (excited): This is small box of Kajal.


Iravati: Yes jiji, especially from my state, Mewar.


Sharanya: Which is famous for its Kajal…


Iravati: Jiji, I remember that you want your child to have Kajal from Mewar, so I ordered this Kajal exclusively for my little Prince.


Sharanya: Yours?


Iravati: Why not jiji? If Hridoy can be your son, then why not this little Prince be my son?


Sharanya (laughs): Ofcourse, this is your son.


Iravati: Jiji, have you thought of a name for my son?


Sharanya: Not yet.


Iravati: So done. I will name my son, as you named Hridoy.


Sharanya (laughs): Okay, so tell what have to think?


Iravati: SHAURYA….

Sharanya: SHAURYA…


Iravati: Yes, that is the best name I could think of.


Sharanya: Such a lovely name. Hence from now on my son’s name will be Shaurya.


Both Iravati and Sharanya hugged each other.


Vyom (enters in the room): Hridoy, look, both of your mothers have finally decided your younger brother’s name, without my consent.


Iravan: So bhaiya, what do you want? Do you have another name for our little Prince?


Vyom: When both of them decide, it become impossible to change that decision.


Everyone laughed. Hridoy runs over and hugs Sharanya.


Hridoy: Maa…


Sharanya (hugging him): My son, how many times do I have to tell that I am you not your Maa, but Badi Maa.


Iravati: It’s okay, jiji. There is no difference. I am happy to be ‘Choti Maa’. Jiji, where is Rati jiji?


Sharanya: She left just before you arrived.


Iravati: She must be tired. I will send her food, I am sure she hasn’t eaten anything yet.


Sharanya: Sure…


Next Scene,


Tara sneaks into a room. A lady dressed as a queen is busy decorating the cradle. She is Queen Rati.


Tara: I know Queen, it is very painful to decorate a cradle for someone else’s child. I can feel the pain that is passing on you. I know how it feel when your both younger sister-in-law are blessed with a child, but you haven’t got that chance yet. Yuvraj Udayveer has every quality to be the next King and he always helps Maharaj. God knows best. I am scared that if in place of Yuvraj Udayveer, Maharaj Brijraj make Prince Iravan his next heir, because his son is the elder one. Then..


Queen Rati (with anger): TARA…..


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