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Anika’s room

Anu wake up now ” Mrs Raizada requested “

Mom !! Two minutes more
” Anika said in sleeping tone”

Ha! Two minutes? It’s being thirty minutes you are saying the same. Now no more tantrums and wake up.

Anika gave deaf ear to her mother call and shrinks more in duvet.

Anu stop troubling your mom yaar. You are elder than Gayu but you still trouble me more than those two devils.

Haw!! Mom you called us devil? ” Gayu said in union marching in”

Yes she called you. Now take this lady Hitler from here and let me sleep ” Anika mumbled sheepishly “

Anu did naamkaran of mine too? ” Mrs Raizada questioned Gayu shockingly but to her shock more.. “

Gayu were saliently chuckling cutely pointing towards their mom.

Hahaha !! Lady Hitler 😂🤣🤣

Wake her up. And if you both failed in doing so. Then Gauri you are definitely going Oxford and your Shankar ji too can’t save you this time.

And my baby you know I’ll send you back to Orphanage from where I picked you. Got it. ” Mrs Raizada threats them”

Gayu eyes got popped hear that. Specially Bhavya whose eyes filled with tears hearing Orphanage name.

Mom please give some else task i’ll do it in a snap but not waking up that lioness. Gauri glancing Anika and shivers.

Mom !! I’m not your real daughter? ” Bhavya weeps”

Mrs Raizada nodded positively and evilly smirks.

Now if you don’t want me to disclose to world. Bring her down in twenty minutes.

And if possible….

Khud bhi aa jaana. Woh bhi achi halat may. ” She pats Gayu cheeks and marches out with smirk”

Gauri di you were right, i’m not your sister. ” Bhavya cries”

I told you earlier too. But you never believed me, now see today on Anika’s di Haldi day you came too know about such a painful truth of your life.

But it’s ok. ( Gauri caress Bhavya shoulder) I’ve talk to Sankar ji and he told me that if Bhavya don’t want to live in Orphanage.

Then tell her to wake lioness and after waking her up.

You will not be thrown out of this house only but…

But what Gauri di ” Bhavya asked “

Par is duniya se phaak de jao gayi. ” Gauri mumbles ”

Gauri di what are you saying? Say it louder i can’t hear you ” Bhavya shakes her”

Go and wake Anika di. Time is running ” Gauri pushes Bhavya”

Bhavya nodded and with baby foot marches to Anika.

Gauri grins evilly and munchies apple.

Wasey Gauri di. If I’ll be send back to Orphanage then you too will be send to Oxford. That too seven seven seas across ” Bhavya said dramatically walking to Gauri”

Bhavya yo…. she cuts

Di think i’ll be in Orphanage but you know it’s in same city, forget about city that too few miles away I can meet them at any time.

But what about you? No Om bhaiya, no pani puri, no chaat only chat on Snapchat. Like this ” Bhavya clicks photo with Gauri on Snapchat”

Gauri shockingly gazes Bhavya. As her plan got failed

Go Gauri di, go time is short and you know Mom is really punctual.

Baby you know… Bhavya cuts

Now baby !! Do you think i’m really fool and will not understand your plan. Huh?

You wanted me to die before you. No di no you came before me than go die first but don’t worry i’ll follow you soon. ” Bhavya snatches apple from Gauri and munchies ”

If I’ll die I’ll pull you too on the same time. What’s your guarantee you step back.
” Gauri pulls her close”

And you think I’ll let you die. ” Bhavya smiles and peck Gauri cheek”

Means you’ll wake that lioness ” Gauri points towards Anika “

No !! ” Bhavya nodded negatively”

But you said you won’t let me die alone ” Gauri pouts”

Arrey !! Gauri di forgotten who daily put hand in lioness mouth “Bhavya rise her brow”

Shivaay Bhaiya !! ” Gayu said in union and turns their face towards door “

Gauri phone beeps.

She read the message and gazes Bhavya with shock.

What happened Gauri di. Mom ney ap ki ticket book karwa di ? ” Bhavya asked”

No !! Teri aur meri ticket Shivaay bhaiya na cut wa de woh bhi Swarg ki ” Gauri said extending fone to her”

Bhavya read the message and shouts…

Naheee !!

Gauri immediately covers Bhavya mouth. As Gauri from the mirror saw Anika who was glaring them.

Gauri di what are you doing. Here Shivaay bhaiya gave shock that he’s not coming. And you are shutting my mouth.

Do you know what does it means? Now lioness will became non- vegetarian and will eat us. ” Bhavya shouts throwing Gauri hand away from her mouth”

Gauri was trying to stop Bhavya and was signing her to see lioness woke up but she was running here and there to safe herself from Anika as she can’t run out because their mom locked them from outside.

Gauri stood near door and place finger on her lips and was gazing Anika who at any time can attack on Bhavya.

