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Hey guys lets begin the journey. Hope you guys gonna like this book.


Today’s are mhendi. Me and Tia are sitting beside each other and opposite to us are sitting our respective partners, Vikram and that Rascal.

Yes, he’s Rascal after what he said to me few hours back after that he’s blo*dy Rascal. What is his new and permanent naamkaran I did of him.

They way he’s looking at me I’m feeling so disgusting for the first time under his gaze.

I was all lost in cursing him. When Mehndi girl called me and saved that Rascal from more curse.

What’s the first letter of your husbands to be name ?” Girl asked both”

Not first but write full name. It’s Vikram my lambu ” Anika proudly commands gazing Vikram ”

Thanks for this honour !! ” Vikram thanks her”

And mine it’s Shivaay my baby ” Tia said passing flying kiss to Shivaay ”

Shivaay fakely smiles and excuse himself.

Rascal !! I showed your place to you ” Anika smirks at him”

Shivaay room

Anika name written on palm gets vanish in few months.

But name written on heart and soul never gets vanished with any wash.

Today’s is our mehndi Anika ours mine and yours. I don’t care what name you wrote on your soft palm but see i’m writing your name on my heart.

Not with any mehndi but with my blood and with your hair pin.

Shivaay kept hair pin on candle and dig Anika name near his heart with blood and shouts…..

Hathon par tere tuney mera naam na likha to kya hua

Teri ruh par bus ek he nisha ho gay…..


Soon mehndi ended and know Kapoor and Thadpar families took leave from Shivaay dadi and Anika parents.

Where’s Shivaay gone?
” Vikram asked”

Jiju ! Your best friend will be crying somewhere. After all he has to do bidaai of his Anni after two days ” Gauri chuckles and Hi fi’s with Tia and Vikram”

Aww!! My Shivaay baby. Mom you just wait let me cheer him ” Tia said “

And let me cheer my chocolate ” Vikram said”

Both began marching when Jhanvi held their hands

Thank you Dada ji and Dadi ji for all your concern but forgotten what mummy ji said …..

Ab shadi se phele muh dekhi nahe ho gayi ” Bhavya and Rudra dances”

Aur tum dono ki pitai ho gayi ” Both playfully beats Bhavya”

Mumma !! ” Ruvya fakely cries”

@ Anika’s room

Anika was lying on her bed happily smiling and dreaming about her future with her Lambu.

Get ready my Lambu just two days are left and soon you’ll be mine and I’ll be yours.

And as you promise me that after marriage instead of elevator you gonna carry me to my office on your back.

Same like at home Shiv carried…. word dies in her mouth and a thin layer of tears gets escaped from her eyes.

She turns her face to left side and her eyes catches the beautiful site. Hers and Shiv big portray was hanged on wall.

A cute smiles gets carpeted on her lips she slowly blinks her eyes and that blink took her to past


Fatty ab uth bhi jao dekho ghar aa gaya hai. ” Shivaay of seventeen years patting on girl cheek”

Umm… ghar aya hai na mere room toh nahe na. Ab shor na machao aur mujhe sone do mein bohat taak gayi hoon. Ek pao bhi nahe utha sakti .
“Anika of thirteen years said in sleepy and dramatical tone”

Shivaay nods in disbelief as it was Anika daily tantrums from the day she joined Shivaay to school. He used to carry her on his back to her room.

Acha toh phir jab dono uthaye ke laayak ho jao to andar aa jaana apne bag ke sath. Main jaa raha hoon ” He said opening car door”

Shiv !! ” Anika calls him sugary coated voice ”

Hearing Shiv from her mouth he smiles heavenly and from the corner of eyes glances her.

Anika passes cheeky smiles to him and jumps on his back. Locking her arms and legs around his neck and waist.

Shivaay playfully hits his head with hers. Anika smiles happily and places her head on his shoulder and Shiv marches inside.

Flashback Ends

It’s in few minutes Shiv just in few minutes you destroyed everything with those flirty words.

You were my soul friend. I shared more to you then mom. You too cared for me more then dad.

Trusted you above myself.

But what you did Shiv? What?

I know Shiv it’s not wrong to express your feeling. Nor it’s any sin you committed but the way your turn face and colors came out….

You finished everything, everything we shared and we created.

Anika breaks the frame in rage.



Your lust got dust Mr. Rascal.

Now what you are looking at me. Won’t you congrates Mrs Vikram.


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