Bhavya was chanting Hanuman Chalisa. When Anika pats on her back.

Bhavya shrugs her hand thinking to be Gauri.

Anika glances Gauri who with puppy eyes gazes her for mercy

Anika again pats on Bhavya back. This time she turns and shouts.

Kya hai G….. Annikaa di ap uth gayi ” Bhavya stumbles back”

Haan !! Aur ab tujhe humesha humesha ke liya sula do gayi ” Anika steps ahead”

Maaa !! “Bhavya cries loudly”


Hearing Bhavya cries. Oberoi’s and Raizada’s laughs loudly.

That’s totally injustice Ankita. It was you to wake Anika and you pushed my kitten infront of lioness. ” Mr Raizada complains”

Puttar yeh tune theek nahe kiya. ” Dadi told”

I don’t know what Anika di will be doing with Bhavya. Hey Anika devi meri wali ko bash dena aur O wali ka ram ram kar dena . ” Rudra prayers”

All gazes Rudra with shock

Shut up Rudra !! ” Om slamed his head”

Bhabhi ji your name was written on chit so how could you do this. With your own daughters ” Tej told

Yes aunty ji have you forgotten from years it’s a ritual of this R&O villa that we write names on chits and after that whose ever names come out from chit.

He or She is suppose to wake Anika in the absences of Shivaay. ” Om spoke”.

Yes !! And today it’s your name chit was picked ” Mr Raizada spoke”

Om beta I didn’t forgot anything but you all have forgotten that if Anu is lioness than i’m her mother too.

And me very well know what you all did with me. On all chits written my name ” Mrs Raizada playfully slaps Rudra”

Everyone jaws touches the floor hearing that.

Now my dearest husband take this key and bring your daughters out. And these two monkeys too you need them to pick them up.

As your old bones won’t be able to lift them ” Mrs Raizada taunts “

I’ll see you later ” Mr Raizada warns”

Come jhanvi it’s nine now. Soon we have to leave for Kapoor mansion as today Haldi function is there. ” Mrs Raizada spoke”

Jhanvi ji nods positively

After few hours

At Kapoor’s Mansion Haldi function was kept and as per instructed by Dadi ji.

Hall was divided into two with yellow curtain and orange flowers so that all fours don’t gaze other before wedding.

All high profile people were invited and all were enjoying the function. As it was the top and the most richest wedding of the town.

The four most powerful businessmen and women in India.

Oberoi’s and Raichand’s are one top. Then on second are Thapar’s and last but not the least Kapoor’s.

Maata ji it’s time for Haldi so you all may proceed ” Persist told “

Ji we are just proceeding.
” Dadi ji spoke”

Jhanvi and Ankita puttar go and apply haldi on Shivaay and Vikram. ” Dadi commands them”

Both smiles and marches to Shivaay and Vikram with haldi bowl.

Happy haldi Shivaay beta ” Jhanvi wishes him “

Thank you badi maa ” Shivaay thanks him”

Why? Both of you were excepting something else?
” Gayu rise their brow”

Haan mujh laga abhi tak Rudra bewaa ho chukha ho ga. Aur Om Devdass ban chukha ho ga ” Vikram laughs”

Groom side

After Jhanvi and Ankita Omru too applied haldi on Shivaay and Vikram.

Now it’s our turn ” Gayu said in union”

Tum dono zinda ho !!
” Shivaay and Vikram said in union with great shock”

All four families laughs loudly on Gayu who  made grumpy face and rest of the guest were gazing them like they all got horns on their heads.

You left them all safe and fine? ” Tia asked shockingly”

For you only ” Anika spoke”.

O God finally you recieve that rakkhi. My rakkhi did it’s work ” Tia smiles and praise herself”

Why? Both of you were excepting something else?
” Gayu rise their brow”

Haan mujh laga abhi tak Rudra bewaa ho chukha ho ga. Aur Om Devdass ban chukha ho ga ” Vikram laughs”

O hello lambu bhai agar Gauri bhabhi bhagwan ko pyaari ho jati. To na ap ko yeh haldi lagti aur na O ap ko yeha dekhta
” Rudra said”

Haww !! Yeh mujh maar kar de dam lag ga ” Gauri slams her own head”

Rudra ke bache aaj main tujhe nahe chodu ga. To rukh jaa ” Om shouts and runs after Rudra”

Koi bachao mujhe ” Rudra shouts”

Anika it would have been more good if pinky mom and shakti uncle should be with Shivaay on this occasion.

Both left this world and Shivaay soon eariler specially Pinky mom, on his day of birth. Poor baby only saw his mom in pictures ” Tia spoke sadly”

He losted all his close one. From mom, dad and know you too will get far from him.

Anika eyes gets watery to hear that. She from net gazes him who’s smiling on Rudra drama.

Shiv !! ” Anika mumbles”



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